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From the bustling narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk in North Delhi to the wide, designer store-lined roads of Lajpat Nagar in West Delhi, we have toured around the city to bring you the best in wedding shopping. And keeping up with our tradition of bringing you wedding shopping guides for Delhi's various market hubs, it's time we talk about a much-requested locality- Rajouri Garden!

Nestled in the bustling lanes of West Delhi, Rajouri Garden is a grand market space perfect for shopaholics. Rajouri Garden Shopping Guide will spoil you with its unlimited offerings, with a wide range of quality apparel, footwear, bags and accessories shops! And if you're gearing up to shop for a wedding, Rajouri Garden market is a place you should visit. People travel to Rajouri Garden not just to pick up designer outfits but also to grab some amazing stuff at prices that aren't heavy on the pocket at all!

So, sit tight and scroll down as we take you on a walk into the busy lanes of this bustling West Delhi market for a session of impeccable #WBShoppingGuide!

Rajouri Garden Shopping Guide

How To Reach Rajouri Garden?

Reaching Rajouri Garden is not a big task. The West Delhi locality is easily accessible through road and metro travel. If you're travelling via road, then the market falls on the side of Mahatma Gandhi Road. If you're travelling by metro, then you'll be able to reach Rajouri Garden via the Blue line and Pink line, as both lines share the metro station that is adjacent to the market. You can also reach Rajouri Garden via DTC buses that regularly travel on this route.

For a more detailed breakdown of the route and fair, visit here:

Travelling inside the market is another story. The street market is extremely crowded and should be transversed on foot, even if there is space for vehicles and rickshaws. So, we urge you to keep your stamina, because you're gonna need a lot of it. 

(Pro tip: Carry a water bottle with you, so that you can keep sipping on some to stay hydrated!)

Where To Buy What From Rajouri Garden

Bridal Outfits

Rajouri Garden market is designed in parallel lanes and bylanes. You'll have to walk around and find what you're looking for. A lot of stores here are not found online and when you're walking around you'll spot local stores and boutiques that may contain stuff that you want. If you're wondering where to shop in Rajouri Garden, then here's the deal. There are no designated lanes for different categories and everything can be found anywhere. And there is always a chance that you may spot a replica of your favourite designer here at dirt cheap prices. But fret not! Because this shopping guide is meant to make shopping easier for you.

Here are some well-known stores where you can buy or rent bridal outfits:

1. Flyrobe, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

If you're looking to wear a designer outfit but do not wish to spend too much on it, then Flyrobe is the store for you! Flyrobe is a clothing brand that takes delight in renting outfits that are mesmerising and perfect for every wedding function. From mid-range to premium designers, Flyrobe has everything you'll need to rent your outfits. While the brand has its website which can be used for renting, they also have 4 stores across Delhi, one in Rajouri Garden. Flyrobe has a huge variety of outfit options for both women and men for them to rent for all special occasions.

Address: F-134, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 09599595513

Price Range: Rs 5000 onwards

2. Frontier Bazarr

Known for its bespoke designs that are intricately designed and luxurious, Frontier Bazarr is a famous store that everyone is familiar with. Every piece is a result of fine fabrics and unique detailing that compliments the individuality of the wearer. The brand specialises in bridal couture like lehenga, saree and bespoke suits. 

Address: C-7, Ring Rd, Block C, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 09711800000

Price Range: Rs 15,000 onwards

3. Shakuntlam Xclusif

Shakuntlam Xclusif is a designer store based out of Rajouri Garden. The store has been serving its clientele for 25 years, winning the hearts of countless customers with its classy and exquisite collections. They specialise in both western and ethnic wear, perfectly suitable for weddings and various festive occasions. They house a variety of bridal collections that fall within various budgets that are tailor-made to impress. 

