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Couples all over the world have destination weddings but ever since the pandemic happened, we’ve seen a surge in destination weddings. Everyone has started appreciating the importance of getting married at a special location that will not just make the couple happy but all of their wedding guests too. But, having a destination wedding has its own set of pros and cons.

While it may seem like there are a lot of cons or a lot of pros, you’ll realize that it’s subjective to each couple and their families. And, that’s why we think you should refer to our ultimate pros and cons list for having a destination wedding. Scroll below to read more!

What are the Pros & Cons of Having a Destination Wedding 

Pros of Having a Destination Wedding

1. A Stunning View

One of the major reasons why couples prefer having a destination wedding is for the scenery. Whether you decide to get hitched with the views of mountains or have a beachside wedding, it's all for the view. So, if you’re planning on having a destination wedding, the view is a major plus!

2. The Celebrations Will be Never-Ending

The good thing about a destination wedding is that your wedding celebrations will be never-ending. The hall may shut down but you can always continue the party in your bridal suite or the groom’s room!

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3. A Destination Wedding is Like a Vacation

No doubt, having a destination wedding means also getting a mini vacation. You can stay an extra day or reach a day early and just rest and tune out. Your destination wedding is also a vacation for your guests who will stay back to enjoy the location!

4. You Don’t Have to Worry About the Hired Vendors

Another pro of having a destination wedding is that you no longer have to worry about the vendors. If you were getting hitched in your hometown, you’d stress over the vendors reaching on time but at a destination wedding, your vendors will be there well in advance, ensuring that everything goes as per plan!

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5. You can Have a Dreamy Intimate Wedding

If you’ve always wanted to have a dreamy intimate wedding then you should have a destination wedding. You can only invite your nearest and dearest ones to the dreamy location that you pick for your wedding.

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6. Unique Experiences

A lot of destinations offer unique experiences that show that specific area’s speciality. Make use of these experiences by including them for your wedding guests. Not only will they enjoy it thoroughly but you’ll stand out by making them experience unique things!

7. Can be Cost Efficient

It's a common myth that a destination wedding isn’t cost-efficient. And, while it may be true in many instances but if your guests are fewer, you choose the right time and a decent location, a destination wedding will be quite efficient for you!

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Cons of Having a Destination Wedding

8. Planning, Planning, and Lots of Planning!

Get ready cuz your destination wedding will be the maximum planning that you’ll do in your life. From ensuring a smooth trip for all your guests to having things aligned, as the wedding hosts, everything needs to be planned. This will take up a LOT of your time and is a major con of having a destination wedding.

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9. Get Ready for a Lot of Coordination

After the planning phase, you have to be prepared to invest a chunk of your time in coordinating with numerous vendors, local authorities, agents, and other people in charge of different departments. You have to ensure that not even one thing goes out of place and if anything does go haywire, you’re going to be in a fix.

10. No Rest for the Bride and Groom’s Family

If you get married in your hometown, your parents will at least know how and when to do things but the problem with destination weddings is that it is a pain for the bride and groom’s family. Right from the planning stage to the moment they reach home, the first families won’t get any rest.

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11. Expect Last-Minute Delays or Things to go Haywire

Another major con is that you can face a lot of last-minute delays or things not going as per the plan simply because you may not be familiar with the area’s locals or how they function. This can be a major con; one that you don’t want while your wedding functions are going on!

12. All-Inclusive Packages Will Not be Personal

Most of the time, people who want to host a destination wedding get an all-inclusive package that has everything from the decor and stay to the food, setup and whatnot. While this package may seem like a fuss-free option for you, it is not a personal one. Customisations will be a big no and you’ll have to opt for standard things.

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13. Can Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Well, a destination wedding can also be extremely expensive due to multiple factors. For one, if you call a lot of people, it's gonna cost you a lot. Secondly, flying people down or booking rooms can also be pretty expensive. There are also a lot of miscellaneous expenses that you cannot foresee till the very last minute.

14. A Lot of Guests You Don’t Invite Will be Offended

You may want an intimate wedding to save cost or simply because you want fewer people but we know that a lot of the uninvited guests will get offended. It may not seem like a con right now but post your wedding, you’ll realize that it's a much bigger con than it seemed back then!


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Having a Destination Wedding? Bookmark These Pros & Cons in Advance!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Having a Destination Wedding? Bookmark These Pros & Cons in Advance!