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Marathi brides have unmatched beauty. There is something about their vibrant nauvari sarees, Maharashtrian naths and their dazzling mundavalya designs that just adds to their charm. To carry the gorgeous Marathi bridal attire and jewellery, one also needs an equally stunning hairstyle.

So, here are some of the most beautiful Marathi bridal hairstyles that you are going to take some major inspo from.


Ravishing Hairstyles For Marathi Brides

Ambada Hairstyle Designs For Marathi Brides 

Ambada hairstyle designs have always been a classic with Marathi bridal looks. With time, Marathi bridal buns or Ambada hairstyles have only gotten prettier. From flowers to jewels, Marathi brides are seen with the most beautifully accessorised buns. The pictures down below have a variety of elaborate and simpler bridal buns

Source Studio 149

Source Studio 149

Source Studio 149

Source Studio 149

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Marathi Bridal Braid Hairstyles

Braids look so cute on Marathi brides! Be it a regular braid adorned with accessories or a bubble braids beautified by real flowers, there are just so many beautiful ways to wear a braid as your bridal hairstyle. The pictures down below have some of the most mesmerising bridal braids that we could find. Pick whichever suits your taste the most for your upcoming Maharashtrian wedding!

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Open Hairstyle Ideas For Marathi Mulgi 

The open hairdo on Marathi brides looks so effortlessly pretty! They bring out your natural beauty and are pretty easy to carry as well. These real brides are the perfect example of how you can go for an open hairstyle on your big day and look absolutely mesmerizing in it! So, go ahead and pick one because it'll suit you!

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50+ Stylish Marathi Bridal Hairstyle Ideas We Found For Marathi Mulgi

by Pratiksha Pandey

50+ Stylish Marathi Bridal Hairstyle Ideas We Found For Marathi Mulgi