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We women get our hands etched with mehndi many times in our lives, but the bridal mehndi happens only once. So, it makes total sense for brides-to-be to go berserk in search of the BEST mehndi design. But what's the best mehndi design for a bride, you ask! Well for us, it MUST have personalised elements included in it and should represent the couple's story or be depictive of things special to the bride. Be it a minimal mehndi design or a traditional full hand design, infusion of personalised elements makes the bridal mehndi super special. And who showed us this better than skilled mehndi artists and real brides!

There are so many ways to add personalised touches to the bridal mehndi. Couple's portraits, names and wedding dates are surely there, but we also spotted interesting elements like hobbies, food, favourite TV characters and so much more in the personalised bridal mehndi designs. So keeping you up with the latest and most creative trends, here are the coolest personalised mehndi designs you must check out before finalising your bridal mehndi design.

Uber cute ways to personalise your bridal mehndi design

1. The imperative wedding hashtag!

The wedding hashtags make for the most doting addition in a bride's mehndi!

2. Include your hubby's hobbies!

Your hubby's love for cricket can also be etched!

Is he fond of any Football club? You can have its logo included in your bridal mehndi.

3. Initials, portraits and hobbies

Make your bridal mehndi a galore of personalisation just like this bride did. She not only got portraits and initials etched on her hands but also got something really unique on the forearm. She got the caricature of her groom playing with a dog on one side, and a depicted her love for yoga on the other side, and I think it is so uber cool.

4. Panda & Penguin - The cutest elements

Could there anything cuter than having dainty sketches of a penguin and panda in your bridal mehndi!

5. Personalised bridal mehndi with jerseys

This adorable mehndi design with the couple's name written on the jerseys has me smitten. 

6. The horoscope symbols and the Tinder logo!

This bride met her hubby on Tinder and obviously incorporated the same in her bridal mehndi. Apart from that, she included the symbol of their horoscope sign and important dates. *So much inspiration from a single mehndi design*

7. Portraits of your pets!

You love your pets more than anyone so including them in your bridal mehndi makes total sense.

8. Include a love quote

Yes, have a love quote in your bridal mehndi design to dedicate it to your groom.

9. Have food-related elements in your bridal mehndi

Foodie brides, here's a way to infuse your fondness for food in your bridal look!

10. Theme your bridal mehndi around your favourite show!

Crazy fan of Game of Thrones or any other series? Check out these designs to know how to personalise your bridal mehndi around these shows.

11. Depict your hobbies! Yes, this is a trend!

How adorable is this bridal mehndi design with caricatures of the couple while playing tennis?

12. Couple's portrait and initials

With the calligraphic initials on one hand and a beauteous portrait on the other, this personalised mehndi design is sheer GOALS!

13. Together since school? Here's the perfect bridal mehndi design!

The caricatures of school students look so adorable in this mehndi design. And also the school's building has been drawn with henna on the arm. Other elements like the wedding hashtag, important dates and the wedding logo have beautifully been incorporated to make it a complete personalised mehndi design.

14. Couple's name is a MUST!

Call it old school, but having your and your spouse's name looks uber personalised. Especially when it is etched so beautifully!

15. Get the proposal moment drawn in your bridal mehndi!

Take a cue from this mehndi design is replete with personalised elements like name of the couple, dates, proposal moment and more snippets from the couple's love story.

16. Depict your travel story!

Another great way to personalise your bridal mehndi is by including the skylines of places that hold significance to you as a couple. And don't miss the beautiful mandala centred with the wedding logo and the wedding hashtag written on the other palm.

17. Couple portraits

Book a skilled mehndi artist and ask him/her to do a portrait of you two! Having portraits in bridal mehndi is one of the most hep trends right now.

18. Favourite cartoon caricatures

How beauteous is this Simpsons-themed bridal mehndi with the couple's names and wedding date etched on the palms?

19. All things personalised!

Check out this insanely intricate and detailed mehndi design which is brimmed with personalised elements. RIght from the proposal moment, wedding date, hashtag and cupids - it has it all.

This is another gorgeous mehndi design which has multiple personalised elements like the portraits, wedding date, names and the skyline.

Source Divya Patel

20. Personalise the backhand mehndi design too

This bride shows how to personalise the backhand mehndi design with utmost perfection!


How will you personalise your bridal mehndi design? Tell us in the comments section below.

20 Most Adorable Ways to Personalise your Bridal Mehndi!

by Medha Chawla

20 Most Adorable Ways to Personalise your Bridal Mehndi!