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Address: J-91, Main Market, Block J, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01141447433

Price Range: Rs 10,000 onwards

4. Shabad Originals

From lehengas to designer suit sets, Shabad Originals in Rajouri Garden is the perfect place to cater to all your ethnic needs. Our favourite part about this store is their legion of designer cholis that come in various necklines, embroidery and colour combinations that can match any and every kind of lehenga. If you're looking for designer wear on a budget, then this is the spot for you!

Address: H-34, Main Market, Block H, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01149848410

Price Range: Rs 10,000 onwards

5. Wedding Bells-Rent an Attire

Wedding Bells- Rent an Attire is another outfit renting a place in Rajouri Garden. Here you can rent outfits for both men and women, with a wide range of designs. Along with outfits, the store also offers traditional and fashion jewellery and wedding-related accessories for brides and grooms. 

Address: H-13, Main Market Marg, Block H, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 09810135130

Price Range: Rs 5,000 onwards

6. Roop Vatika by Raj Arora

Roop Vatika is a growing fashion house based out of Rajouri Garden. Established in 1992, the label serves gorgeously designed ethnic wear that is not only ideal for brides but also perfect for bridesmaids. creating ingenious fashion that has a perfect balance between contemporary designs and Indian craftsmanship, their collection has a variety of unique designs perfect for the wedding season.

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Address: A-45, UGF, Block EC, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 09811229493

Price Range: Rs 10,000 onwards

Bridal Jewellery

Want to get your hands on the latest Kundan jewellery and Meenakari neckpieces but don't want to spend a fortune? Then Rajouri Garden is the place to be! At Rajouri Garden, you'll find everything- from gold and silver jewellery to bridal-worthy imitation jewellery. While there are many stores you can access to buy such jewellery, there are various street vendors as well from where you can purchase some trinkets from.  

Here are a few designated jewellery stores in Rajouri Garden that you should definitely visit:

1. Muskan Jewellery

Possibly the best place for imitation and fashion jewellery, this store is smack in the middle of  Rajouri Garden market. While their imitation jewellery is sure to entice brides who do not wish to spend a lot on their bridal jewellery, they also have stunning silver jewellery.

Address: block - H, 17, Main Market Marg, Block H, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 09811016968

Price Range: Rs 500 onwards

2. Soni Sapphire

Soni Sapphire is a jewellery brand with multiple stores in Delhi. They've been proudly dressing women in stunning jewellery since 1997. One of their prominent stores is in Rajouri Garden, which offers both real and imitation jewellery, which gives you the choice of selecting crafted adornments within your budget. Their collection is not to be missed, it will surely make all your outfits sparkle with this collection and ensure that you look fabulous for all your wedding functions.

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Address: J-90, Main Market Marg, Block H, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01141009219

Price Range: Rs 500 onwards

3. StringS

StringS is a prominent jewellery store present in Rajouri Garden. The store is known for its fashion and imitation jewellery collection that has been adored by its clients for years. While you can find a variety of jhumkas, bangles and jewellery set ideal for weddings, this place also houses colourful choodas for brides and other bridal accessories. Honestly, walking in here is like walking into jewellery heaven. 

Address: J-68, Main Market, Block J, Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027

Phone: 9971998306

Price Range: Rs 500 onwards

4. Truzzo Fashion Jewellery

Located in the centre of Rajouri Garden, Truzzo Fashion Jewellery is a store that's your one-stop shop for all sorts of artificial jewellery. You can easily get ethnic jewellery sets to rock at your wedding or simpler, fashion pieces for other pre-wedding functions. 

Address: Block H, New, 10, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 9717273131

Price Range: Rs 500 onwards

5. Tanishq Jewellery

Tanishq is a well-known jewellery brand under the Titan company since 1994. As India’s leading wedding jeweller, Tanishq is a widely celebrated fine jewellery brand that designs gorgeous pieces consisting of various kinds of precious metals and stones. Every piece that comes out of their showroom is a work of art. And when you're shopping for weddings, this is definitely the place to go for authentic fine jewellery. 

