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We're always raving about some amazing wedding affair, or a pre-wedding photoshoot, or maybe just a bride's offbeat outfit which catches our attention. But what about the more intimate pre-wedding functions?

It's not just grand scale weddings that have been affected by the global pandemic. Smaller functions like planned Roka ceremony were also put on hold due to the situation. Many couples that had planned for their Roka and engagements during this time were faced with a similar decision to either hold an intimate function or postpone all together. Such was the case of Mandavi and Apoorv. What made their story even more peculiar was the fact that the future bride and groom were almost 500 miles apart!

Even though in such conditions, having a Roka ceremony seems almost impossible, the couple along with their close family and friends made it all possible. And thus came the idea of a Roka ceremony held on the video conference app Zoom. 

Introducing Mandavi and Apoorv's Amazing Virtual Roka 

Mandavi and Apoorv met each other after their father's connected on a matrimonial site. While Apoorv was in Delhi, Mandavi was in Bangalore, and both got talking to each other. From casual conversations to spending hours exchanging words, the couple were soon finding qualities in each other that they'd been seeking in their life partners. Things became even more positive for the duo when Apoorv shifted to Bangalore and they started meeting more frequently. After dating for six months, Apoorv proposed to her and she said yes!

For Mandavi, the idea of a wedding was like any other girls'- a fairytale affair. Unfortunately, she found her special person right around the time the world found COVID-19. So, what initially they had planned to be a grand engagement in Lucknow and an amazing wedding celebration in Jabalpur, had to be changed drastically. But before all of that even happened, the couple had to plan and execute an intimate Roka ceremony. 

So, Mandavi and Apoorv had the most iconic Roka ceremony, carefully planned and executed on the video conference app Zoom!

"Well, it was Apoorv's plan and efforts that helped us to have such a joyful virtual ceremony," revealed Mandavi, "Roka is just a small ceremony with an exchange of pleasantries. But, because it was a virtual event in this case so Apoorv and his brothers planned to add colourful twists to it."

Owing to its to meticulously planned nature, the Zoom Roka ceremony had the following structure:

  • 10 mins - Welcome by commentators
  • 20 mins - Roka formalities
  • 5 mins - Intro to Apoorv and Mandvi
  • 10 mins - Talking to parents
  • 10 mins - 5 Adjectives
  • 10 mins - Readout comments/wishes/AMA
  • 5 mins - Thank You Note by parents
  • Open House

Now, this isn't the only thing that was part of the Roka planning. The couple created a full-on plan, which started with the itinerary, along with the roles assigned to everyone involved in conducting the ceremony, a whole script of the function for the hosts, along with a whole mock drill of checks for everyone that was supposed to be a part of the zoom Roka.

At the backdrop of this video conference styled Roka was a self decorated home on both ends. In attendance were approximately 150 people, 8 in Mandavi's home, 15 at Apoorv's and the rest connected through about 50 systems logged in to watch the entire ceremony. 

The Roka function began with the basic intros followed by the rituals. Following that, they had questionnaires for their parents and the bride and groom to add a lil' more fun and entertainment to the event. The entire roka ended with a beautiful and emotional video prepared by Apoorv's brother, which consisted of his entire family greeting them and showering them with their love and blessing.  

Recalling the entire Roka function to us, Mandavi revealed this, "It brought me joy seeing the way I was welcomed in his family."

Words Of Wisdom From The Bride

Mandavi and Apoorv are set to be married in February. However, unlike the last time, where they had planned a grand engagement in Lucknow and their wedding in Jabalpur, their wedding would be a more intimate affair. Though the venue city has still not been nailed down, they both know for a fact that irrespective of the size of the celebration, it will still be full of grand gestures and happiness on all ends. Being the amazing future bride, Mandavi also left a few words of wisdom for all the other brides to be out there that are struggling to manage and plan their wedding functions these days:

  • Don't stress over the fact that Covid-19 might ruin your dream wedding. Plan well to make your intimate wedding a special one! It should be special for you and your partner.
  • Safety should be one of the priorities.
  • Use this never-before situation to be creative and go wild to create a never-before wedding
  • Few guests mean quality time with your closed one's. Use it to have some on-spot wedding games, potluck for safe home-made food, personalised return gifts etc.

What do you think of this superb Zoom Roka? If you have something similar to share, send us an email at

This Couple Just Had The Most Iconic & Well Planned Roka Over Zoom!

by Shivani Singh

This Couple Just Had The Most Iconic & Well Planned Roka Over Zoom!