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Have you ever thought of doing the bridal mehendi differently at your own wedding? Well, we are sure you have. With mehendi being an important tradition at all Indian weddings, every bride is looking to do something different with it. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this list of fresh back foot mehendi ideas that you’ll love for sure. 

Apart from the fact that it might take you a little more effort to wait for it to dry and require you to be stationed for much longer, trust us, it’ll be one of the highlights of your wedding that you'd love to show off in your wedding album. So we picked one such quirky idea that we loved and handpicked the prettiest back foot mehendi designs for your wedding.

Back Foot Mehendi Designs For New-Age Brides 

Back Foot Mehendi With Elephant & Lotus Motif Designs 

The elephant motif is one of the most classic mehendi designs that add a lot of good energy to your feet. However, this design with an elephant motif resting under an umbrella along with lotus motifs completing the beautiful mehendi design makes for one of the most elegant back foot mehendi choices for you.

Hamsa Motif Design With Delicate String-Dotted Patterns 

Next on our list of fresh back foot mehendi ideas is the intricate Hamsa motif design in a delicate string dotted pattern, spacious for brides not looking to fill up their entire feet with mehendi. Apart from looking gorgeous, the Middle Eastern hamsa motif is also said to bring in good fortune, health and happiness for brides after their wedding.

Intricate Geometric Mehendi Design For Foot

A beautifully geometric round mehndi design for brides that love for their entire feet to be filled with mehndi patterns while making sure that it’s not stuffed and shabby but neat and visually appealing. The dotted circular patterns around the flowers make for our favourite bit of this mehendi design.  

Source Mudra Henna

Pretty Floral Mehendi Designs 

For the brides that love a floral back foot mehendi idea and want theirs to be elaborate, here’s the perfect pick for you. Apart from a beautiful mixture of various floral elements, this mehendi design is the most feminine yet bold one on our list.

Simple Floral Mandala Motif For Bridal Mehendi 

Next on our list of beautiful back foot mehendi designs is this simple floral mandala motif at the centre with smaller flower motifs all around to complete the pattern. While this looks like the simplest of them all, it sure has a visually lasting impact on us.

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Unique Back Foot Mehendi Design With Flowers & Leaves 

For brides that love the leaf trails in their mehendi designs and are looking for something that leaves a lot of free space at the back of their feet, here’s a unique mehendi design with flowers and leaves that you are sure to love. Apart from being one of a kind, it is also a very modern pick for brides.

Classic Yet Minimal Back Foot Mehendi Design 

Next on our list is a classic mehendi design for the brides that love embracing the traditions without any modernization. The simple yet elegant back foot mehendi design is elaborate and rather eye-catching still. 

Source Toko Mehndi

Popular Mehendi Jaal Pattern 

Last but not least is the famous jaal pattern that every bride loves. Apart from being symmetrical, it is the only design that doesn’t qualify as minimalistic or elaborate and is the absolute balance between the two. So if that balance is what you’re looking for the jaal pattern back foot mehendi idea is just for you.

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So tell us in comments which back foot mehendi design you want for your wedding day? ?

11 Quirky Back Foot Mehendi Designs For Brides Looking For Fresh Ideas

by Chinar Ghorawat

11 Quirky Back Foot Mehendi Designs For Brides Looking For Fresh Ideas