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Pakistani bridal fashion is in a class of its own. It has a unique old-world charm to it that we are all attracted to. From elegant suits to alluring embellished lehengas, you will find yourself swimming in the most mesmerising bridal wear outfit options once you tap into the world of Pakistani bridal fashion. Pakistani bridal wear designers are pure genius.

Let's get to know some of the brilliant Pakistani bridal wear designers who have won our hearts with their enchanting bridal outfits!

Pakistani Bridal Wear Designers 

1. Bunto Kazmi

The legendary Bunto Kazmi is the most well-known name when it comes to Pakistani bridal fashion. Her style is elegant with just the right amount of drama. Bunto Kazmi is loved for her red bridal outfits but she also does some striking jewel tones as well. She does exceptionally precious fabric and design which cannot be replicated. 

2. Hassan Shehryar Yasin

Hassan Shehryar Yasin or as we endearingly call him HSY is respected in the industry for his haute couture. His style is glamorous and timeless. HSY is inspired by the spiritual beauty of his ancestry and it reflects beautifully in his work. If you want a traditional and luxurious bridal outfit, you must check out HSY. 

3.  Faraz Manan

Faraz Manan is a true visionary when it comes to bridal fashion. His style is classic yet understated and that is the beauty of it. We adore him for his delicate pastel outfits. It is outstanding how he plays with threadwork, layers, and fusion tailorings. His bridal outfits are every contemporary bride's dream. 

Source Faraz Manan

4. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha rules rich details and structured draping in Pakistani bridal fashion. His style is luxurious and vibrant. He loves colours and it shows in his perfectly crafted bridal wear. His work is inspired by art and literature and you are sure to love his designs if you want to get a bridal outfit which has an heirloom feel to it. 

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5. Ali Xeeshan

Ali Xeeshan is the beautifully eccentric mastermind of Pakistani bridal fashion. His style is dramatic and opulent. We love how he adds an edge to traditional styles. Ali Xeeshan's bridal outfits stand out because of their unique colors and seriously stunning designs perfect for a bride who is not afraid to be herself. 

Source Ali Xeeshan

6. Khadija Shah

Khadijah Shah, celebrated for her brand Elan, is the queen of elaborate Pakistani bridal outfits. Her style is decadent and timeless. Her motifs, embellishments and embroidery are all one of a kind with luxurious feminine themes. Khadijah's bridal outfits have an unprecedented quality which explains their popularity. 

Source Élan

7. Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari's colourful Pakistani bridal outfits are exquisite. His style is vibrant and royal. The glamour that Nomi Ansari's bridal outfits have a unique weight to them. His embellishments are as intricate and vivid as it gets. A bride who wants to wear a fusion of traditional and contemporary outfits would love Nomi Ansari's work. 

Source Nomi Ansari

8. Tena Durrani

Tena Durrani's vivacious Pakistani bridal outfits represent culture and tradition like no other. Her style is modern and elegant. The floral borders and the use of sequins, crystals nakshi and stones in her bridal outfits are simply adorable. If you want a fresh yet classic bridal outfit, you must look into Tena Durrani's work. 

9. Fahad Hussayn

Fahad Hussayn is all about infusing many pretty colours in his lavish bridal outfits and is a cherished Pakistani bridal fashion designer. His style is exuberant and ornate. He believes in fine quality outfits that look and feel the same over the years and delivers exactly that. If you want a vibrant bridal outfit with a royal feel, you will love Fahad Hussayn's outfits. 

10. Maria B

Maria B's fashion philosophy is all about originality, improvement and constant change. Her style is elegant and modern. She believes in the perfect fusion of east and west and her work is mainly inspired by her family. She does a wide range of bridal wear where there is a bridal outfit for all types of women, from minimalist to maximalist. 

Source Maria B.

Source Maria B.

11. Nida Azwer

Nida Azwer's bridal outfits are no less than a work of art. Her style is classic and vintage. Inspired by local Pakistani artisans, Nida Azwer generously incorporates traditional styles into her often contemporary designs. She only uses pure fabrics for her outfits which explains their rich and fine nature. 

Source Nida Azwer

12. Zara Shahjahan

Zara Sahjahan's bridal outfits are brimming with history and culture in the most beautiful way possible. Her style is vintage and luxurious. She is loved for the authentic Gara embroidery that she does in her outfits. When it comes to colours, Zara Sahjahan offers everything from pastels to reds. You are sure to be mesmerized by her intense yet delicate art. 

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#HiddenGems: Pakistani Bridal Wear Designers That We Are Totally Smitten By

by Pratiksha Pandey

#HiddenGems: Pakistani Bridal Wear Designers That We Are Totally Smitten By