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A winter bride always needs to take more care of her skin than a summer or a spring bride simply because the weather gets harsh around that time. You may have booked a really good makeup artist but her skills won’t reflect on you unless you’re taking good care of your skin. So, to guide you and lend a helping hand, we’ve come up with simple yet effective beauty tips that all winter brides should follow.

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Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips All Winter Brides Should Follow

1. Hydration Will Go a Long Way

Ladies, having at least 8 glasses of water is a must during winter. Not only does having water cut bloating but you’re also keeping your skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin will lead to bad makeup on the big day which is a big no-no!

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2. Moisturise, Moisturise, and Moisturise

The skin tends to dry out more during the winter season and that results in skin tightness, rough-looking skin, cracked lines, and whatnot. For the skin to look flawless, you need to start moisturizing well. Make this a part of your routine and we promise your makeup will come out exceptionally well on the big day! Oh! And, don't forget to save these 20 best tips for glowing skin.

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3. 8-Hours Sleep is a MUST

The time leading up to the big day is as it is stressful but if you top that with less sleep, it will be a recipe for disaster. 8 hours of sleep every night is recommended so that not only do you feel fresh but even look fresh. By just incorporating this practice, you will see a huge change in your skin!

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4. Avoid Hot Water on Your Face

Washing your skin in hot water is bad for your skin. Not only does the hot water strip your skin of its natural oils but can also cause your skin to dry out. To avoid aggravated skin concerns, stick to cold water for your face even if you feel cold!

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5. Eat Healthy & It Will Do Wonders for You

Another tip that we want to give to all you winter brides is to start eating healthy from the day your wedding date is fixed. You cannot start eating healthy and expect it to show on your face. So, include fibre, protein, and food that is rich in nutrients so that you feel good from both the inside and the outside.

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What are you going to incorporate from above in your diet? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Top 5 Beauty Tips a Winter Bride Needs to Follow Before the Big Day

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Top 5 Beauty Tips a Winter Bride Needs to Follow Before the Big Day