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Address: No. Z-1/C (Block Z, Plot No. 1-C, opp. Kukreja Hospital, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01147984600

Price Range: On Demand

Bridal Footwear

Source Chal Jooti

No wedding shopping spree is complete without a slew of footwear for your trousseau! Rajouri Garden is teeming with footwear stores and vendors that house all kinds of footwear for both men and women. While there are many designer shoe stores here, you can always purchase slightly cheaper yet impeccably designed options from the smaller shops as well. it's a win-win situation, honestly!

1. A&S

A&S is a footwear brand that has been serving the residents of Rajouri Garden since 2015. Founded by Aman Nayyar and his wife Simran Nayyar, the footwear store provides the best contemporary footwear for both men and women. You can find gorgeous shoes of all kinds, even ones fit for a wedding, here. 

Address: F-121, Main Shiv Market, Block F, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 08800123401

Price Range: Rs 2000 onwards

2. Forever- The Shoe Bazar 

Another stop on the J Block of Rajouri Garden is the Forever Shoe Bazar. A grand showroom lined with rows and rows of exquisitely crafted shoes, this showroom is an amazing stop that one should definitely visit. 

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Address: Block J-80, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi Block J-80, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Rajouri Garden, Delhi, 110027

Price Range: Rs 1000 onwards

3. Delco Shoes

Delco Shoes is one of the leading footwear manufacturing and retail companies in India. Established in 1958, Delco is known for all kinds of footwear including formal and occasion wear for women, men and kids. Similarly, you can also find accessories like handbags and purses made of high-quality material here. 

Address: H-2, Sant Sujan Singh Marg, Block H, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01141447100

Price Range: Rs 1000 onwards

4. Kin's

Frequent buyers know Kins better than most stores. This multi-storied store is a renowned retailer of footwear for both men and women. You can buy both casual as well as formal and party footwear from this footwear store. 

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Address: J-81, Main Market, Block J, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01145584656

Price Range: Rs 1000 onwards

Wedding Essentials

If you search online, you may not really find much about wedding essentials in Rajouri Garden. However, as frequent goers of the market, we can assure you that the market boasts several local vendors where you can purchase items like wedding favours, pooja thalis, etc. Furthermore, if you're looking for other supplies like sanitisers, face masks, gloves, etc in bulk, then you should know that these markets have a plethora of shops. In fact, street hawkers are the best way to buy amazing wedding gifts for your bridesmaids. You can choose to buy tonnes of jewellery or keepsakes like phulkari dupattas and dreamcatchers at minimal prices in bulk! 

Alternatively, a famous shop here is Shivam Fancy Collection which houses wedding essentialsHere, you can find not just material for events, but even things like embroidery material, stones, various types of gotapatti, ready-made safas, etc. 

Shivam Fancy Collection

Address: Main Market, Block J, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 09873491199

Price Range: Rs 500 onwards


The best part about Rajouri Garden is that it caters to grooms as much as it caters to brides. There are fabulous wedding designer boutiques and chain retail stores in this market where grooms can purchase sherwanis and other outfits for their wedding. Here are a few stores that are a must-visit:

1. Fabindia

Everyone is familiar with Fabindia. The brand is a long-standing retail chain of clothes, furnishing and fabrics. The products are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes. And if you're someone who loves the old-school charm of their minimalist approach, then this should definitely be on your list. 

Address: Metro Pillar Number 421, Z-12, Najafgarh Rd, Block Z, Rajouri Garden Extension, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01143051575

Price Range: Rs 3000 onwards

2. Sherwani Wale 

Not only do you find bridal clothes on rent in Rajouri, but sherwanis as well. Sherwani Wale is a store that gives you access to renting sherwanis and other kinds of groomswear. Their collections are sourced from reliable vendors and consist of the latest designs. Definitely, a place to check out!

