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Source: Pothys

Indian Weddings are ritual-driven occasions, irrespective of religion, community or region. Families love the extravagance of these celebratory events more than anything. From unending music to magnificent decor and scintillating outfits, there are so many things that make weddings in India unique and vibrant. And the best way to grace such occasions is to deck yourselves up in traditional pure silk outfits. 

Bold and emphatic clothing, especially silk, marks the entire portfolio of wedding events. Since opulence is one element that always works for an Indian wedding, all brides (and other guests) bring out their finest silk sarees for them in a heartbeat. Secondly, there’s no denying that silk sarees are the most befitting outfit for a new bride. Their grandeur and elegance are worth every moment spent wearing them. This is why it is integral that we can buy pure silk sarees with ease. 

So, scroll down to learn everything about traditional silk sarees, what makes them ideal for wedding celebrations and how Silk Mark Label helps ensure that people get access to only the purest silk out there!

Traditional Pure Silks & Weddings

Source: Pothys

Modern, sophisticated and luxurious, silk has truly evolved as a fabric while retaining all its intrinsic properties and values over the centuries. A silk saree is a classic piece that brides adore, especially for wedding functions. This wonderful garment makes a bride look stunning from every angle when draped to perfection. Honestly, there is no one on this planet who doesn’t look like a million bucks in a pure silk saree. 

However, with its popularity come many challenges that this traditional handloom continues to face. One such challenge is the presence of fakes in the market. And while we cannot eliminate fakes or lower quality silks, we do have a way to find out if we’re wearing genuine pure silk or not. 

And that is where the Silk Mark Label comes in. 

What is the Silk Mark Label? 

Source: Pothys

Silk Mark Label is the world’s first and only label of purity of silk from the Government of India. It is a label affixed only to 100% pure silk products after due diligence. The authenticity of Silk Mark is backed by the Silk Mark Organisation of India (SMOI).

According to their guidelines, a 100% pure silk product is one in which the base fabric, both warp and weft, is made up of any of the 4 varieties of natural silks namely, Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga Silk.

For those looking to purchase authentic silk products, the Silk Mark Label makes it easier to buy high-quality, pure silk sarees. Moreover, as buyers, the Silk Mark Label helps us fulfil our responsibility to support the livelihood of almost 10 million marginal farmers, reelers, dyers, weavers and craftsmen across the country involved in the silk industry.

Varieties of Pure Silk Sarees Across Regions

Source: Pothys

Silk sarees have become inextricably entwined with the life and culture of Indians. They’re among the best examples of the craftsmanship of Indian weavers. Even though pure silk sarees are synonymous with celebration across India, their production, manufacturing and style of wearing differ from region to region and culture to culture. It’s this variety that makes silk sarees such a desirable and ideal outfit choice for brides.

In India, almost every state boasts its very own brand of silk saree. There are over 26 varieties of pure silk sarees across various regions. Each style in each state has its uniqueness, making them extremely popular and desirable, especially amongst brides-to-be and newlyweds. Regal Mysore silks, beautiful Bandhanis, bewitching Banarasis, precious Paithanis, evergreen Patolas and enchanting Pochampalli silks are just a few noteworthy traditional silk sarees that have adorned gorgeous brides for centuries.  

Source: Pothys

Then, of course, you have the distinguished Kanchipuram silk sarees that are the greatest of all time. Also known as Kanjeevaram sarees, these traditional pure silk sarees differ from others due to a unique method of weaving that joins the body of the saree with the pallu. In a genuine Kanchipuram silk saree, the body and the border are woven separately and then interlocked. The joint is woven together with such strength that even if the saree tears, the border will not detach. 

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Irrespective of where the silk saree originates from, it is imperative that we as buyers are able to purchase only legitimate silk products and not be duped into buying fakes. This means that when you’re browsing through silk sarees, you must keep your eye out for the Silk Mark label. If the saree you’re purchasing has the Silk Mark label, it is a sign of its authenticity and pureness!

Pure Silk Sarees & Their Impeccable Weaving 

Source: Pothys

Another reason why pure silk sarees are the perfect choice for weddings and other auspicious occasions is their impeccable weaving. Due to their fine and precise weaving, traditional pure silk sarees stand out as exotic emblems of elegance. And it is due to this undisputed sophistication, pure silk sarees have found a home in the closet of almost every bride! 

Traditional pure silk sarees are specifically expensive due to their luxurious weaving and large and heavy weaving patterns that are intricately executed. Furthermore, they can also vary in cost depending on the work, colour, patterns and materials used, like zari, etc. They can usually weigh up to 500 grams or more thanks to their heavy borders and motifs. It is said that weavers of traditional silk sarees are mostly inspired by images and sculptures of temples and natural elements like flowers. Any bride who dons an expensive, pure silk saree is a symbol of prosperity and luxury, making heads turn everywhere she goes. 

Pure Silk Sarees For Brides

Source: Pothys

Natural silk unfolded in its finest sensuous form, is nature's bounty to humankind. Enchanting sheen, amazing drape, enamouring feel and radiant resplendence are some of its most distinct characteristics. The beauty of natural silk is so alluring that it even drove our ancestors to make it a part of many religious rituals like weddings. And if there’s one thing everyone agrees on, it’s that silk sarees are most befitting for a new bride. 

Not only are these luxurious weaves regal choices a bride would never deny, but she’s spoilt for choices. There’s a silk saree out there for every kind of taste and style of a bride. It’s tough to run out of options, honestly. Their richness and versatility are suited to be a part of every wedding function, be it the wedding, haldi or reception or even post-wedding functions like godh bharai, muh dikhai, etc. 

Besides this, silk sarees make for exceptional wedding gifts as well. You can either give them to the bride to bless the beginning of a new chapter in her life. Or you can give them to your friends and family as a form of gratitude for being a part of your special day.

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When we specifically talk of wedding day festivities, it’s tough not to mention majestic Kanjeevaram sarees that have graced the occasion for centuries for many brides. Kanjeevaram sarees are timelessly evergreen that can be flaunted at any stage of life. That is why when brides are given Kanjeevarams on their wedding, they’re not just acquiring a piece of Indian heritage in the form of clothing but also a legacy piece that can be passed down from one generation to another. 

Final Thoughts

It is believed that adorning oneself with traditional silk clothes on auspicious days, festivals and religious rituals is akin to welcoming the deities, pleasing them and receiving blessings from them. Likewise, it is an ode to our heritage and culture. 

So, if you’re a future bride looking to purchase a pure silk saree for your wedding festivities, or just someone who loves donning silk sarees for special occasions, we highly recommend you buy a product that is Silk Mark assured by the Government of India. When purchasing silk sarees, always keep your eye out for the Silk Mark label to ensure that you’re buying a genuine pure silk product. And if you’re ever doubtful of which store to visit, you can always check out the Silk Mark website to find out what all brands carry pure silk products that have been assured by the Silk Mark Organisation of India!


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When Glamour Weds Craft & Culture- Weddings & Traditional Silks

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When Glamour Weds Craft & Culture- Weddings & Traditional Silks