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Brides-to-be, according to you what is the toughest part while planning a wedding? Well, if you say anything other than setting the perfect wedding menu then we'll disagree with you. Indian weddings are all about food and picking the right dishes for the menu to keep the guests, couple and friends & family members happy. Though it is the biggest challenge one faces through it all but fret not because today we will guide you on how to set up a perfect wedding menu. From sticking to your food budget to keeping the season in mind let us help you with some tips that’ll help to set up the perfect wedding menu for your wedding.

Setup a Perfect Wedding Menu For Your Wedding Ceremonies

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1. Know The Dietary Requirements Of Guests

While it seems like a big job to do, you need to know the basic dietary requirements of your guests before locking the final menu. For Indian weddings that have a long guest list, an easier way to do this is by making sure that delicious cuisines are taken into consideration. From vegan to non-vegetarian and gluten-free to dairy-free, all categories of dishes must be put on the menu for your guests

2. Know The Crowd-pleasing Dishes

Every set of guests has a unique taste when it comes to food. So while setting the wedding menu what you need to figure out are the common set of crowd-pleasing dishes that more or less will make most of the guests happy. Now how you pick on these dishes is simply by knowing your guests, from where they belong to, what kind of food preferences they have, and what are the dishes they’d most likely enjoy having at your wedding. For example, the crowd-pleasing food menu for Delhi wedding could be the Aloo Chaat, Agre ka Bhalla or Paneer Tikka but at the same time could be something totally different for the Mumbaikars. So, know the crowd-pleasing dishes that all your guests will love to eat. 

3. Know The Food Budget

With the emphasis on wedding menu being more than perfect and the idea of providing with innumerable food choices being the fad, only a smart wedding planner will know how to setup perfect wedding menu without going overboard on the food budget. While the number of courses remains the same more or less at every wedding, knowing the budget of food specifically allows you to play around with the number of choices in each category. So, create a balance in the food menu by understanding which course of the meal to spend lavishly on to create a great buzz of the food amongst the guests. 

4. Keep The Season In Mind & The Food Setting Into Consideration

With gazillion fancy ideas taking over the minds of bride and groom, you must not forget the season of the wedding and the easily available local fresh and bountiful flavours. Another factor that plays a major role is the setting of the food menu because some dishes could be difficult to serve in some settings. For example, a sit-down dinner could allow your guest to enjoy sizzlers whereas in a buffet they’d be baffled to even want to try one.

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5. Know That A Chef Knows His Food The Best

While we are not asking you to take suggestions on how to set up a perfect wedding menu from the chef, we do know that once you’ve locked your wedding food menu you must allow him to give his suggestions too. The fact of the matter is that how you understand your guests and their preferences the best, similarly your chef understands his/her food better than anyone else. So cracking the code to set up the perfect wedding menu for your wedding could get easier if the balance between your requirements and the chefs' suggestions are matched. 

6. Revolve It Around A Food Theme

Last but not the least, an important factor on how to set up the perfect wedding menu is by having a wedding theme. Especially with Indian weddings having various functions, the food menu must be in sync with the theme. For example, continental food menu for the royal wedding reception might seem odd, while traditional food at a modern Moroccan Mehndi party might not work well too. So choose the perfect wedding food menu as per your wedding function theme to give the guests a real treat in terms of both vision and taste. 

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Did we miss out on any important tips on how to set up the perfect wedding menu? Tell us in the comments.

Setup a Perfect Wedding Menu For Your Dream Wedding Day With These 6 TIPS!

by Chinar Ghorawat

Setup a Perfect Wedding Menu For Your Dream Wedding Day With These 6 TIPS!