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When it comes to wedding day photos, as a bride you are most likely to be focused on how to get mushy couple photos, beauteous solo bridal portraits, and the mandatory bridesmaids' pictures. And we're not complaining. But yet another significant thing that must top your priority list is getting captured with your parents.

Your birth-givers deserve every bit of love, gratitude and pampering on their doting daughter's wedding. Your wedding day is after all the biggest day of their lives. And one sure shot way to make your parents feel special is by having some amazing photos with them! Get caught with them while sharing hearty laughs, emotional hugs and crazy dance moves to seal beautiful memories to cherish all your life.

We bring you some super emotional and sweet photos of brides with parents we spotted recently, in case you wanna steal some ideas! ;)

Beautiful photos of brides with parents

1. Hearty hugs, love-filled eyes and wide grins make this picture a precious one!

2. Dance your heart out with your parents!

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3. Let your parents shower you with loads of blessings (and kisses) :p

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4. Share a love-filled group hug

5. Even a simple photo like this becomes special when it is with your father

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6. Cuz, he is the shoulder you can always bank on

7. The remarkable moment when parents walk their daughters down the aisle

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8. Let the outburst of emotions be captured as well!

9. The moment when a father hands over his beloved daughter to the man of her dreams

10. Small moments like these matter the most

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11. Such a heart-warming one!

12. While you wipe each other's tears

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13. Vidaai, the toughest farewell ever!

14. These photos of parents dolling up their doll daughters are close to our hearts!

15. cute is this mother daughter duo?

16. Make way for some posed-candids :P

17. Now that's a unique photo of a bride with her parents

18. When your mom can't stop her bride daugher

19. Include your sibling to have a fun-filled family photo like this!

20. Majorly hearting this adorable photo!

21. A happy vidaai moment

22. A hearty photo with the bride looking at her mother in sheer awe

23. Always my daddy's lil girl

24. Lastly but most importantly, a classic portrait is a MUST!

40+ Beautiful Wedding Photos Every Bride Must Have with her Parents

by Medha Chawla

40+ Beautiful Wedding Photos Every Bride Must Have with her Parents