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We know that there are so many soon-to-be brides out there who simply want to ditch dark hues for their wedding day. Instead, these ladies are big fans of soothing colours. I mean, who are we to blame them!? A colour like peach works just magically for Indian weddings. After all, this colour does stand for modesty, genuineness, sincerity and gratitude; many qualities needed in a marriage (also, this colour is very pleasing to the eyes). So my dear brides-to-be, if you want your wedding to be a ‘peachy’ (pun intended) affair, we’ve come up with some beautiful ways how you can make use of this warm peach colour on your big day. 

Top Peach Wedding Decor Ideas

The Entrance (From Where It All Begins)

The entrance of your wedding is the most important part because that’s the first thing your to-be-family, their guests and your wedding guests will first lay their eyes on. You can choose to go with something super extravagant or stick to something simple for the entrance decor. But in both the setups, peach works rather beautifully. 

Source Pinterest

Entryway Easel Cos Shaadi Ki Story Is Important

Brides if you and your other half have a super-duper love story like DDLJ or K3G, then don’t hesitate in having an entryway easel at your wedding. Have your epic story written and drawn on that board in a pretty shade of peach for all the guests to see and get wrapped up in your love. 

The Mandap - Chills Much?

At any wedding, mandap is the most eminent because that’s where the ceremony will take place. It will also be the place where your most beautiful and candid pictures with your hubby will be captured so make sure that your mandap is covered with beautiful peach drapes and flowers. We promise guys, you will be awestruck when those wedding photos will come! 

Stage Decoration For The Perfect Shaadi Ki Photos

A dreamy stage decoration can be done by making use of peach drapes with flowers and fairy lights. And we promise that this stage backdrop of your dreams won’t even cost you a lot of money!

Napkins To Save Your Kareena Wala Lehenga From Getting Ruined

If you’re opting for a white tablecloth on which your wedding food dinner will be plated and served then do pick peach napkins to compliment the colour palette, guys! 

Source Pinterest

Pretty Peach Chair Ideas

Now if you’ve decided to use the peach tablecloths, then you should not flinch in opting for the same shade of peach for the chairs. Use peach in drapes or simply opt for the cushion of your chairs to be peach. Both will be great!

Comfy Sofas Cos That’s Where The Guests Will Chill

Brides you may be thinking that who does notice a sofa but trust me, you will have those wedding guests who have eyes on every little detail. So, for your wedding day go for a pretty peach sofa set.

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Cushions That Are Drenched In Peach Colour 

If you don’t want peach to be the dominating colour, then you can always opt for a lighter colour than peach and go with peach cushions instead. Or how about having just a hint of peach on your cushions with some other base colour?

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

The Grand Peach Drapes

To make this beautiful colour peach, a dominating factor, adding it to the drapes which will be covering areas like the food stall, bar and seating area is a must. Drapes cover a good deal of your wedding venue so don’t forget to add that soft hue here as well!

Chandeliers For The Royal Touch

If you have plans of adding chandeliers to your wedding decor, then do consider peach in these too because you’ll have a beautiful tinted shade and this colour will definitely play a role in accentuating your wedding photos. 

Source Pinterest

Bar - Where The Party Starts

Why leave the bar area when you can practically do so much with it!? The bar area is the one place where you can incorporate this soft hue in numerous ways. Right from the napkins, to the tinted glasses, there are oh so many ways where you can incorporate this colour. 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest


Guys centrepieces are still as important as they used to be decades ago. These small objects are the things where you can go all out with your love for peach. Whether mixing with some other colour or simply sticking to this one shade, use this pleasing colour to add elegance to your table decor! 

Source Pinterest

Canopies To Tell Your Whimsical Tale

A very recent wedding trend that has surfaced in the past 2-3 years is having canopies as seating or lounge arrangements. These canopies are uber-cool and if matched with the right colours, it will give a very whimsical vibe to your mehendi or Shaadi function.

Floral Hangings

Floral hangings look so delicate and pleasing to the eyes that you have to have these at your wedding. If you have a bunch of these hangings, you’re good to go guys. And, let’s not forget that the colour palette you have, to play with, is simply gorgeous.  

Source Pinterest

Stunning Installations

We have witnessed some of the real weddings have enchanting installations in pretty hues of peach (mostly made out of flowers). Have them at your entrance or simply at the photo booth to take your wedding up a notch. 

Dreamcatchers For Only Good Vibes

Said to chase away your nightmares and get a hold of only good thoughts, dreamcatchers can be a nice addition to your wedding decor. Something as charming and soft as a dreamcatcher looks super appealing only in soft colours, so if you’re confused about where else to incorporate the colour peach then this is the one item you can’t miss! 

Hashtag Displays

Having a hashtag for your wedding has become such an integral part right from the wedding planning till the photos don’t go up on your social media platforms. That’s how people identify your wedding. Make use of the colour peach by putting it in your hashtag displays. The hashtag displays are supposed to be huge so everybody will notice it! 

Tree Decorations

Guys if you are planning to tie the knot at a farm or someplace open then there are bound to be trees. Why not cover these up with something peach? You can always find the right terrarium or maybe even make it a peach wish tree!


Whether we talk about the entrance or at the vidai or even at the corners of your wedding venue, candles will be present. These make a wonderful decor element and cost next to nothing. Incorporate your fav colour peach and let the candles do their magic. 

Table Decor To Have Food In Style

The easiest way to include peach in your wedding decor would be by getting all your tables covered with a mesmerizing shade of peach tablecloth or adding some element or the other in your decor for the table. Whether it’s the usual sitting table or the standing one, make use of peach. I’m telling you all, it’s so much better than using those typical 2-3 shade options. 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Food Stalls

Another great place to include the colour peach is where the food stalls are set up. Whether you’re using peach for the food utensils or the drapes to cover this area, peach is a must-have!

Paper Decoration

The paper decoration is very quirky and dainty. It’s a small detail compared to many elements at your wedding but when noticed, this is what is the most interesting. Get ‘peachy’ in your paper decoration and let the colour work beautifully on its own. 

Stage Backdrop

There’s nothing prettier at a wedding than the floral wall or a beautiful drape backdrop (of course not more than our bride) so you have to make sure that you opt for the right colours. It shouldn’t be a colour that merges with you and your soon-to-be husband’s outfits or the photos will be disastrous. If you guys are going with dark colour outfits then soft coloured flowers like a mix of peach and white can do wonders. But if you still want dark colour elements then peach also complements red roses well. 

Floral Aisle

Isn’t there something magical about an aisle that leads up to the mandap? Even though we adopted this wedding trend from the West, a floral aisle does look stunning at an Indian wedding. Make your floral aisle from peach flower petals and get that soft wedding vibe that you always wanted! 

Phoolon Ki Chaadar

Phoolon ki chaadar makes a bridal entry very special and shandaar. This is one of the most important moments at every single wedding so make sure you choose something complimenting your wedding lehenga. Going with pastels or soft hues? Then peach comes handy here too y’all! 

Photo Booths To Get The Ultimate Photos

Everybody has a photo booth at their weddings nowadays. After all, these are necessary for those wedding photos which you’ll see later and reminisce that perfect day. Have some elements in peach and go with some other colour to blend well with it to have a kick-ass photo booth.  


So which was your favourite decor option? Tell us HERE!

25 Ways To Add Peach Colour In Your Wedding Decoration

by Shweghna Gursahaney

25 Ways To Add Peach Colour In Your Wedding Decoration