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After coming across a gazillion weddings, one thing that we feel should've long gone from Indian weddings are those same old awkward poses photographers make the bride and groom do on their wedding. While we completely understand that you can't do your wedding album without the cliche 'bride posing with her hands on the groom's Varmala' shot or the quintessential photo where the bride rests her head on the groom's shoulder. But you can always balance it well including some fun & quirky poses that capture the real candidness of you two.

And to help you with that, we scooped the internet and found some cute and lovey-dovey poses you can have with your significant other. Pick what best describes the two of you, and make sure your wedding photographer does the needful.

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Adorable Couple Photo Ideas for your Wedding Album

When he helps you doll-up like the princess you are!

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The 'Can't believe, we're married' shot

The hilarious shot which says, 'There's no backing out buddy!'

With a picture perfect setup like this, your photographs can never go wrong

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While he makes your soul dance!

Hugs from behind are the best kind of hugs

While you chit-chat in your happy corner

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Walking hand in hand can never be old school

Source Duke Images

How about adding some melodrama to your pictures?

It's all about those hearty laughs and wide smiles

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Capture the true essence of togetherness

Because sometimes a kiss is worth a thousand words

Don't forget to be playful

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Exchanging your jaimalas with all those giggles and chuckles 

Romancing amidst fairy lights

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Duck kisses are the cutest

Black & White shots have their own magical appeal

Bear Hugs FTW!

The happiness of having someone to lean on for life

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What better way to celebrate than with a splash of water? (And getting it captured!)

The "You're all Mine Now" Forehead kiss

A precious moment when he goes down on his knee to put the ring on

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Capture some cute moments under the dupatta

The 'Tenu Leke Main Jawanga' moment

Source Safarnama

While you dance away the night in love

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Pick a prop and pose around it with your BAE!

When your life partner is also your booze partner

Go the filmy way!

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Pose like the royals do!

The quintessential 'Balle Balle' shot

When he never fails to make you feel like a complete princess

 Those real emotions while exchanging the rings!

When you just can't keep your eyes off him

Source Zohaib Ali

Every guy's face when her bae is taking too long to get ready

Who says a guy can't touch his girl's feet? #MutualRespect

Source Zohaib Ali

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Must-Have Cutesy Couple Photo Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Album

by Anupriya Khanna

Must-Have Cutesy Couple Photo Ideas for a Memorable Wedding Album