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Monsoon weddings have their own whimsical charms. There's nothing more romantic than exchanging your wedding vows at the time of the year when the weather is pleasing and enchanting. However, with monsoons comes humidity. And with humidity comes apprehensions of a monsoon bride's makeup woes. Fortunately, we've teamed up with some of the best MUAs to give you some pro-tips that will ensure the longevity and finesse of your bridal makeup.

Scroll down and check out our best makeup tips that will surely come in handy this monsoon wedding season!

Top Makeup Tips For Monsoon Brides

1. Step Up Your Skincare Game

Most women, in general, tend to skip their skincare in summers and monsoon because they feel like their skin isn't as dry as it is during winters. But don't let the humidity fool you, because a good skincare regime will definitely increase your chances of slaying on your wedding day. From cleaning, toning, moisturising to scrubbing and masking, every step is important to create a good base for your makeup. In fact, MUA Akansha Malik suggests using a sheet mask before you begin your makeup to give your skin a more natural dewy look!

2. Using Waterproof Products Is A Must

Honestly, this one's a no brainer. We're here to remind all brides to choose waterproof makeup products over regular ones, even if it's not a monsoon wedding. Be it rain showers or tears, the waterworks are bound to get flowing, which will create a landslide on your face if you're wearing products that aren't waterproof. 

3. Choose HD Makeup Over Airbrush

Despite what anyone tells you, HD makeup wins over Airbrush makeup on a humid, monsoon day. According to MUA Akansha Malik, HD makeup lasts longer than airbrush makeup and will not oxidise under the sun that easy. And it will give you better coverage. So, if you're hoping your makeup doesn't falter during your monsoon wedding, choose HD Makeup. 

4. Don't Forget That Primer!

The most important thing to keep in mind for flawless makeup is to have a flawless base. Humidity tends to melt your makeup, no matter how much you try to save it. So brides-to-be, ensure that you use a good, oil-free primer that will not only help even out your base but also make sure it stays in place. MUA Kirti Jotwani suggests a quick hack of wrapping ice cubes in a muslin cloth and rubbing it across your face for 7 to 10 minutes before starting your makeup to help deal with sweating caused by humidity. 

5. Water-Based Products & Powders Are Your Besties

According to Zorains Studio, water-based makeup products will be live savers for you this monsoon season. It's best if you avoid cream and oil-based ones, for they tend to last less. Similarly, choose power-based blushes, bronzers and eyeshadows for they're not only waterproof but also last longer than cream-based ones.  

6. Stay Away From Glitter

You don't need a pro to tell you this, but glitter should be avoided during monsoon season. Dhanu Gupta Makeovers reminds all brides to ask their MUAs to give them eye makeup looks without any glitter in them. You can either go in for matte eye makeup looks or if you do want a little bedazzling, then choose a shimmery eyeshadow over glitter. The humidity will not be kind to a glittery makeup look and make a mess for sure. 

Final Words

Monsoon weddings can be extremely fun if you're alright with the humidity. In fact, indoor weddings during monsoons are truly gorgeous. And monsoon brides, especially those who manage to slay their makeup looks, look ethereal! So, if you're a monsoon bride, make sure to utilise these pro makeup tips!


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Top 6 Makeup Tips For Monsoon Brides

by Shivani Singh

Top 6 Makeup Tips For Monsoon Brides