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The Pellikuthuru is a beautiful Telegu ceremony which marks the commencement of the wedding. It is performed at both, the bride's house and the groom's house. Much like the Haldi ceremony, the Pellikuthuru involves the application of turmeric onto the bride and the groom's skin as a part of this sacred pre-wedding ritual. The Pellikuthuru is celebrated with a lot of vigour and lately, we have been coming across the most heartwarmingly beautiful Pellikuthuru decor pictures on Instagram.

So, if you are looking for decor inspiration for your Pellikuthuru, scroll down below to be surprised in the best way possible!

Trending Pellikuthuru Decor Ideas

1. This South Indian bride for her Pellikuthuru decor is surely Pinterest-worthy! 

2. We love the use of green and yellow tones in this lush Pellikuthuru decor!

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3. Add a splash of sunshine to your Pellikuthuru decor with some gendaphool!

4. Add some Banana Leaves to make your Pellikuthuru decor even prettier!

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5. How beautiful is this yellow and white Pellikuthuru decor with hints of purple flowers?

6. A simple Pellikuthuru decor is the way to go for an at-home celebration!

7. Go grand with your Pellikuthuru decor using some luxurious pink and golden elements!

Source Feliz Decor

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8. This traditional Pellikuthuru decor is just so perfect!

9. Add a boho vibe to your Pellikuthuru decor using some pampas grass and rustic elements!

10. This classy Pellikuthuru decor with deep tones is just so captivating!

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11. How fresh and lovely is this green Pellikuthuru decor!

12. We are absolutely mesmerized by this vivid yellow Pellikuthuru decor!

13. The sacred cow symbolism in this cute Pellikuthuru decor is what makes it even more special!

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14. Get inspired by this simple marigold decor for your at-home Pellikuthuru ceremony!

Source Saivi

15. We love this pretty outdoor Pellikuthuru decor which can easily be done on your lawn or terrace!

16. Make your Pellikuthuru decor rich and gorgeous with bright blue and lilac flowers!

Source Aica Events

17. We love the use of yellow and white flowers with green leaves in this sweet Pellikuthuru decor!

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18. This vibrant Pellikuthuru decor is great for summer weddings!

19. Add big bouquets here and there to make your Pellikuthuru decor look beautiful!

20. Let this pretty Pellikuthuru decor inspire your at-home Pellikuthuru celebration!

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21. Check out this delightful Pellikuthuru decor brimming with shades of yellow and white!

Source Pinterest


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Discover the Delightful Pellikuthuru Décor That Casts a Magical Spell

by Pratiksha Pandey

Discover the Delightful Pellikuthuru Décor That Casts a Magical Spell