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Guestbooks are one of the sweetest decor elements at a wedding. They preserve the warm wishes your loved ones bestow upon you and your partner on your big day. We never want to let go of the tradition of having guestbooks at your wedding. However, we are always open to the idea of making your wedding guestbooks more expressive. You must wonder how one can make a guestbook more expressive. Say hello to Polaroid guestbooks. They are like guestbooks but with Polaroids!

Scroll down to know all about the Polaroid guestbook and how you can incorporate it into your wedding!

A 101 Guide On Polaroid Guestbook

What Is A Polaroid Guestbook?

A Polaroid guestbook is what you get if your regular guestbook got a cuter update. In a regular guestbook, your wedding guests would leave a message for the bride and the groom but in a Polaroid guestbook, they also attach a Polaroid with their message. A polaroid is an instant film photograph. Polaroids are taken on polaroid cameras which are essentially portable instant cameras. 

How Is A Polaroid Guestbook Used? 

Using a Polaroid guestbook is pretty simple. Go through these steps and you'll know all about how it's used!

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1. Take a Polaroid using the Polaroid camera. 

2. Shake the Polaroid to let it develop. 

3. Stick the Polaroid onto the guestbook. 

4. Write a sweet message for the bride and groom under the Polaroid. 

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Why Do You Need A Polaroid Guestbook At Your Wedding?

The number one reason why you should have a Polaroid guestbook at your wedding is that it holds warm and sweet memories from your wedding day. With a Polaroid guestbook, you get to see the message that your near and dear ones wrote for you on your big day and look at their pictures.

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A Polaroid guestbook is the most memorable decor element at your wedding because when you open it days, months or even years after your wedding day, you will have the loveliest flashbacks that feel like a warm hug. Also, polaroid guestbooks are quite a fun activity for your wedding guests. So, now you have all the more reasons to have an audio guestbook at your wedding. 

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How To Make A Polaroid Guestbook?

Making a Polaroid guestbook a part of your wedding is relatively easy. All you need is a Polaroid camera, films for the Polaroids, a guestbook, a marker, and a glue stick. It helps that all of these items are fairly affordable. Scroll down below to get product suggestions for all of the items you need to make a Polaroid guestbook happen at your wedding!


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Polaroid Guestbook 101: Preserving Memories with a Twist - Your Ultimate Guide

by Pratiksha Pandey

Polaroid Guestbook 101: Preserving Memories with a Twist - Your Ultimate Guide