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Always dreamt of having a bespoke wedding? A testament to your love and commitment, your wedding deserves to be as enchanting as your unique story. While planning, you handpick every little element that will become a part of your wedding day. This is why you need a wedding partner that will treat your wedding with the same amount of care and consideration as you. 

As your wedding planning besties, it is our job to direct you towards the best of the best. So, today we’re taking you on a little tour through the splendid halls of Hyatt Hotels- a hotel brand that’s the perfect destination for your dream wedding!

Featuring stunning backdrops and incredible hospitality, Hyatt Hotels are one of the best spots to choose for your wedding. Their hotels serve as a backdrop for your wedding celebrations and play a pivotal role in setting the stage for every other aspect, from decor to food, while reflecting your joy and commitment on this special day. 

Scroll down to learn more about Hyatt Hotels and how they help create a wedding that’s Perfectly Yours.

Experience A Personalised Wedding That’s #PerfectlyYours With Hyatt Hotels

Customised Weddings With Hyatt Hotels

With years of excellence in hospitality, Hyatt Hotels have a time-honoured history of working with couples and families to create bespoke wedding experiences. They’re known for their sophisticated hotels and resorts that deliver unmatched elegance and style. Whether it be bending your knee in the most royal settings, or taking your vows in a mesmerising seaside venue, Hyatt Hotels have an option for you! 

And with their latest campaign, the luxury hospitality chain is showing us how they’re the right choice for bringing weddings that are #PerfectlyYours to life. 

About #PerfectlyYours

#PerfectlyYours is a curated offering by Hyatt Group of Hotels for modern couples looking for flawless wedding affairs. A wedding which celebrates their individuality and choices. A testament to the meticulousness the hotel brand brings to its customers, the newly launched campaign shows us very well how they execute a modern-day ‘dream wedding’ with a personalised touch. 

Through their new brand film, Hyatt Hotels showcases how each hotel employee puts themselves in the couple’s shoes to make sure that every detail is taken care of. A couple’s wedding day has to be perfect and memorable and for Hyatt, perfection lies in the details- whether it’s the height of the jaimala platform or the room temperature and even the texture of the haldi! 

Why Choose Hyatt Hotels For Your Wedding?

Hyatt hotels have a long history of being the ideal choice for couples to get married. Be it their exuberant city centre hotels, luxurious destination hotels or their world-class F&B concepts and offerings, the hotel giant is revered everywhere for their wedding experiences. Hyatt is grounded in the philosophy of care. They ensure that a couple’s choices, tastes and preferences are addressed to the T. No step is ever skipped and every detail is taken care of by them to create bespoke wedding experiences.

Source Andaz Delhi

With #PerfectlyYours, Hyatt hotels have become more than just a wedding venue. From taking care of the hospitality to curating menus, planning functions, taking care of the bride & groom’s families, curating special experiences for the couple and more, Hyatt Hotels take care of the smallest details to provide an overall personalized and perfect wedding experience that is perfectly yours.

They have dedicated wedding planners who are specialists in weddings. These planners have a deep understanding of various cultures and traditions, which in turn, helps in curating experiences that are truly customised according to the preferences of couples and their families. Another feature you will absolutely love is their dedicated wedding studio facility at their hotels. These studios facilitate wedding-related ideas and conversations, helping couples put their planning worries at ease. In fact, Hyatt employees hope to create the best hospitality experience for a couple, ensuring they provide a solution for every kind of situation that may arise during a wedding. 

Couples not only have access to innumerable gourmet culinary delights but also sustainable décor options and even an opportunity to include pets in wedding celebrations! Food is an important part of a wedding. And Hyatt knows that really well. Couples can customise their menu based on the culinary palette they wish their guests to enjoy. International chefs curate and prepare wedding feasts, combining local flavours with global culture. 

Furthermore, their locations are ideal for local and out-of-town guests. Located in the hearts of major cities, these hotels are a luxurious delight. Wedding gangs have the opportunity to not just enjoy the wedding but also steal a few hours to kick back and relax with their spa services and relish dining on modern-day cuisine.  

Honestly, with the care and attention Hyatt puts into curating weddings, it’s tough not to choose them!

Source Andaz Delhi

Final Words

So, if you’re planning your wedding and looking for a place that will treat your wedding preparation as personally as you would, then Hyatt Hotels are for you! Whether you want to get married in Goa, Kochi, Jaipur, Dehradun or Dharamshala. Hyatt Hotels is a perfect venue for your destination wedding. They also proudly provide a personalised service, paying attention to the details that put the ‘you’ in your proposals, weddings and everything in between.

Source Andaz Delhi


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Experience A Personalised Wedding That’s #PerfectlyYours With Hyatt Hotels

by Shivani Singh

Experience A Personalised Wedding That’s #PerfectlyYours With Hyatt Hotels