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Mehendi is an indispensable part of Indian weddings. So much so, that despite weddings turning lowkey and intimate, this auspicious ceremony is still an integral part of these intimate wedding functions. Now, we've given you inspiration for endless and perfect Mehendi designs for a bride's hands, and even some over the top, stunning foot Mehendi ones. Be it exquisite hand designssplendid designs for your backhands or ringin' in all new trends floating around, our potlis are no less than a Santa's bag, which is always full of new and surprising ideas. But what we're totally in for, this intimate wedding season, are minimal bridal mehndi designs!

They take half as much as time to apply, yet look gorgeous as ever. So, bringing your never-ending search for that 'ideal mehndi design for the feet', we've curated a list of latest and fresh mehndi designs. Scroll down below and get searching for the one that speaks to your heart! 👣👌

43 Minimal Bridal Mehendi Designs For The Feet

Lotus Motif Feet Henna Designs

Recently, the lotus motif has become a prime player in mehndi designs for brides. Whether they're Arabic or simple and quaint designs, the lotus motif mehndi designs are the ideal way to add more charm to your small wedding Mehendi look!

A Simple Yet Elegant Bel Design

Bel designs have long been popular in bridal mehndi, especially for those who're looking for elegant yet simplistic designs that can be carried not just as the bride, but also as the bridesmaids!

Source Hiral Henna

Minimal Floral Feet Mehendi Designs

Floral and trendy mehndi design for brides is probably one of the top choices. After all, who doesn't love flowers? And when ingrained into a gorgeous bridal leg mehndi design, these look fantastic and pleasing to the eye. 

Source Amrin

Mehendi Designs For The Sides Of The Feet

The sides of your feet deserve all the love! And that's why we suggest you choose something along the lines of this, which may look more like an accessory and less like a leg mehndi design on brides. They're modern, unique and beautiful to look at.

Source Hathelii

Source Pinterest

A Uniquely Decorative Leg Mehendi Design

This symmetrical Mehendi design is jaw dropping-ly pretty! This design makes up for one of the best foot mehndi design for brides, that we've seen so far. 

Henna Covered Toes

If you're not looking to cover your entire feet in nets of henna, then you can opt to cover your toes and fingers in light mehndi for your wedding, making it easier for you to move around and enjoy your Mehendi ceremony.

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Mandala Henna Designs For The Feet

Mandala art is an easy leg mehndi design for brides that is quite popular. A rising trend in Mehendi designs is brides getting a mandala made in the centre of their feet, along with quaint designs on their fingers and toes. Mandala styles may be simple, but they look smart, not too extravagant and at the same time, attractive and beautiful in every way possible. Scroll down to bookmark your favourites. 

Source tulasihenna

Leg Mehndi Designs With Jewellery Patterns

Mehndi designs on the feet right around the ankle, resemble anklets or payals. So, if you want to accessorize your look without really adding another trinket, then getting this kind of jewellery mehndi designs on the feet is perfect and stunning. 

Source Henna Belle

Source Amrin

Source hennamrin


Did you bookmark your favourites? Let us know in the comments which kind of henna design you'd like to see next!

43 Minimal Leg Mehendi Designs For Brides Who Loves 'Less is More'

by Shivani Singh

43 Minimal Leg Mehendi Designs For Brides Who Loves 'Less is More'