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Pastel-themed wedding decorations have become the latest fad in Indian wedding scenes and for all the right reasons! Most millennial couples are vouching for gorgeous pastel hues for the inherent elegance and sophistication they lend. These soft & sublime colours merge pretty well together giving an elegant and cohesive look to your wedding. And we couldn't help but agree after we spotted some gorgeous pastel themed weddings featuring breathtaking mandaps, larger-than-life stages, striking sitting lounges and some phenomenal table settings. While most of them were drenched in hues of baby pinks and ivories, there were some that incorporated powder blues, lavenders, peaches, turquoise and other unique hues.

So, if you're yet to finalize on a color palette for your wedding, you should definitely give these scintillating pastel decor ideas a look. Down here, we've enlisted some of the best pastel themed wedding decorations. Give them a thorough look and take as much inspiration as you can!

Latest Pastel Themed Wedding Decor Ideas

1. The magic of multi-hued drapes

These whimsical sitting lounges draped in subtle hues of pinks, ivories and oranges look beyond beautiful!

2. A unique dome-like installation

Never knew pastel-themed wedding decorations were a thing to fancy until we came across this magnificent installation. (*So Satisfying!*)

3. A quirky bohemian mehndi setup

Pastel colors like baby pinks, powder blues and whites gave this Coachella themed Mehndi a stunning makeover. Also, not to miss out on those cutesy dreamcatcher adornments!

Source Lee & Mi

4. A sit-down brunch decor

This sit-down brunch beautifully decked up with printed buntings, light-hued drapes, rustic rugs and some colorful cushions is so graceful and unique.

Source Event Tadka

Source Event Tadka

5. Turquoise & Ivory for the win!

Can't finalize on a color palette for your day wedding? Go for a captivating combination of turquoise and white. It can add the right amount of elegance and charm to your otherwise simplistic wedding.

Source Tanvi & Co.

6. A refreshing pool party decor

Decorated with elegant blue and ivory drapes along with a beauteous floral wreath, this pool party was nothing short of beautiful.

7. Perfect play of pastels for the lounges

Talk about pastel-themed wedding decorations and this one had to be in our list! We love how beautifully this sitting area was completed with pastel-hued linens, drapes and some metallic flowers.

8. A soothing combination of green and white!

While searching for some latest pastel-themed wedding decorations, we stumbled upon these striking canopies adorned with green & white drapes. And we must say it's a treat to the eyes!

9. An overdose of pink.

We are majorly hearting over this phenomenal pastel-themed wedding decor curated with loads and loads of cherry blossom trees, fancy chair arrangements and a floral mandap so pretty!

10. Such a surreally beautiful Mehndi decor!

If you don't want to go too OTT with your Mehndi decor, then this simplistic one featuring a Morrocan backdrop, a comfy sofa seating and some pink and blue flower arrangements is a must save for you!

11. Hues of pink combined for a wedding decor

A magical floral ceiling and remarkable table settings together make for a beguiling wedding decor idea and this picture is proof!

12. Lavender is for decor too!

After ruling the bridal fashion scenes, the colour lavender has paved its way into wedding decorations too and we're totally loving it! Just look how beautiful this pink and lavender-hued entrance is!

13. An all-ivory mandap

Wish to play your decor game strong? Then swear by this dreamy floral mandap fully bedecked with white flowers. 

14. A perfect splash of colours

When drapes in yummy hues are bundled together for wedding decor, you can't expect it to look anything short of magical.

15. The unparalleled charm of blush pink 

Gobs of blush pink flowers along with svelte blush pink drapes can lend your mandap an enchanting look.

16. Some peachy elegance!

An oh-so-stunning beachside wedding decor curated with peachy drapes, dome-shaped mandap and spectacular flower arrangements.  

17. A yet another splendid sit-down decor!

This multicoloured drape ceiling etched with dainty bulb strings looks so eye-pleasing. Would you like to pick it for your Sangeet?

Source Eventures

Source Eventures

18. For the love of subtle hues!

If you're someone who instantly goes mad over the sight of blush pink floral installations, we've got something to suit your tastebuds. Here's a wedding decor that boasts of blush pink roses, white hydrangeas, pale peach drapes and some vintage chairs.

19. One-of-a-kind heart-shaped entrance.

This scintillating heart-shaped entrance decor created using white and pink flowers is truly what dreams are made of!

20. Say yes to wedding decor blues!

Bored of mainstream white and pink pastel-themed decorations? How about you infuse the magic of powder blue drapes into your outdoor wedding? Take some inspiration from this bewitching blue setup!

Source Pink Palki

21. A beauteous stage painted in hues of pink and white

Here's an uber chic wedding brimming with pastel sumptuousness and warm lighted hues that will fill your hearts with absolute joy.

22. A pastel-themed Anand Karaj wedding

Isn't this whimsical Anand Karaj mandap prettified with a plethora of multi-hued blooms and lush greens worth taking inspiration from?

23. Let warm hues takeover!

Warm lighting, peachy draped ceiling and those huge floral chandeliers are adding all the glitz and glam to this beautiful wedding decor.

Source Tanvi & Co.

24. A dreamy Candyland themed Mehndi

Blush pinks, lavenders, peaches and turquoise were all incorporated into this fancy Candyland themed Mehndi and we're rooting for it!

25. Add a pop of glimmer to your pastel setup!

For a night wedding, you can opt to go for a pastel decor but with a hint of glimmer and shine, just how you see in this picture. This beautiful wedding decor is an amalgamation of lacey ceilings, huge chandeliers, splendid chair arrangements and some fairy lights.

26. Drape it away!

Can't decide what would your pastel-themed wedding decor look like? Here's some gorgeous play of peach and turquoise drapes that is sure to get you swooning and brim you with all the needed inspo!

27. A stupendous Anand Karaj wedding

We are totally head over heels by this pastel themed wedding decor done for an Anand Karaj wedding. The lovely sit-down arrangement and the floral mandap together look aesthetically pleasing.


Are you planning to go pastel with your wedding decor too? Share with us in the comments.

25+ Pastel Themed Wedding Decorations that are Way Too Pretty!

by Anupriya Khanna

25+ Pastel Themed Wedding Decorations that are Way Too Pretty!