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Tadaa! You showered so much love on how to integrate the red and yellow colour in your wedding that we are back with our #SSGoesColourful and this time with your FAV colour that is romantic, feminine and the sweetest colour in the colour scheme palette. Yes! It's a Pink colour (drumroll), which is not only pleasant to eyes but looks ever-charming when included in any wedding. As earlier, we told you these 11 ways to add the sweetness of the colour pink in your wedding. Today we will enlighten you on how to incorporate the #trendy pink decor colour for your wedding 2020! 

Just like we spotted these surreal pink bridal lehengas it seems that this shade is the hottest colour among the brides who are getting married soon. If you love this happy colour as we do, then girl you have landed on the right page because we will bombard you with stunning pink decor colour combination for weddings. Whether you want to walk down on a pink floral aisle with your momma, include shades of pink at your entry gateway, add them as cute pink hanging tassels or pair the colour beautifully with your flamingo pink decor theme. So, start preparing yourself brides cos this pink shade will leave your loved ones mesmerised through years. Scroll down and pin these 25 best pink colour decor combination for your wedding and get them ideated by your wedding decorator that are drool-worthy for day-to-night functions! 🤤🌸

How To Integrate Pink Colour Decor in Your Wedding

Pretty Pink Bridal Aisle Pathway

Always dreamt off walking down on a pretty aisle with a bed of pink flowers? Take some inspiration from these oh-so-gorgeous pink aisle pathways that shout Magical & Dreamy!

Include Cute Pink Elephants in Your Wedding Decoration

OMG! Aren't they super-cute? If you love elephants as we do, then include pink floral elephants like this couple did on their wedding day!

Bar in Pink! Now That's Something Unique ^_^ 

Who said that you can't include pink colour when it comes to your bar decor? Be it the combination of pastel pink tassels with gotapatti or a floral chandelier that looks so magnificent. Get your mehndi or wedding bar decor drenched in pink & thank us later :)

Canopy Tents That Won't Burn A Whole in Your Pocket!

Don't want too many flowers for your wedding decoration? No problem! Get a bamboo canopy tent installed like this and pair it up with beautiful soft pink fabrics with a trail of flowers on the side!

Soft Pink To Hot Pink! Chair Decor Ideas To Add Some Drama! 

I know you must have not even thought about this? To add some drama & elegance to your wedding chairs make sure to play with pink roses & fabrics that will go perfect with your pink wedding decor theme. 

Printed Cushions To Bolster Pillows That Are Beauties!

Just like your chair decoration needs to be spot-on for your D-day there is one more thing that you can't miss. From simple printed pink cushions to big bolster pillows and to stunning mirror work cushions get these beauties included in your mehendi, sangeet, cocktail & wedding day decor cos they can make your photographs vibrant & bright! 

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Pulchritudinous! Wedding Entry Decor Ideas That Took Our Breath Away

Before, I tell you more options of how to include pink in your decor this idea is utmost important when it comes to your pink decor. Making or breaking your decor vibe - an entrance of your venue is something that will create a first impression on your guests. So, to make it perfect you can add tons of pink flowers, hanging pink tassels, floral pink peacocks with your wreath, floral arch as an entry decor or just paint the entrance-gate pink with flowers on point. 

PS: Don't miss to bookmark the floral entryway coming down from the staircase that is making us all dreamy! 

Pink Coloured Fabrics That Are Cost-Effective  

Brides! Let's be honest that flowers cost you a bomb and especially when it's your wedding. Be it floral ceilings, floral mandaps or floral entry gateway - flowers are something that adds charm & beauty to every corner. And, by not adding flowers you can play with pink coloured fabrics (hot pink, pastel pink, soft pink, bubblegum,etc.) and drape it in such a way that it looks equal to pink flowers!

Fascinating Flamingos As Wedding Decoration 

Aww! Aren't they just adorable? One decor #trend that we recently spotted & it's going crazy in Indian weddings is including a flamingo theme that looks refreshing, elegant and unique in a day mehendi function! Pin these flamingo decor ideas for your upcoming wedding...

Source Pink Palki

Ceiling Decor With Dainty Tassels & Roses

Ah! I am sure that you thought you won't need this? Wrong. Just like fabrics, cushions & canopy tents are as important when it comes to wedding decoration. The idea of keeping a floral ceiling or one with tassels is as important as these factors. Don't forget to bookmark the hanging tassels with gota patti from Akshay and Anika's wedding! 

