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Usually worn along the hairline, a matha patti is an elaborated version of a maang tikka. Even though it was formerly a traditional piece of jewellery, but it has become more of a style statement now. Derived from two words; 'Matha' meaning forehead and 'Patti' meaning a strap or a band, the traditional head jewellery—Matha Patti is an integral part of an Indian bride's solah shringar.

With gobs of beautiful designs and patterns available, right from the gorgeous oversized & multi-layered ones to the dainty & lightweight ones, it is hard to not pick one. No wonder brides are religiously swearing by this unique and gorgeous ornament on their D-day. And so should you! These beauties can completely turn around your wedding day look. All you’ve gotta do is pick the one that best suits your personality and team it up with your bridal jewellery.

To make your hunt easier, here we’ve compiled a wide variety of matha patti designs, each one better than the other. Go, get lured and equip yourself with these fancy baubles!

(Disclaimer: Be careful! There are chances that you end up buying more than just one :P)

Beautiful Matha Patti designs for all you to-be Brides

Heavy & Oversized Matha Pattis

~A gorgeous chaandbali matha patti with falling pearl details.

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~A stylish matha patti with pink tourmaline drops.

Source Shahid Naar

~A unique headband matha patti with meenakari work & pristine pearls.

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~An elegant matha patti with pretty leaf motifs and chaandbali tikka.

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~A beautiful matha patti adorned with heavy guttapusalu work.

~An oh-so-gorgeous matha patti for all you contemporary brides.

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~A sparkling polki matha patti with a touch of green.

~A matha patti with borla and crescent-shaped tikka.

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~An offbeat pearl-stranded headband with pretty embellishments.

Source Hazoorilal

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~A multi-stringed polki matha patti.

~A double-layered kundan mathapatti with leaf motifs.

Source Richa Dave

~A not-so-usual plus-shaped matha patti headband.

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~A matha patti with a perfect blend of polki and pearls.

Source Mortantra

~A relatively heavy matha patti for them royal looks.

~A fancy and traditional-looking polki matha patti.

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~The ususal chaandbaali matha patti with pearl droppings.

~The new-age matha patti bejeweled with pearls and polki.

~A royal statement piece done with crystals and pearls.

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~A pretty matha patti with double chaandbaali tikkas.

~A scintillating matha patti with broad bands and intricate embellishments.

~The Ghungroo embellished matha patti with meenakari work.

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~An ethereal matha patti design for some major inspo!

~A perfect mix and match of pearls, pink tourmalines and polki work.

~Headband matha pattis are creating quite some rage.

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~An edgy matha patti with diamond and square shaped motifs.

~A broad matha patti with delicate emerald embellishments.


Dainty & Sleek Matha Pattis

~A double-layered matha patti with pearl and tourmaline hangings.

~A basic borla matha patti.

~A glimmering polki matha patti with pearl highlights.

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~A light-weight mathi patti headband with crescent-shaped tikka.

~A simple yet so elegant leaf motif matha patti.

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~A statement polki matha patti.

~A dainty matha patti with broad bands and a crescent-shaped hanging.

~A delicate chaandballi matha patti with emerald droppings.

~A minimalistic gold and polki matha patti.

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~A fancy multi-stringed matha patti with jhumki adornments.

~An evergreen double-layered polki matha patti with pearl detailing.

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~An all polki matha patti with cutesy polki droppings.

~A classic single-stringed polki matha patti.

~A fanciful double-stranded polki matha patti with a chandballi tikka.

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~An eccentric polki matha patti with a tikka so pretty.

~A perfect choice for brides who by the 'less is more' mantra.

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~A multi-stringed matha patti with an edgy tikka in the centre.

~An exceptionally beautiful matha patti neatly outlined with pearls.

Source Deo Studios

~Yet another unmissable polki matha patti design.

~A multi-stringed temple matha patti with Goddess Laxmi motifs.

~An alluring diamond matha patti with a tear drop tikka.

~A breathtaking matha patti design with elegant ghungroos and leafy patterns.

~An authentic temple matha patti with multiple strings.


Which one will you style with your wedding attire? Let us know in the comments.

45+ Trending Matha Patti Designs worn by Real Brides (All Kinds & Sizes)

by Anupriya Khanna

45+ Trending Matha Patti Designs worn by Real Brides (All Kinds & Sizes)