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Honestly, we're all well aware of how busy brides-to-be are that they sometimes forget to pay attention to little details like accessories that will amp up their entire ensemble. And that's completely alright! After all, the whole wedding prep can be such a hassle sometimes that forgetting tiny details is normal. And that is why we're here for you!

Often forgotten about until the very last moment is an accessory that we think makes or breaks a look- the hathphool. Haathphools have always been a big favourite of both brides and bridesmaids. However, we often see people moving towards floral haathphools to wear during their mehendi or haldi. Well, we're here to remind you that haathphools aren't just made of flowers, but also of various jewels and metals that can amplify your bridal look immensely. 

Want to take a look for yourself? Scroll down and check out some amazing non-floral haathphool designs that just hit different!

Gorgeous Non-Floral Haathphool Designs

1. An Over The Top Pearl & Gold Haathphool

Honestly, we love OTT jewellery! This haathphool has our hearts with all the gold accents and the pearl strings that cover the back of the hand entirely. 

2. Whimsical Haathphool All In Gold

A handmade hand harness with five unique rings and delicate chain detailing. This haathphool is literally 'the flower of the hand'. We're swooning over this strikingly beautiful piece of jewellery

Source Olio

3. Borla Design Haathphool For The Contemporary Bride

This edgy, modern design in rose gold, pearls and small kundans is the perfect fit for a contemporary bride. The Borla legacy hand harness is sophisticated and unique. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the hand harness is reminiscent of the classic elegance of a vintage heirloom piece passed through generations.

4. Something Minimal & Traditional 

Nothing beats a simple, traditional piece like this one with kundans and red rubies encased within a bright gold frame that delicately adorns the hand in the most impeccable way possible. 

5. This Star-Shaped Haathphool Is Absolute LOVE!

We're all fans of star-shaped jewellery. This traditional haathphool with star-shaped designs in the centre and around the cuff is absolutely gorgeous. 

6. Get Yourself A Bedazzeled Haathphool 

This gold toned kundan haathphool with pearls is an absolute stunner. 

Source Jaypore

7. Nothing Beats This Beautiful Trendsetting Piece

Your bridal look is incomplete without our decadent hathphool. Honestly, this piece is perfect for a cocktail night to pair with a jazzy outfit. 

8. This Haathphool Is Chunky And An Absolute Mood

A regal piece from Odette's catalogue, this beautiful haathphool would make for a perfect addition to your wedding day jewellery

9. A Dainty Pearl Encrusted Haathphool 

For the more low-key functions, this dainty haathphool, or something similar along the lines, would be a great part of your bridal trousseau

10. The Stunning Lophornia Bird Motif Haathphool

Whimsical and bold, this adornment exudes an unforeseen charm. The lavish use of a luscious long chain made in 22-carat gold plating claps the ring firmly with the hand harness. And the bird motif is a timeless piece. 

11. A Fabulous Gota Patti Haathphool 

Made with captivating gotapatti and other colourful embellishments, this haathphool is the perfect jewellery for a fun mehendi look. This multicoloured haathphool has us awestruck!

Source Fooljhadi

12. Who Doesn't Love A Dash Of Colour!

Every bride needs a statement jewellery piece that can make her stand out at every function of her wedding. This green and white haathphool have won us over with its exuberating charm. 

13. Dose Of Whimsy Haathphool

Being one of the most coveted jewellery pieces, haathphools are something that is loved by every Indian bride. Intricate gold designs surrounded by clusters of pearl, this haathphool is the embodiment of prosperity and youth for a bride. 

Source Zariin

14. A Vibrant & Eye-Catching Hand Harness

Vibrant, eye-catching & and eccentric, this hand hugger is a delightful combination of our favourite flower motifs. Wear it to quirk up traditional attire or add an element of surprise to a classic piece!

Source And Also


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14+ Stunning Non-Floral Haathphool Designs For The New Age Brides!

by Shivani Singh

14+ Stunning Non-Floral Haathphool Designs For The New Age Brides!