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In their quest for flawless skin to look amazing at every function and in every frame, there is nothing a bride wouldn’t want to try. In fact, one of the most important pre-wedding skincare rituals for any bride is getting a good facial done to get that ‘glowing from within’ look. 

While planning a wedding, brides are often swamped with so much work that their skins become dull and weary. And when it’s a winter wedding, let’s just say the added dryness and irritation do not help anyone’s case. That is exactly why brides should positively opt for a facial treatment that helps ace a flawless look on their big day and beyond. When it comes to the best facial treatments, there is one brand we trust with our eyes closed. And that’s Lotus Professional!

Known for their salon-grade facials that give your skin the kind of attention it requires and deserves, the facials by Lotus Professional are the best way to treat your skin and de-stress before the wedding. So, to help you put your best skin forward on the big day, here are our favourite facials from Lotus Professional. 

Scroll down and check out our recommendations from the Lotus Professional facials catalogue that are sure to win you some points on your wedding day!

Facials By Lotus Professional For That Ultimate Bridal Glow

About Lotus Professional

Lotus Professional is the professional beauty division of the renowned brand Lotus Herbals. A leading cosmetics company based in India, Lotus Herbals is known for providing premium natural skin care products and top-notch beauty services across the country and overseas.

The concept of Lotus Professional is based on formulating potent plant-based skincare solutions using high-quality natural actives. Furthermore, their products are safe and effective, created using vegan-friendly and clinically proven ingredients only. As a Professional Skincare brand, they offer special in-salon treatments and personalized home-care programs.

They trust nature and want to give you the best of it, which is why all their products are formulated using scientifically balanced combinations with fast-acting and non-irritating natural ingredients that can totally transform your skin.

Facials For Brides By Lotus Professional

Modern facials, like the ones by Lotus Professional, combine the hands-on approach with carefully researched ingredients, making them perfect for deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising the skin for a bride’s wedding day. That said, Lotus Professional has a plethora of options available for brides at various salons. However, if you are planning to get a facial that’s from their brand, here are two that we highly recommend:

1. The Ultimo Gold Facial

If you’re looking to experience the ultimate luxury of 24 Karat gold, then the Ultimo Gold Facial should be your number one pick. This facial by Lotus Professional transforms your skin by penetrating to the deepest layers. This in turn accelerates cell renewal and stimulates lymphatic drainage while promoting the clearance of stagnant melanin on the skin to give a healthier, brighter glow. The addition of 24-karat gold rejuvenates the skin, giving it a fresh and healthy glow. Exactly the kind of ethereal glow a bride should rock at her wedding!

2. Preservita Bearberry Marmalade Facial

The Preservita Advanced Fruit Marmalade is a sophisticated mixture made from fruits that were produced using advanced techniques that preserves the fruit’s highly concentrated pure nutrients, enzymes and vitamins. This facial’s unique quality is how it completely revives the skin and allows it to absorb all that fruity goodness to the max! These powerful detoxifiers not only rehydrate the skin but also restore balance and suppleness to dull, lacklustre skin. If you’re looking for something that brightens your skin instantly and makes you look radiant, then this facial by Lotus Professional is for you. 

Final Words

From environmental aggressors to last-minute stressors, there are a lot of factors that can be potentially up against the bride which in turn hamper her skin. However, every bride must take out some time before the wedding and get herself scheduled for facials every month. These facials can not only help you deal with skin issues like pigmentation, acne and irritation but also help calm and correct any new issues bothering you like dryness and dullness. So, don’t forget to get a facial by Lotus Professional on your next salon visit! 

For more info, visit their official website Lotus Professional


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Dull & Dry Skin Bothering You? Lotus Professional Facials Are Your BFFs This Wedding Season!

by Shivani Singh

Dull & Dry Skin Bothering You? Lotus Professional Facials Are Your BFFs This Wedding Season!