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It's that time of the year when we get together to celebrate the adamantine bonds between siblings. Yes, Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, and we know how excited siblings around the world are for this festival. And while we're all about the exchange of rakhis and gifts, we love it when people take it a step further and that's by applying mehndi for this occasion. 

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the special bonds between a brother and sister. They're each other's best friends and despite all their fights and squabbles, they love and cherish one another unconditionally. It's a widely celebrated festival in India that involves a lot of merry-making. And as time passes, people have added their bit to this festival, one of which is the mehndi application. 

There are so many mehndi designs out there. But it can be confusing to choose something meaningful as a mehndi design for Raksha Bandhan. However, we're fortunately in a time where professionals have begun creating unique designs that are fit for Raksha Bandhan. So, to help you shortlist a few designs for the upcoming Raksha Bandhan celebration, here are a few ideas you're gonna love. 

Scroll down and check out all these amazing Raksha Bandhan mehendi designs to try out now!

Trending Raksha Bandhan Mehndi Designs

Choose A Show Stealing Design

This adorable Raksha Bandhan-inspired mehndi design is very intricate and depicts the rakhi thread being tied on a hand. This design will steal the show if you try it this Raksha Bandhan!

A Minimal Peacock Pattern

While Mehndi has always been associated with the positive spirits that a wedding celebration brings and needs, designs with peacock motifs are known to be charming and alluring more than the regular ones. 

Get A Mehendi Design Dedicated To Your Sister

In today's time, Raksha Bandhan isn't just about brothers and sisters. It's about sisters and sisters as well. So, if you have a soul sister that you wish to honour this festive season, then getting a design like this would be stunning. 

Dainty Flowers Are Always Gorgeous

Imbibe the good fortune, prosperity and love through your mehndi design while choosing a pattern that will inspire everyone else. These dainty flower vines are ideal to fill up your fingers and some parts of your hands. 

The Ideal Raksha Bandhan Mehendi Design

Probably the most perfect design for your Raksha Bandhan celebration, this mehendi design reflects something personal. We love how the artist chose to incorporate the image of a brother and sister celebrating Raksha Bandhan. 

Source Niki Mehndi

Lotus Motif Mehendi Is Absolute Love!

Amidst the gorgeous flowy bels, leaves, blooming florals and roses, lotus motif mehendi designs are one of the most prevalent and incorporated for both hands & feet. Lotus motifs not only make up for an auspicious and divine element to be infused into mehndi but, they also look breathtakingly pretty. 

Leaf Vines & Everything Fine

Best known for its free-flowing trails and modern appearance, leaf mehndi design is probably one of the most beautiful and everlasting patterns to exist. Especially when those leaves are drawn as vines that intricately cover your fingertips and a part of the backside of your hand. It's less but so much more. 

A Jali Mandala Design For The Unfussy Ones

There are two kinds of designs that are super popular- jaals and mandalas. And when you combine the two, let's just say you get a fabulous design. This unique henna design captures the essence of combining minimalism with OTT elements in perfect sync!

Source Henna By MK

A Flawless Minimal Lotus Mandala Design

This bewitching lotus mehndi design for hands with lotus florals sketched beautifully across the palm has us swooning over it. The ways to infuse lotuses in your mehndi designs for hands are umpteen and quite prepossessing. We love the simplicity of this design. Be it on the palms or the forearms, these lotus motifs look absolutely amazing. 

Source Henna By MK

Get A Pair Of Vines On Your Fingers!

Finger Mehndi Designs vary from the most minimalist to the elaborate ones. A touch of henna on your fingers is enough to bring the best of your fingers to the front. Apply this one as in the picture for a simple look or club this other beautiful Mehndi Designs for Hands for a heavier look.

Source Henna By MK

Floral Arabic Mehendi Always Slays

Best known for their free-flowing trails and modish appearance, Arabic mehndi designs have an unparalleled eye-pleasing charm. This Arabic mehndi designs imbued with detailed flowers, leaves and jaal elements is absolutely stunning and should definitely be on your shortlist!

Source Henna By MK

Geometric, Bold & Beautiful Designs

It's easy to get lost in the bold and beautiful design of geometric mehndi patterns. Geometry in visual design is different and it's not that hard to fall in love with the predictable symmetry and refreshing minimalism of these mehndi designs. Such designs are just awe-inspiring!

Delicate & Simple Flower Vines

Talking about their design elements, Arabic mehndi is majorly dominated by floral artwork, paisleys and free-flowing diagonal trails. And these neat, simple and absolutely stunning yet minimal floral vines are just the right design for the festive season. 

A Mix Of Patterns & Artistic Strokes

The girl on the jhoola is definitely an artist mehndi design that should be on your shortlist. That, mixed with a bunch of intricate patterns and gorgeous florals is exactly what anyone needs to jazz up their mehndi game during the festival. 

Fill Up Your Fingers With Something Cute

Over the years we have seen one too many mehendi designs. But finger mehndi designs are definitely cute. And this finger mehndi is a mix of leafy vines and dotted empty space that looks elegant and lovely. 

Source Pinterest

A Soulful Jaal Mehendi Design

A jaal mehendi design constitutes a symmetrical criss-cross line pattern that is further enhanced with florals, leaves, etc. For those who want to keep it minimal yet classy, here’s a jaal mehndi design aligned with your taste and preferences. Made with spaciousness and neatness in mind, we love the intricacy of this eye-catching pattern. 

Sometimes Just A Little Mehndi Does Wonders

While we all love the idea of hands full of mehndi, sometimes all you need is a little mehndi to jazz up your entire look for a celebration! Simple mehndi designs like these are to die for.

A Floral Mandal With Intricate Finger Patterns

Mandalas are quite traditional, but they have a very elegant aspect to them. They're perfect for anyone who doesn't want a handful of mehndi but yet wants their hands to seem thoroughly laden with henna.

Khafif Mehndi Designs Are All The Rage 

The Arabic word 'Khafif' means intricate, complex and tangled. Due to its unique pattern and style, many women use this style while applying patterned henna designs. This type of design requires extreme focus on the detailing and decoration of each motif. The results appear very dainty and delicate, just like the examples below!

Source f.nhenna

Source nurahshenna

Get A Design That Matches A Haathphool

This design almost looks like a hathphool jewellery, doesn’t it? If you are not fond of wearing jewellery on your hands, this is the kind of mehndi design that you can go for and you know, just fake that look!

Source hums.henna

A Single Vine That Wraps Around Your Hand

Honestly, we all love a good, intricate henna design. But there's something about this gorgeous simple flower and leaf vine that continues around the hand and wraps around the finger that is what anyone and everyone should definitely go for!

Source hums.henna

Try A Moroccan Mehndi Design

Moroccan mehndi design is very famous in middle east gulf countries. And the basis for that is the uncomplicated geometric shapes that have a modern look and goes very well with indo-western outfits. These mehndi designs are so simplistic that amateurs can have an easy hand on this art.

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest


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Latest & Trending Raksha Bandhan Mehndi Designs

by Shivani Singh

Latest & Trending Raksha Bandhan Mehndi Designs