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Gone are the days when couples had to have a wedding just as they took place for decades. In today’s time, every couple wants to have a wedding that defines them and their relationship. And, out of these couples we also have a few lovebirds who love making a statement and want to stand out by opting for non-traditional ideas. This can range from a unique bridal entry to even opting for the colour white as the bridal outfit.

So, if you too want to explore non-traditional wedding ideas, scroll below and read some of the ones we found and think might work for you guys!

Check Out These Non Traditional Wedding Ideas

1. Have Your Dog Involved Anywhere & Everywhere

A non-traditional idea for Indian society, but an easily doable is having your four-legged friend involved in your wedding festivities. Make your pet walk with you for your bridal entry or simply make them the ring bearer!

This is an idea that will stand out and will help you make a statement on your big day!

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2. Brides Can Skip Entering in a Phoolon ki Chaadar

If the phoolon ki chaadar concept does not resonate with you when it comes to your bridal entry, then simply skip it. Make your bridal entry on a horse or simply come dancing in if that’s what your heart desires!

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3. Take as Much Inspo as You Can From the West

The easiest way to incorporate non-traditional wedding ideas is by taking inspiration from the West. From having wedding vows, and toasts from friends to Victorian decor, there’s so much you can do that is not necessarily traditional but is for sure statement enough!

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4. Personalise Everything to the T

Another seamless way to make a statement at your wedding is by staying true to yourself and your story. Incorporate elements from your beautiful love story in the decor, theme, and even your bridal outfit!

While it isn’t traditional, it will become huge!

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5. Involve Your Guests in Fun Activities

If you want colour smoke bombs at the time of your varmala exchange or want them to ring bells when your pheras are done, why not include all your guests in these fun activities? While it does sound unconventional and non-traditional, your guests will love this idea and will feel included!

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6. Opt for a Unique Color for Your Bridal Outfit

Lately, brides have started experimenting a lot with their bridal looks especially the colours of their bridal outfits. So, if you are bored of the quintessential bridal colours like pink and red, we recommend going for something unique like ivory, blue, yellow, or even green for D-day!

Not only will it scandalize the aunties but you’ll be the talk of the town! ;)

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7. Have Unconventional Food on the Menu

Everything that you and your other half love eating should be included in your wedding food menu. Ditch those traditional dishes for the things you guys love. Of course, you’ll be ruffling feathers by doing so but at the end of the day, it's your special day and your guests need to make peace with this non-traditional idea!

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Which non-traditional idea did you like the most? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Non Traditional Wedding Ideas for Couples Who Want to Make a Statement on the Big Day!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Non Traditional Wedding Ideas for Couples Who Want to Make a Statement on the Big Day!