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In any Indian wedding, the decor is the soul of the function, right? The kind of decor you have planned, tells a lot about the vibe of the party and there are various ideas in which you can decorate your wedding venue beautifully. Be it your mehendi function, cocktail party or sangeet night, your wedding decor is something that will keep your guests hooked up to the event & make them feel welcome on your big day! 

Recently, we spotted some of some unique quirky themes for wedding decor that we can't WAIT to share it with you guys. So whether you're looking for decor ideas for a function at home or for your grand party, we have curated the 10+ best themes for wedding decor that are so magnificent. So, hurry up ladies and say bye-bye to the cliché decor that are done & dusted and add these quirky decor themes. In fact, don't forget to ask your decorator to augment these uncoventional and mesmerizing quirky themes to make your wedding affair more lively! 

10+ Decor Themes To Make Your Wedding More Lively & Beautiful! 

1. Victory in Game Of Thrones Style

We just can't take our eyes off from this latest quirky theme for wedding decor. After binge-watching the series, it's time to include your favourite series in your wedding decor. We can’t get enough of this phenomenal decor inspired by Game Of Thrones. You can also include quirky props, and dress up as king & queen. Also, don't miss the GOT cake that looks so delicious! 

2. Because You Have Cine-Ma

No matter how hard we try to be modern, but the fact is that we all have watched (and loved) Bollywood movies from our childhood. So why not include this cinema or Bollywood decor theme in your wedding like personalising the photobooth, Bollywood cinema themed cake, or quirky seating arrangement inspired from cinema. So, book your favorite wedding decorator now & get you a fab decoration for your big day! 

3. Enjoy The Carnival Festival

Remember in childhood, how we used to go to melas with our parents? To give all the nostalgic feels, have your cocktail party in carnival style. From rides to food and from quirky table centerpieces to pretty decorated chairs, you can relive your childhood with getting a carnival festival theme decor for your nuptial ceremonies! 

4. Pretty in Pink Flamingo

Being famous among couples we spotted these beautiful pink flamingo decor in real weddings that are so UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL! This trend of including flamingos in your wedding is fresh and looks really cute. Be it floral flamingo or small miniatures, they will add grace in your decor for sure.  

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

5. Jungle Mein Mangal-am

(*Mandap + Table Centerpieces included!) There are various reasons to go all nature-way to adorn your wedding decor. Many couples chose the jungle or forest wedding decor theme to go eco-friendly way. So, if you're a bride who loves nature and want to opt for a rustic decoration, then take some inspiration from this decor theme! 

6. Stay Under Umbrellas

Apart from using umbrellas as a prop for your wedding photoshoot, you can also use them to decorate your wedding venue. We are floored with these creative uses of umbrellas that are so pleasant! 

7. Taking Vitamin Sea

We spotted a couple who chose the nautical theme (Bar to boat centerpieces) for their wedding function. From including small to large boats, this whimsical decor is definitely giving us all the marine vibes and is perfect for the beach wedding decor theme! 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

8. Fairytale in Disneyland

How can we forget this couple who went a step ahead and planned their wedding in Disneyland and their wedding was no less than a fairytale! From mickey mouse to the cloudy or dry ice effect, we still can't get over their wedding that was so MAGICAL *_* 

9. Going Royal With Mughal Era

Keep it simple and elegant with royal decor. If you don't want to go over-the-top, these Mughal decor inspiration is the ideal choice for you & gives a royal vibe to your wedding day. Don't agree? Take a look...

Source Tanvi & Co.

10. Old is Gold! Include Peacocks in Your Decor

Peacocks are considered to be lucky in Indian mythology. And if you are a couple who have their beliefs, you can also go traditional and include peacocks in your decor that never goes wrong! 

Source Tanvi & Co.

11. Colourful As A Rainbow

What's the point of having a wedding if you don't enjoy it. Make your wedding colourful with these adorable decor. Multicoloured drapes, tassels and lights would look great for your mehendi function & would be an ideal backdrop for your wedding photographs


OMG! Now that's what we call quirky theme decor ideas! Which theme(s) will you pick for your marriage bells? 

Bollywood To Disneyland: 10+ Quirky Themes For Your Peppy Wedding Decor!

by Rashmi Jayara

Bollywood To Disneyland: 10+ Quirky Themes For Your Peppy Wedding Decor!