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South Indian weddings are full of rituals and traditions that carry deep meaning for the couple. One such is the Pasuppu Kotadam. This ritual kicks off the wedding celebrations. The entire house is cleaned and decorated, and guests are invited to participate. The women of the house take a mortar and pestle and grind the turmeric that is to be later used for the mangalasnanam ceremonies later on in the festivities. It is a deeply significant ceremony, for the women and relatives of the prospective bride/groom take turns to grind the turmeric. In doing so, they bless the powder that would, later on, be used during the pellikuthuru (for the bride) and pellikoduku (for the groom) ceremonies.

It is a time for families to come together and bless the holy union. It is also a time for cheeky brides to take goofy pictures. And we are here for the love and fun, both! Check out some of these heartwarming images from the Pasuppu Kotadamn ceremonies.

Best Pasuppu Kotadam Images 

1. Just Checkin'

This bride is checking to make sure everything is okay!

2. Swagalicious

The bride to be giving us a darling pose with the traditional pestle for the ceremony!

Source art capture

3. Queen of the Pestle

This bride to be is ready to slay some turmeric bulbs!

4. Sibling Love

Singlings lending a hand for the upcoming wedding!

Source Pintrest

5. Sisters Before Misters

The sister helps the bride to be in the ceremony!

Source Pintrest

6. Joint Effort

When the whole family comes together for love!

7. Happy Smile

The smile that marks the beginning of joyous festivities!

Source Wedberry

8. Together Soon

Improvising on tradition, the couple lend a hand to the festivities.

Source Pintrest

9. Elegant Beginning

The bride to be is all smiles to begin the new chapter in her life!

Source Pintrest

10. Got your Back!

Sisters work the best together!

Source Pintrest

11. Mirror Image

Friends first, brides later! Prospective brides-to-be lend a helping hand.

Source Pintrest

12. Future Prospects

The future bride dons a shy smile as she grinds the turmeric for her big day!

Source Pintrest

13. Beauty Divine

When the bride can't contain her joy, she is the most beautiful!

14. Bond of Love

Siblings participating with love!

Source Pintrest

Final Words

Rituals and traditions give meaning to our life and Pasuppu Kotadam brings families together to kick off the wedding festivities. We are amazed at the love in these images.


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15+ Pasuppu Kotadam Images That Are Heartwarming!

by Maggie S.

15+ Pasuppu Kotadam Images That Are Heartwarming!