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Finally, it's official brides that The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue & we can't keep CALM! A colour that signifies the sky at dusk, classic blue is something we've seen a tonne of times in weddings before and we are super-excited to see this colour make a comeback this year. Furthermore, it symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth, making it the ideal choice to be a part of your big day. You can go all the way and set your entire theme to Classic Blue or choose certain elements in this colour to incorporate in your wedding. From decor to fashion and even the bridal makeup, we've listed out all the features aka Pantone shade in wedding that can be utilised in your wedding in this shade of colour.

So, say goodbye to last year's favourite Living Coral and say hello ladies to our favorite color of the year, Classic Blue!  

How To Use The Pantone Colour of The Year 2020 (Classic Blue) in Your Wedding! 

#1 Decor

We've already told you how Classic Blue is going to be one of the trending colours in wedding decor in 2020. And there's no doubt that this regal colour is perfect for both day and night-time functions. You can easily incorporate this colour in either backgrounds and tents or use them to embellish your seating areas (as cushions, table runners, fabrics & curtains). In fact, the versatility of this colour allows you to use it either in a formal setting or a more casual and fun quirky setup. Our favourite way of using Classic Blue in wedding decor would be in the form of large tassels and hanging floral ceiling decor that is sure to add a flare of this colour to any occasion. 

#2 Invites

Whether you like them regal and OTT or simple yet quirky, wedding invites are a quintessential part of any wedding. But we assure you that a classic blue invite is the perfect and not so basic 'shaadi ka card'. For all the couples planning to have a sumptuous wedding, a classic blue coloured invite (or invitation box) will not only seem more welcoming but is also a great way to symbolise your upcoming union. We suggest you get water-coloured invites with a white background so that the shade of blue truly shines in its full glory. Or if you're looking for something heavier, then go in for a Classic Blue invitation box embellished with either golden or silver work. Trust us, a Classic Blue invite will never disappoint!

Invites by BE JALEBI, Delhi

#3 Bridal Outfits

Wondering how to use Pantone shade in wedding? Classic Blue is this year's colour and even the most famous wedding designers have embraced it. This colour has poppoed up here and there in weddings before, with even gorgeous brides donning on blue lehengas for their wedding festivites. We predict that this year, elements of Classic Blue will not only showcase themselves in sangeet and mehendi outfits, but also in wedding lehengas.


When it comes to bridal lehengas, the ways in which you can style in some Classic Blue are endless. You can either choose to drape a beautiful sheer dupatta in Classic Blue with your dull gold wedding lehenga, or go full extravagant and wear an entirely Classic Blue lehenga with silver or golden embroidery. And if you're not in the mood for heavily embellished works, then a funky, off beat short lehenga is always a go to option!

Source anitadongre

Source Axioo Bali


Classic Blue sarees are as regal as it gets. If you're looking for a more subtle option, then choose a simpler silk saree with motifs embroidered or painted on it. But if you're looking to glam it up then go in for a shimmery Classic Blue saree that will ensure that all eyes are on you!


Whether it's an anarkali or a salwar kameez, bridal suits will never out of fashion. They make excellent outfit options for functions like sangeet, reception and mehendi parties. In fact, Classic Blue suits look so breezy and are always so easy to manage, that you'll want to add classic blue suits to your ensemble for sure!

#4 Bridal Jewellery

We know what you're thinking, brides! A Classic Blue in Kundan and Polki jewellery? Impossible! However, that's totally the opposite. Most bridal jewellery made from kundan or polki come stone work at the ends. You can choose to wear a set that has elements of Classic Blue in them or jewellery like meenakari, gemstones, kundan and polki can be found with a touch of this shade of blue. And, if you cannot find a ready-made set, then there is always the option to customise it as it will make you stand out as a bride and win hearts everywhere with this offbeat choice! Also, whether you're looking for a mathapatti, bridal choker, raani haar or earrings we got you covered girl! 

Source nazeejewels

#5 Bridal Footwear

Use of Pantone shade in wedding footwear is neither hard to find, nor that difficult to pull off. This shade of blue is probably one of the first colours of heels a girl purchases. Our history with this colour is so near and dear that opting to wear it on your wedding is nothing surprising. You can either choose to style yourself in some amazingly bedazzled pumps or go in for some comfortable yet designer juttis. 

Source houseofvian

Source etsyin

#6 Bridal Makeup

We know blue is gamble when it comes to makeup for brides. However, this cool toned makeup colour looks ravishing on them. You can go ahead and do a full tantalising smokey eyes with blue or choose to add a blue eyeliner to your look, we assure you this colour will never disappoint. In fact, if you don't want to gamble with your face painted in blue, then go ahead and get your nails done in this shade with a mix of other colours like white or silver. Trust us, a Classic Blue makeup feature will not only bring your beauty forward but add a glow to your face, making your makeup as memorable as it can be. 

#7 Bridal Accessories

From floral hathphools to clutches, brides are decked up in accessories from head to toe. Classic Blue makes a fantastic choice for any of the accessories that you carry. You can add a hairclip to your hairstyle in this colour, or choose yourself a blue coloured chooda, ditching the same old red chooda for something more unique. This alluring colour is sure to add stars to your outfit when paired with an accessory in its shade. 

Source Pinterest

Source Amazon

Source etsyin

Source ellysphoto

Source Studiospart

#8 Groom's Outfit

Honestly, we're always drooling over dapper looking grooms who go ahead and opt for a colour of sherwani other than gold or silver. The most fantastic thing about this colour is how balanced grooms looks no matter what other colours they pair a blue sherwani with. Classic Blue sherwanis are a stunning choice for grooms, as this colour brings out their robust charm and gives them an awe-inspiring aura. 

Source anitadongre

#9 Groom's Footwear

A Classic Blue footwear for the groom is never a bad choice. Different, but never wrong. This extraordinary colour can be found in mojris or formal oxfords. When added to a groom's outfit, they're the perfect accessory that complete the entire wedding look. Include Pantone Shade Of The Year in your wedding footwear and thank us later, guys! 

Source Shoeman&Co

#10 Food Menu

From cakes to cocktails, there are plentiful options where classic blue can be added to jazz up your wedding food menu. You may be a minimal cube shaped cake person, or a OTT fancy bar service kinda person, but we assure you this colour is what you need in your weddings. It'll surely be a unique yet impressive element to add to your food menu. Imagine the look on your guest's faces when blue coloured food is brought out to them! Totally UNIQUE! 

Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest


Have you begun bookmarking all things Classic Blue yet? If not, what are you waiting for!?

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