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The idea of the pre-wedding shoot is really lovely. It helps you capture and cherish the chemistry you have with your beau right before you tie the knot. Pre-wedding photo shoots are a beautiful way to record your love story using the talents of a professional photographer, stunning attires, and idyllic settings. We, at WeddingBazaar, believe that you should be able to have the beautiful, affordable, and convenient pre-wedding shoot of your dreams with ease and Picture Destination offers you just that!

Read along to learn all about this amazing photo studio near Delhi that offers 40+ gorgeous sets!

Picture Destination 

Pre-wedding photos are becoming increasingly common nowadays and why shouldn't they? They help you create lasting, beautiful memories with your significant other. Pre-wedding shoots are also an essential part of your wedding album nowadays. If you have been thinking about doing one, this is your cue to proceed with your pre-wedding photoshoot. There is just the right place that we can suggest to you for the perfect pre-wedding shoot. 

It is a multi-themed photo studio near Delhi called Picture Destination which offers more than 40 backdrops for your pre-wedding shoot. Offering an amazing mix of indoor and outdoor themes, it is the one-stop solution for all your pre-wedding shoot location needs. If you want to integrate a variety of backgrounds from a village to a city and from a palace to a bar, Picture Destination is the place for you. We have mentioned below some of our favourite backdrops from Picture Destination's 40+ sets. 

What Makes Picture Destination The Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Location For You

Picture Destination brings not only versatility but also comfort to your pre-wedding shoot. Here are all the reasons that make Picture Destination the best pre-wedding shoot location for you!

1. Privacy

Picture Destination ensures you complete privacy as you get the most beautiful pictures and videos captured with your partner. This huge photo studio offers over 40+ sets which makes sure that you have enough space and fewer to no people around you even if other shoots are taking place at the same time. You get to have a fuss-free and comfortable pre-wedding shoot that is both enjoyable and convenient. 

2. Complimentary Props

Along with 40+ big and beautiful sets, Picture Destination also offers you complimentary props that add more flair to your pre-wedding shoot. Each set has its props that are just on theme with the background. This helps you get more ideas for your pre-wedding shoot poses. Also, incorporating props makes your pictures and videos more creative and candid at the same time. 

3. Shoot From Day To Night

One of the main reasons why we love Picture Destination is because you can shoot from day to night here. So, regardless of whether you want to capture that early morning sun or the moonlit night, you can easily do it at the Picture Destination. You will feel comfortable shooting here from day till night since the staff is so supportive and you get access to all the basic amenities you need while shooting. Here's how you can contact Picture Destination before you head to this amazing photo studio for your pre-wedding shoot. 

Phone Number:  +91 9811260804 / +91 9310435535 / +91 981108095

4. Complimentary Makeup & Dressing Room

An important facility that you require while getting your pre-wedding shoot done is a good changing room. Picture Destination goes above and above to offer you a seamless and convenient experience by providing you with an air-conditioned room where you can change your outfits and get your makeup and hair done comfortably. The changing room is a part of the package which means that you don't have to pay extra for it. 

Get Your Pre-Wedding Shoot Done At Picture Destination With 40+ Backdrops

The Picture Destination spans across an area of 3 acres housing more than 40 backdrops and unlimited props. Offering both indoor and outdoor sets, Picture Destination satisfies all your pre-wedding shoot-related needs. We love the fact that with a huge and lovely photo studio like Picture Destination, you don't have to spend too much time and money travelling to different places for your pre-wedding shoot. Here are some of our favourite backdrops from Picture Destination's 40+ sets. 

The Rajmahal

Turn king and queen wearing your prettiest ethnic outfits for the Rajmahal backdrop. This outdoor set has the prettiest white and brown architecture that reminds you of the lively royal corridors and lawn area.

The Bathtub

Let the bathtub ignite romance between you and your beau for some sizzling hot pictures and videos. We love how spacious and modern this indoor setup is. Its clean white theme makes sure your photos pop even more. 

The Vintage Car

Vintage theme lovers and auto enthusiasts are going to love this vintage car backdrop. It is made like a little garage with dim lights and a stunning vintage car. You are going to have the coolest pre-wedding shoot with this background. 

The Diwan-E-Khas

The Diwan-E-Khas has got to be one of our favourite backdrops at the Picture Destination. This exotic set has a striking orange color and has a rich modern royal theme to it. With a huge library and a billiards table, this background is the best. 

The Colorful Street

If you want a vibrant set for your pre-wedding shoot, the colourful street background at Picture Destination is perfect for you. It has a cute Goan Latin Quarter vibe and adds a playful and vibrant vibe to your pictures and videos.

The Village 

Couples who want an Indian village theme to their pre-wedding shoot are going to simply enjoy this set at the Picture Destination. From a well to a hut and from fields to a handpump, this set is brimming with a desi vibe.