Sherwani on Rent

Address: TDI Paragon Mall, Shop No.16, 1st Floor, near Metro Station, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 09654063272

Price Range: Rs 3000 onwards

3. Brahaan By Narains

Brahaan By Narains is the boutique where you will find bespoke designerwear for grooms. Established in 2001, this store is designerwear on a budget. Perfect for grooms all over the world, this brand will help you secure an entire wardrobe for your wedding.

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Address: C-4, Ring Rd, Block C, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01147002657

Price Range: Rs 3000 onwards

4. Study by Janak 

SBJ pioneers in giving stylized formal and occasion wear for Indian men. Backed by its in-house design expertise and a complete state-of-the-art production facility, the brand strives to bring in timeless creations beyond ramps and mannequins directly to the real client.

Address: C 11, Ring Rd, Block C, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 093111608192

Price Range: Rs 5000 onwards

5. Manyavar

We're all well aware of Manyavar. It's the go-to store for any man looking to shop for a wedding, be it the groom or a wedding guest. Manyavar's fashion is exquisite and brings out everyone's 'shaadi wali feeling' without a doubt. 

Address: No J, 1/161, opposite Shakti Mandir, Block A, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027

Phone: 01147018221

Price Range: Rs 5000 onwards

Important Tips To Note Down For Shopping At Rajouri Garden

1. The market is closed on Wednesdays.

2. The market is super crowded on the weekends, so if you're looking for a smoother shopping experience, try going on weekdays. 

3. Carry a spare shopping bag with you where you can keep your things. This is because shopkeepers generally give their things in cheap polybags, which are hazardous to the environment. In case you forget it, then buy one at a low price from one of the local vendors there. 👜

4. Bargain like it's hot! Brush up your bargaining skills before you hit the streets of Rajouri.

5. The best time to step into Rajouri Garden is when it opens at around 10-11 am. The shopkeepers sell things at throwaway prices because it's the first sale of the day. 

6. While most vendors accept online payments these days, carrying cash is always a good option. 

7. Dress comfortably, as you're going to walk a lot. 

8. Since it is a crowded space, ensure you keep your bags and wallets safe.

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Food Stops!

Rajouri Garden is definitely one of the most prominent West Delhi markets. With Street food, swanky bars, terracotta stores and Rajouri Garden-Esque shops for cheap gems, this market’s got it all. But when you're here shopping for a wedding, you have to make a few pits stops to gobble down the sumptuous food found here!

Whether it’s the Delhi-favourite momo corner or a chaat stall dishing out pav bhaji and golgappas, the variety of food in Rajouri Garden market knows no bounds. There’s even a small, Chinjabi food place that has some of the best classic soup options you’ll ever try.

1. Crazy Cow: Serves delectable Chinese food in Rajouri Garden market for a while at pocket-friendly prices. There's the crowd's favourite chilli chicken, which should not be missed.

2. Jungle Jamboree: Multicuisine meals in a restaurant with a jungle theme, buffets & a lively ambience. Their buffet starts at INR 599!

3. Atul Chaat: For the best Pav Bhaji you will ever have.

4. Taste Drive: A small outlet at the corner of the main market in Rajouri Garden. The place is famous for its Kathi rolls and different varieties of momos.

5. Abbu's Biryani Kebabs & Wraps: Mouthwatering Biryani and Kebabs, found right under the Rajouri Garden Metro Station!

6. Gayway Bakery: Treat your taste buds to something sweet with this old West Delhi bakery. Gorge on their chocolate eclair or their fancy theme-based chocolates and candies!

7. De-Jag's: If you are experimental and you crave more than Choco-Chip ice cream or Mango Dolly, then De Jag's is the place you should head to. Very well-known for their toppings, which include, lollipops, macarons, wafer sticks, sprinkles, marshmallows, and a lot more; they have a variety of ice-creams available, and that too in many different flavours.

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Planning To Shop For Your Wedding In Rajouri Garden? Here's Your #WBShoppingGuide!

by Shivani Singh

Planning To Shop For Your Wedding In Rajouri Garden? Here's Your #WBShoppingGuide!