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Picture this: You’re scrolling through Instagram and you see a “candid” photo of a friend and her husband on their honeymoon on a beach in Seychelles. Surrounded by turquoise water and cotton candy clouds, it’s no wonder that the moment seems more than perfect! The reality, however, is that regardless of how social media shapes our perception; vacationing with your significant other can be tough, especially for new relationships.

Before you hit the ground running with plans, get on the same page about what you want to do as a couple on their honeymoon. If you’re worried about the debate turning into a reality show screaming match, make sure you agree on the following five topics:

1. Have The Budget Talk

It’s much more common these days for couples to foot the bill for their own honeymoon. When you’re thinking about where you want to go, you should first figure out a number that makes you both comfortable.The further and longer you travel, the more it’s going to cost, so if you want to get away for a few weeks in a far-off location, discuss the max you’ll spend on the trip.

If you can’t afford as much as your partner—or vice versa—be honest and express your concerns with kindness.

2. Decide The Duration 

Five days or three weeks? Do you want a lightning-quick but super fun getaway to enjoy your first few days as a married couple, or fully immerse yourselves in a foreign culture? If you can’t agree on a length, one option is taking a mini-moon directly after the wedding and then going on a longer vacation later in the year. This gives you time to save up for a more extravagant trip and to plan the honeymoon without the added stress of also planning a wedding.

3. Adventurous vs Relaxed

What are you looking to do on your first trip as a married couple? Do you want to explore a new place together by restaurant hopping or walking your way through the entire city? Or would you rather enjoy newlywed bliss poolside with a book in one hand and a bottle of beer in other?

Once you determine your style as a couple, picking a place will be much easier and less stressful to convince the other!

4. Social Media Rules

After all of the fanfare of your wedding, you might need to take a break from posing for pictures. Decide before you go away if you want to have a social media free trip. Obviously, people want to see that you’re having a blast on your first trip as a married couple, but you don’t want it to take away from your time with your partner!

Come to an agreement that makes sense for both of you. Perhaps you check your phones once in the morning and once before bed. Discussing it beforehand will help you avoid any unnecessary fights.

5. Emergency Situations

Even though you may fancy yourself as someone who stays calm and collected even in moments of big stress, travelling has a way of raining on just about anyone’s positivity parade.

Make sure you communicate with your other half about how you would deal with expectant stressful situations, for instance, a missed flight, a bad hotel room or a robbery on road? Discuss how you could potentially face an ugly situation and how it would be wrong of you to blame your partner for a scenario that’s likely out of their hands.

Have you discussed them with your partner yet?

Plan Your Honeymoon With These Helpful Tips: Don't Say We Didn't Warn You!

by Tanya Puri

Plan Your Honeymoon With These Helpful Tips: Don't Say We Didn't Warn You!