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In all our years, we've seen such gorgeous and outlandish trends for brides that finding alternatives for bridal Mehendi doesn't even surprise us. If you're busy planning your wedding, and in the middle of creating a unique mood board for your bridal look, then here's a chance to choose something off-beat to complement your look in the best way possible. From glitter embellishments to designed made in lace-like white henna, these new alternatives to your old school Mehendi designs are sure to fascinate you.

As a bride, you may want to stick to traditional Mehendi. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay true to your personal style. And if ditching the traditional Mehendi for an OTT iteration is what may elevate your entire look, then these alternative Mehendi designs are just for you!

Alternative Mehendi Designs For Brides

Weddings of now are all about blending new trends with old traditions. And even though we rarely see much experiment with their Mehendi, many brides in several Indian communities also opt for Malta to adorn their hands and feet for their weddings. However, choosing an alternative Mehendi design is not about just defying or changing the norms. They could also be helpful if your someone not comfortable with Henna, allergic to it, looking for a temporary design for a pre-wedding party or short on time to apply an extensive henna design and wait for it to achieve maximum colour intensity. 

That's why these alternative Mehendi designs can be worth bookmarking for every bride out there. 

Glitter Mehendi

It's not just your bridal lehenga or jewellery that has the right to sparkle on your wedding day. You can add a few not-so-subtle touches with a dash of glitter in your Mehendi design. A spin-off from your conventional brown and red Mehendi design, glitter henna may last for about four-six hours and can be a glamourous addition to your pre-wedding sangeet or bachelorette party! To get yourself a glitter henna design, you can either choose a readily available glitter glue or loose glitter mixed with body glue. The application process remains the same as regular henna. What you have to do is either choose a monotone design or go in for a more rainbow coloured design.

Source gopihenna

Source Pavan Henna

Source hennaiom

White Henna

Honestly, we're in love with white henna. Having come into the public eye due to the rising use of it by celebrities and fashion designers like Antonio Berardi, white henna is a wonderful alternative to regular Mehendi. Made from either cosmetic adhesive used by makeup artists, a water-based gel or even tattoo ink, white henna designs are something that can be made with simple body paint as well. And even though it's applied like traditional Mehendi, it can last between a span of four to five hours, or even up to a week (depending on the material used to make it). The true appeal of white henna lies in the lace-like look it's final design gives, making it the perfect addition to a pastel outfit for brides. 

Source Pavan Henna

Source jeaahenna

Source Divya Patel

Mehendi Tattoos

If convenience is what you're looking for, then there's nothing that beats a wonderful and easy to apply Mehendi tattoo. Mehendi tattoo stickers require no extra effort in coming up with an intricate design and also don't need a lot of time to apply. If you're a bridesmaid or guest who has frequent weddings to attend, then these tattoos can be a great addition to your outfit ensemble. They're not just easy to apply but also easy to get rid of. Apart from varied designs, Mehendi tattoos also come in other options like self-adhesive, waterproof, 3D and glittery stick sons.

Source Pavan Henna

Source asmamehendi

Source swannisaart

Neon Mehendi

True to its name, neon Mehendi designs are glow in the dark options for those who're looking to set a style statement in an evening or night wedding function. This special formula was created by the celebrity henna artist Pavan Dhanjal. Pavan Dhanjal is the holder of the Guinness World Record for being the fastest henna artist, having tattooed 511 armbands in just one hour. The neon Mehendi formula is applied with a regular cone and lasts for about a day. During the day, these colours show up brightly and in the nighttime, these colours glow, ensuring your stand out in a crowd. 

Source Pavan Henna

Source ladyhel


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A Hatke Bride? 4 Amazing Alternatives Of Mehendi For Your Wedding Day!

by Shivani Singh

A Hatke Bride? 4 Amazing Alternatives Of Mehendi For Your Wedding Day!