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We love a bride who likes to do different things whether we talk about donning a different bridal lehenga or going with unique bridal jewellery. And now that we’re seeing the shift happen from a grand wedding to an intimate wedding, we’ve also seen various other shifts take place like how brides are opting for a pink chooda over the traditional red one. While this concept is still new, we love how so many brides are embracing this change and pairing pink chooda with bridal lehenga combination. That’s why we knew we just had to share photos of these brides who wore stunning pink choodas with their wedding lehenga and they are just drop-dead-gorgeous! 

Pink Chooda With Bridal Lehengas

Beautiful Pink Chooda For The Traditional Bride-To-Be!

If you’ve always wanted to wear the traditional chooda but not the classic red chooda, then simply go with a stunning pink chooda. We love how stunning this chooda looks on brides who are getting married soon. Oh, and if you’re planning on wearing a pastel bridal lehenga then your bridal chooda is going to compliment your wedding look! 

Source Studio RDP

Magenta Pink Chooda For The Bold Brides

Opting for a pink chooda does not have to necessarily mean that you should go with a light pink one. Simply be a bold bride and go with a magenta chooda just like this bride has for her special day!

Go All Out With That Modern Pink Chooda

If you want to be completely different to your wedding look, then we suggest you pick a completely non-traditional and modern pink chooda for your wedding day just like this real bride has. Her chooda is nothing like a normal chooda you spot now and then and that’s what makes it so special.  

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Match Your Chooda With Dark Coloured Bangles

While some brides would go with a traditional pink chooda, you can be that bride who went with a pink chooda mixed with dark coloured bangles just like this bride did for her wedding. After all, it’s your wedding and you should wear what makes you happy. Isn’t it ladies?

A Mixture of Pink Bangles 

If you don’t believe in the concept of chooda and have no plans of wearing one on your wedding day, then go with a mixture of pink bangles. This is unconventional but not unheard of. In fact, we were able to find this bride who ditched the chooda and went with pink bangles instead! 

Match Your Pink Chooda To Your Pink Lehenga

Looking to buy the best pink chooda with bridal lehenga for your wedding day? YES! Pink chooda will look beautiful and will give you such a beautiful wedding look just like this bride’s look on her wedding day. 

Pick The Lightest Pink Chooda You Can Find

Pick the lightest shade of pink you can find for your chooda because it will give such an elegant look to your overall wedding look. Yes, we’re talking about those subtle and soft colours which will look beautiful with floral kaleere (if you’re planning to wear one ladies!).

Pinkish-Orange Bridal Chooda For The Colour Loving Brides

It’s time to make your chooda fun for yourself by opting for an orangish-pinkish chooda just like this real bride has. It’s hatke with so much fun and will go perfect with a tangerine coloured bridal lehenga! 

Purple-Pink Chooda For Indian Brides

Another great colour for your chooda can be the colour which is purple-pink. This colour is so offbeat and bold that your guests will be smitten with your chooda, ladies. This colour chooda will look beautiful with either a very light coloured bridal lehenga or one which is equally dark. Show off your unique chooda just like this real bride has!

Source Pinterest

Source Gagan Kaur


So which pink chooda have you fallen in love with? Tell us in the comments section below!

18 Brides Who Paired Pink Chooda With Their Bridal Lehengas!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

18 Brides Who Paired Pink Chooda With Their Bridal Lehengas!