Floral Wreath Decor Ideas That Are Trending For Mehendi & Haldi Ceremonies!

Yes! They floral wreaths are still trending & we got you these beautiful ones for your wedding day. Whether you're planning to include a floral wreath at your mehendi function or on your haldi this pink floral wreath decor idea is 100/100 marks! 

Unique Hanging Decor Items For The Hatke Wedding

Done & dusted with hanging genda flowers? Yeah! If you have a curiosity of going hatke with your decor, then pick these unique hanging decor items like Potli, lamps, glass orbs, jars, etc. that are drop-dead-gorgeous for an Indian wedding!   

Floral Mandap Decor Idea That = ALL PINK! 

Honestly, you shouldn't compromise when it comes to your mandap decoration. As you will be taking your wedding vows with your husband-to-be ensure to deck up your mandap with tons of pink flowers and pink fabrics. 

Go Pinky The Pooh With A Photobooth That Says 'Lali Gets Lucky'

When it comes to photobooth there is so much you can do with it. Be it adding your wedding hashtag like #LaliGetsLucky or including an origami decor. This #weddingdecor inspiration is perfect for a summer and winter wedding!

Pink Floral Backdrop, Which Says Heaven!

Wondering how to integrate pink colour decor in the wedding? Take some #decor inspo from this pink floral backdrop is on the top of our list. 

Pink Floral Chandeliers That Are Nothing Less Than A Blessing! 

Yes! We are talking about none other than a pink floral chandelier that is so pleasant to eyes and soul. Be it on top of your tabel decor or including on your floral ceiling these pink chandeliers are nothing less than a beauty! 

Seating Area For The Guests

We would advice you that this season go pink with your wedding. Get this every-charming colour to your seating area, which will be loved by your guests, friends and family members. Hey! You can also include a one for your mehendi seating arrangement that looks so unique and hatke for a bride like you! 

Signage Boards To Give Out The Direction! 

Just like the seating area that should be pretty in pink your signage boards or signboards should also be perfect in guiding the direction to your guests. Get them painted in pink colour that will match your theme perfectly. 

Stage Decoration in Shades of Pink! 

Don't want that boring stage decked up with old red and black carpet? Book your wedding decorator now & ask him for a stunning pink stage decor just like these couples got at their weddings. 

Cos Girl's Like To Swing!  

Getting nostalgic as you think back to your carefree childhood days? YES! Brides! If you want to include a pink swing just like this, then ensure to go for a vibrant & shimmery backdrop so that you shine in your wedding photographs! 

Quirky Table Centerpieces = Beauties!

Coming now to dinner tables where you will have your first lunch/dinner with your husband. If you LOVE pink umbrellas, roses, pink tea kettle, or floral test tubes. Add these beauties as table centerpieces, which will look pretty when enjoying your snacks with your partner in crime! 

Table Decor Decked Up So Beautifully That is LOVE!

Alright! After your guests have arrived to your venue the first thing that they will notice are the pretty dinner tables that'll be decked up beautifully. Just like the tabel centerpieces that will be spot-on make sure you also play with your table decor (fabrics, centerpieces, cutlery, etc.) to give a hatke look.  

Alluring Pink Tassels To Add Charm

Who knew that these cute tassels could add so much drama to any wedding? Whether you wish to include them in your ceiling decor or just hang them around your wedding ceremony - include these tassels with gota patti in your wedding now!

Wishing Pink Trees For The OTT Decor! 

Obsessed with pink decor? Ask you decorator to add pink trees as part of your mandap & tabel centerpiece decoration. We bet that your guests will love this unique pink floral decor for years! 

 Fuchsia & Hot Pink Trousseau Trunks To Add Elegance 

They are not just a part of your wardrobe (trousseau trunks) but now also used as a decorating piece that looks elegant when kept on entrance or in a photobooth. Add some fresh flowers and baby breath florals and see the magic happen! 

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In LOVE with pink again? So how would you include this pretty pink colour in your wedding decoration?

25 Ideas of Including Pink Colour Decor in Your Wedding - #SSGoesColourful

by Chandni Kumar

25 Ideas of Including Pink Colour Decor in Your Wedding - #SSGoesColourful