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Source Folio Haus

Do you what truly sets a bride apart from the rest of the world on her wedding day? While the dewy makeup adorning her skin and the designer lehenga are sure factors that add to her glow, there is one thing that comes naturally to her that makes her stand out in a crowd. And that's her million-dollar smile!

Be it the quirky and fun poses, the bewitching close up shots or the getting ready bridal shots, we know that brides are all game for getting captured in the best possible ways for their wedding photo album. But the one common factor that makes every one of these poses amazing is a bride's bedazzling smile. There's just something so genuine about such moments that exude pure joy. It's honestly enough to mesmerise us all. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the best portrait shots of brides with bright smiles that are amazing!

Photos Of Brides With Sparkling Smiles

No One's Happier Than These Brides Walking Down The Aisle!

Don't you just love a bride who smiles her way down the aisle? Honestly, we're aware of how the nerves can get tingly just before your big moment, but brides who put on a brave face and a wide smile as they move towards the mandap are our favourite kind of brides!

Big & Bright Smiles During Ceremonies

Don't you just love it when brides break into a wide smile right in the middle of a serious ceremony? Well, despite all the rituals and ceremonies, and the attention required to fulfil them, brides tend to smile once in a while which resulted in a fabulous candid capture, like the ones below!

Source Sutej Pannu

Source Folio Haus

Source Sutej Pannu

Paw-dorable Pics That We Cannot Get Over!

If nothing makes you happier than your furballs jumping off the couch to greet you or lunge at you with tons of lickin’ and kissin’ then your pet without a doubt just has to be a part of your wedding! To give you a glimpse of it, we’ve found some glowing brides with their beloved furballs that will melt your heart make you go, “aww”.

Glowing Brides That Know How To Flaunt Their Jewels

Once all dressed up, there's nothing in the world that can stop a bride from looking like a million bucks. Things can only be added to enhance that look. And a bright, sparkling smile is just the right addition to any bride's photo that makes her shine brighter than her jewels. 

Source Sutej Pannu

Superb Close Up Shots

Close Ups of these twinkling brides just exude sheer elegance. The bright smiles on their faces are an added accessory that amplify their regal ensembles and flawless makeup!

Classic Veil Shots With A Bedazzling Smiles

Remember the pictures of your mother’s wedding with her face covered with a veil? This ultimate pose will never go old. But instead of being all coy and shy, brides today are all about flashing their dazzling smiles hidden underneath their veils

Source Sutej Pannu

This Bride's Vidai Photo Has Us Giggling

The general vidai notion is a bride shedding a few tears as she says goodbye to her family. But this bride had us sniggering in our chairs as she cracked the most wholesome smile while bidding farewell to her family after her wedding. Isn't that something!

Brides That Enjoy Their Haldi To The Fullest!

Yellow, floral and messy but so much fun, haldi is one of the craziest wedding ceremonies of all time. And we've seen that every bride just enjoys her haldi so much that it's easily captured in photos that speak their happiness. Here are some of our favs!

Mehendi Moments To Remember

From flaunting their mehendi designs to bashful smiles that capture everyone's heart, brides on their mehendi days are just a whole different league of gorgeous. They're chilled out yet excited and the mehendi function's vibe is just the perfect way to begin any wedding celebration.

Enchanting Getting Ready Photos

Honestly, photos of brides clicked when they're getting ready are just insanely beautiful. There's just something magical about the freshness of a bride that's just gotten ready for her nuptials. The makeup's dewy, the hair is perfect and their eyes are thinking with excitement. It's tough not to swoon over them!

Stellar Shots Of Happy-Go-Lucky Dancing Brides

Gone are those days when brides were supposed to stay all shy and humble during wedding ceremonies. The modern bride is all about shaking a leg or grooving along to some tunes while enjoying the festivities. All in all, today’s brides are enjoying their weddings to the fullest. And we're all praises about them!


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Photos Of Brides With Sparkling Smiles That Won Us Over

by Shivani Singh

Photos Of Brides With Sparkling Smiles That Won Us Over