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Wedding day festivities come along with a myriad of emotions. While the 'ek chutki sindoor' moment evokes heartfelt tears, the Joota Chhupai, on the other hand, brings out everyone's playful side. However, it's 'the exchange of Jaimalas' as well as 'the Pheras' that are considered as the most soul-stirring rituals of all.

These priceless moments are the ones that mark the ultimate union of a bride and groom on their big day. Which is why capturing these events with sheer perfection is no more an option! After all, these dreamy moments constitute a major part in your wedding albums. And to make sure you don't end up regretting later for not paying enough attention to your Phera & Jaimala photos, we've got you some easy and unfailing ways you can get them right! Try & incorporate them all with the help of your wedding vendors and we're sure you won't be done thanking us afterward!

Ways to get picture-perfect Jaimala & Phera Photos

1. Colour coordinate your outfits with the decor of your mandap

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A lot of couples are color coordinating the decor with their outfits and no doubt, it pretty much works! You too can go the matching way or color contrast your decor with your wedding outfits to make it one lit affair.

2. Share hearty smiles and laughs throughout your proceedings

Who better than Virat and Anushka showed us that? The two were giggling and chuckling while exchanging their jaimalas.

3. Incorporate a beautiful backdrop behind your seating

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Look at that fresh and blooming floral backdrop! It is adding all sorts of vibrancy and charm to the couple's Varmala ceremony-exactly what you need to turn around your wedding pictures!

4. Ensure that your mandap doesn't look too cluttered

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Including too many decor elements in your mandap can kill the look and vibe of your pheras or jaimala ceremony. Hence, declutter your mandap and only make a few decor elements the highlight of your wedding.

5. Make enough space for your photographers to shoot without any hassles

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How will your photographer be able to make the most of your wedding proceedings if you make him sit in a corner? Allow him enough space to try different angles and don't forget to pose while he/she is clicking.

6. Pick suitable lighting for your mandap or stage

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The place where all the action has to happen, whether the stage or the mandap, should be well lit. So, don't forget to ask your decorator to make good lighting arrangements, especially when it is a night wedding.

7. Rose shower for the win!

Let them rose petals be showered upon you while the two of you share the most special moments of your lives! 

8. Ensure your guests are not sitting too close to you two

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You sure don't want those heads popping into all your photographs, so make sure you're sitting at a distance from your guests. Also, your photographer gets enough space to shoot you both and be more creative with the angles and perspectives while capturing your perfect moments.

9. Don't forget to be your candid best

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You don't always have to keep posing for the camera. Just be your real self and let the photographer do his magic.

10. Add a unique decor element to your mandap

The decor of your wedding can make a lot of difference to your wedding snapshots. And the easiest way to ensure you take away some really good photos from your special day is by decking up your mandap with a jaw-droppingly beautiful decor element like this huge floral chandelier hanging right above the mandap seating.

11. Try to include some fireworks/sparklers around your mandap area.

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Sparklers can add that extra dose of glamour and magical feel to your ceremonies (and your photos too). You definitely shouldn't miss incorporating them in your decorations and make the best use of it. *We can't stop drooling over this one*


What all points are you noting down? Let us know in the comments

11 Ways to Get Amazing Jaimala & Phera Photos you Could've Never Thought Of!

by Anupriya Khanna

11 Ways to Get Amazing Jaimala & Phera Photos you Could've Never Thought Of!