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Everything about Maharashtrian weddings is spectacular. Right from their vivid traditions to their vibrant outfits, everything has a different vibe about them that sets them apart. One of the most interesting and colourful things to witness at a Maharashtrian wedding that we just cannot get over is the beautiful nauvari saree adorned by the lovely brides. The Nauvari saree gets its name from its length. Nauvari means nine. A normal saree is about 5.5-6 yards but a traditional nauvari saree is of nine yards which makes it unique. It is draped in 'Kashta' style meaning the border is tucked in the back at the waist. 

What makes the Nauvari saree even more special is the style of draping. During the Maratha rule, warrior women used to ride horses and participate in wars. They were the ones who introduced this style of saree draping which resembles a lot like a male dhoti. Hence, the nauvari saree provides the perfect comfort to carry out such activities. Moreover, Maharashtrian brides wear the Nauvari saree for their wedding rituals accompanied by a shela which is a silk scarf. The shela is taken on the shoulders and then wrapped around the hands and that is how this type of saree sets apart a Maharashtrian bride from the rest.

So, get ready to bookmark these beautiful nauvari sarees that we spotted on real Maharashtrian brides! 

Beautiful Nauvari Sarees Spotted On Real Brides

An enchanting yellow nauvari saree which looks exceptionally beautiful 

Weddings and yellow colour go hand-in-hand. Yellow is the colour that symbolises prosperity and festivities. And when it’s your wedding day, what’s better than adorning a bright yellow nauvari saree that will make you look like a princess. These brides chose the stunning yellow nauvari saree and we are totally in awe of their simplicity and how effortlessly beautiful they look on their d-day. A hint of a different hue here and there or a monochrome look, whichever you decide, both will look equally gorgeous. 

A blue nauvari saree that will make you look nothing less than the royalty

The Maratha queens were known for their bravery and valour and that quality still reflects. These Maharashtrian brides decided to wear a royal blue nauvari saree for their wedding day. We have to say, if there is any word that describes these brides perfectly, it has to be ravishing. They look nothing less than a queen in these blue nauvari sarees. They give us the perfect #maharanivibes with their stunning ensemble. 

Source JP Studios

Traditional red nauvari sarees that are BEAUTY!

If there is one thing that is common to weddings in India, it has to be the rich, traditional red colour. From north to south and from east to west, red is one such colour that can be spotted at almost every wedding. Our Marathi brides are not behind as they are slaying in beautiful red nauvari sarees for their big day. These Maharashtrian brides in red are giving us major goals as they are carrying themselves with so much ease and elegance. Don't agree? Take a look...

Source Sayli Girme

A popping purple that is stunning

If you are a fan of jewel tones, we are sure that you will fall in love with these striking purple nauvari sarees at first glance. These Maharashtrian brides are a classic example of modernity balanced perfectly with traditions. They look so stylish yet ooze a different kind of elegance that is compared to none. Purple is such a versatile colour that it blends with other hues in the most sophisticated manner, be it yellow, pink or even green. Check out these brides who are giving us major inspiration in their purple nauvari sarees.

Giving the conventional nauvari saree a modern twist (We like it!) 

We love how our millennial brides mix and match a traditional saree with a modern twist. This bride wore a classic nauvari saree in blazing pink where she ditched her conventional shela made of silk fabric and instead chose the green one made of a different fabric. We love how the combination of two different fabrics, the nauvari saree and the shela, work brilliantly with each other. 

A nauvari saree in metallic? Sure, why not! 

Ever seen a nauvari saree in metallic shades? We hadn’t until we came across this beautiful bride. She adorned a spectacular, unique combination of green and purple metallic nauvari saree and left us wanting for more. The metallic saree is scintillating and will make any bride shine on her d-day. This Pinterest-worthy nauvari saree deserves all the attention of our to-be-brides. 

An unconventional pink that has left us swooning

Who even thought that brides can look so gorgeous in an unconventional pink nauvari saree that they decided to adorn on their wedding day. We are in awe of their choice cos they look so chic yet so trendy in the pink nauvari saree. And well, we have to agree that pink makes them glow.

Also, did you notice the bright purple shela that is in contrast with the baby pink saree, it looks so pretty.  

Source Pinterest

Falling in love with these classic green nauvari sarees

Let’s be honest, a timeless green nauvari saree is unbeatable. Green, which is another one of our favourite traditional colours looks bewitching on a bride. And when a Maharashtrian bride decides to wear a green nauvari saree it is beautiful beyond words. It instantly takes the whole look a notch higher and we are crushing over these beautiful green nauvari sarees for sure. 

The striking shela steals the show

While we were busy noticing the beautiful nauvari sarees, this bride came and stole the show with her oh-so-stunning orange metallic shela. Her shela is so gorgeous that we couldn’t take our eyes off from her. Paired with a simple purple nauvari saree, her shela is the one that grabbed all the eyeballs. The striking combination of purple and orange is to die for. Save this one ladies. ;)

A simple saree with a multi-coloured border speaks elegance

We are big fans of minimalism. And this bride has raised the bar high with her minimalistic Marathi look. This Maharashtrian bride opted for a simple red saree and amped up the look with a double border in multi-colour. And the way it is draped makes that border pop, even more, giving a wonderful look.  

A white nauvari saree that is just Gorgeous!

While we were swooning over all these bright coloured nauvari sarees, these in white came like a whiff of fresh air. These brides made sure to leave us awestruck with an off-beat white colour for a nauvari saree. And white being such a pretty colour, it blends beautifully with every other colour and the combination is a total winner.

Source Karuna

A refreshing lime green that is so unique

The bride in lime green nauvari saree is one of the best nauvari saree that we spotted on the net. This bride looks fabulous in an unconventional yet vibrant nauvari saree and the bright red shela just stands out. She makes her for an alluring Maharashtrian bride.

Bright orange nauvari saree is complete #bridalgoals

We love bright colours and when they are as bright as the sun, we love it even more. These brides wore a beaming orange nauvari saree that made us go weak in the knees. They kept the look fairly simple and let the colours do the talking. 

A dash of pastel hues makes the bride standout 

These brides went completely off-beat with their choice of nauvari saree in pastel shades. It is a bold move to take this road but needless to say, they nailed every inch of this look. It makes them stand out from the crowd. It's a must save for brides who want to go off-beat with their nauvari saree choice. 

The beauty with the veil is all hearts 

This lovely Maharashtrian bride decided on a mix of traditions when she sported a long veil with her traditional nauvari saree. We have to say, she looks stellar in her wedding ensemble. And the combination of green and pink is just ethereal. 


With a mix of nauvari sarees, right from the traditional to the modern, which one was the most irresistible nauvari saree? Tell us in the comments below. 

Beautiful Nauvari Sarees We Spotted On These Real Maharashtrian Brides!

by Vidhi Gupta

Beautiful Nauvari Sarees We Spotted On These Real Maharashtrian Brides!