The Morocco

Picture Destination saves you a lot of money by offering a wide range of international destination backdrops like this one. The Morocco has rich blue tones and ethnic props that will bring out the warmth between you and your partner. 

The Rajasthan Theme

The Rajasthan Theme is another one of our favourite sets at the Picture Destination. This outdoor backdrop has a shallow pool with the most stunning marble design. Get your pre-wedding shoot done here for a royal Indian resort look.

The Glass House

The Glass House backdrop at the Picture Destination will transport you and your partner to the hills. Yes! That's just how pretty and dreamy it is! With the cutest furniture and plants inside it, the glass house delivers the loveliest pictures. 

The Shakespeare Brick Wall

The Shakespeare brick wall is the perfect backdrop for a morning pre-wedding shoot. Since it is an outdoor set, you can get the best light for the perfect sunkissed pictures. Grab some books and coffee for the English feel.

The Beach Bar

Did you and your partner meet at the bar? Relive your love story as you get your pre-wedding shoot done at the beach bar backdrop at the Picture Destination. It has all the props you need for a realistic look and feel of a beach bar. 

The Bench In The Greens

If you and your partner do not want to go overboard with props and other elements, the bench in the greens is just the right set for you. A sunset shoot with this backdrop will capture you and your partner beautifully and naturally

The Bedroom

Let your pre-wedding shoot have some fun and casual pictures and videos. The bedroom setup at the Picture Destination is so unique and simple at the same time. You and your partner can get the cutest candids captured here.

The Santorini

Want a Santorini pre-wedding shoot but don't want to spend so much money on it? Picture Destination has got your back with its splendid blue and white Santorini-themed set. It looks so real that even you can't tell the difference!

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The Mughal Palace

Travel back in time with your partner as you get your regal pre-wedding shoot done at the Mughal Palace backdrop at the Picture Destination. We love the rich and vivid tones of it. You are going to have a fun time at this set. 

The Coffee House

Add sweetness to your pre-wedding shoot with the coffee house set. The best part about this set is that you don't have to dress up too much for it. You can just wear your casuals and they will look just as fantastic and theme-appropriate. 

The Bohemian Vibe

Infuse a bohemian vibe in your pre-wedding pictures and videos with this cool set. It has deep-toned tapestries that add layers of colours and textures to your shoot. This one is a truly unique and gorgeous set. 

The Light Tent

If you and your partner want a cute tent with fairy lights for your pre-wedding shoot, this is the right set for you. It delivers romantic and dreamy pictures at night when it is all lit up. 

The Kitchen

Incorporate a cute twist to your pre-wedding shoot by getting clicked at the kitchen set. It is built just like a real kitchen and has all the props that you might need for an adorable pre-wedding shoot. 

The New York

You don't have to travel to New York to get a New York-themed pre-wedding shoot. Picture Destination brings New York to you which doesn't look too different from the real city!

The Blue Majesty

The Blue Majesty has got to be one of the most unique and beautiful sets at the Picture Destination. It is an indoor set with a blue theme. You get a shallow pool with a big swing and a stunning Jharokha!

The Floral Balcony

The floral balcony is a romantic indoor set. You get a big circular balcony with the prettiest flowers and a stunning staircase. There are so many poses that you can choose from in this versatile set. 

The Swimming Pool

A pre-wedding shoot at the swimming pool might not be too common but that's the exact reason why you must go for it! From fun to romantic, the vibe is just right at this cool set at the Picture Destination!

The Bonfire

One of the most romantic pre-wedding shoot backdrops is a bonfire and Picture Destination offers an amazing set for it! You can also incorporate a smoke machine at this set for a cold vibe. 

The Wooden Bulb Wall

The wooden bulb wall is the best set if you want warmly lit-up pictures and videos for your pre-wedding shoot. The clean aesthetic of this backdrop puts you and your partner in focus and we love that!

The Junkyard Theme

Are you going for a cool vibe for your pre-wedding shoot? The junkyard set at the Picture Destination will help you achieve it. Wear your ripped jeans and sunglasses to ensure an immaculate vibe. 

The Swing

The swing is such a cute set. Regardless of whether you and your partner are dressed up in ethnic wear or western wear, you can get your pre-wedding shoot done with this background and it will look beautiful!

The Love Board

The love board makes for a classic pre-wedding shoot backdrop. It is lit up which makes it all the way more fun. We recommend getting your pictures and videos done here at night for the best vibe. 

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Final Words

Picture Destination is a great place to get your pre-wedding shoot done as it offers more than 40 sets with different themes in one place. It saves you both money and energy. It is located in Kundli which is hardly a 30-40 minute drive from central Delhi. So, come here to have a beautiful pre-wedding shoot and to create some lovely memories with your partner!


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This Studio Near Delhi Has 40+ Pre-wedding shoot Themes!

by Pratiksha Pandey

This Studio Near Delhi Has 40+ Pre-wedding shoot Themes!