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There's more to Valentine's Day than just flowers and chocolates, that's for sure. Now, as much as we like to encourage people to go out on trips on any given occasion, this year, many of us will be sticking close to home for this Valentine's Weekend. While there are date options for Valentine's Night, there are probably some of you looking to utilise this long weekend opportunity to travel. So, why not? Enjoy the fun of planning a future getaway to a seaside destination, or a quaint chilly town, or a mountaintop bed-and-breakfast!

That's why we've rounded up these romantic towns to inspire your wanderlust or, if you happen to live a short drive away, to head to on a romantic Valentine's Day's road trip. Read on for more ideas and to find the perfect romantic destination for your trip for two!

Local Getaways For Valentine's Weekend


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There are only a few places in India where history meets modernity with geography playing a significant backdrop. And Pondicherry is one such place. A quaint coastal town, which was historically known to be a French colony, has always been showered with attention by tourists for its serene beachside view and gorgeous architecture. 

The city is basically your go-to vacation spot if you're looking for a calm and quiet getaway. From eating world cuisines to walking down the beach road and basking the gloriousness of the White Town, there are just so many things you can do in this place! We suggest that if you're looking to kick your feet back and relax, then a two-day vacation to this place is ideal.


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Nashik is a bustling little hub whose main tourist attraction is its temples. Now, we know that sounds less than romantic, but wait till you get to the Sula Vineyards, India's finest wine-producing area!

Laden with awards for its innovative recipes and locally sourced grapes, they’re open to tours and most excitingly, tasting sessions that make for a good base for a weekend trip. Get tipsy with your partner on an informative and aesthetically rewarding evening and who knows the adventures you can lead to in this romantic mystery?


Neemrana is just a hop, skip and jump away from Delhi. A quintessential destination in Rajasthan, you can find absolute calmness here with a given royal touch. 

For couples, here to marvel is the 15th century Neemrana Fort, which is now converted into a heritage resort. Restored in the best possible manner, the fort offers the sweeping view of the higher plain, gardens, and beautiful bits of Rajasthani designs. Apart from the Neemrana Fort, there are many other places that can breathe away like Baori, Bala Quila, and Siliserh Lake. The most romantic thing about visiting Neemrana is leaving behind your mundane life and enjoy a flawless drive up the curved driveway to the majestic, ancient spiked wooden doors.


A necessary romantic destination in the hills, Manali is a place we're all very familiar with. Manali is set amidst the lovely mountains and has many accommodations that can make your trip a memorable one. Even if the weather favors you then you can take part in some nerve-wracking activities with your partner like skiing, paragliding, and hiking. A trip to Manali can fill your camera with the beautiful pictures against the backdrop of mountains. Sangla Valley, Naggar Castle, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Bhrigu Lake and Hadimba Temple are the must-see places in and around Manali.


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When your valentine’s day plans are made at the eleventh hour then there’s no better place to visit than Nainital for the love birds. Overlooking the Naini lake, Nainital is that perfect place where you can propose to your partner and take vows to stay together for the rest of your lives! Walk along the mall road hand in hand, or take a boat ride on the lake, or maybe enjoy a nice meal at one of their many amazing restaurants. Your valentine's day will be enchanting, we promise!


Udaipur is a city one could easily fall in love with. Bestowed with lavish palaces, prepossessing lakes and cultivating calmness, Udaipur is the finest that Rajasthan has to offer to a traveller. Within these solidified palaces, Udaipur boasts upmarket hotels, that can prove to be amazing romantic spots. Moreover, what makes Udaipur so romantic is that it encircles the blue waters of Lake Pichola. Boating can be stunningly romantic, with chefs cooking gourmet dinners on pontoons as you sail around Lake Pichola. On a romantic trip to Udaipur, make a point to visit Devigarh Palace, and enjoy exclusive dinner in the magical Sheesh Mahal chamber, located at the highest point in the fort. For sure, a romantic place like this is hard to find anywhere else in India.


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One of the most enthralling historical cities of our country, Jaipur is such a sight to visit. Full of luxury hotels and historical sights, the Pink city is one of the most flamboyant cities in India that redefines romanticism. It can simply take one breath away with its enigmatic forts and palaces that are surrounded by the aura of love. And even evoke a feeling of calmness amidst the mayhem and madness of the city life. So when picking the valentine’s day holiday destination out from the royal treasures of Rajasthan, Jaipur should be your pick.


Once the favourite haunts of the Britons, Lansdowne is an unspoiled hill station of India that is bestowed with the presence of looming mountains carpeted with oak and blue pine forest. Blessed with wonderful weather, serene environment, and salubrious climate, the place proves to be a perfect venue to indulge in activities like birdwatching, trekking, boating, and nature walks. The scenic hill station also provides a couple of good sightseeing options like Tip-In-Top, Bhulla Tal, Regimental Museum, Bhim Pakora, Durga Devi Temple, St. Mary’s Church, and The Garhwal Regimental War Memorial. Love birds shouldn’t miss a visit to St. Mary’s Church as the bench, right across the street, offers the best view of sunset and sunrise!


Lush and welcoming, Coorg is one of the best places to visit on valentine’s day in India, especially if you live in Karnataka. It wraps you into its leafy bosom and draws you in with the heady scent of coffee. Trek through the jungles and stock up on that scintillating fresh air or keep yourself going through the evenings of spa sessions. Don’t forget the candle-lit dinners that the resorts offer, leaving you a little light-headed with satisfaction! Go coffee tasting, bird watching or slip down a shaded by-lane. With hands entwined go for a little special journey of your own!


When we think of a picturesque honeymoon, images of houseboats storm into our mind. Stowaway into the peaceful lights of the backwaters at Allapuzha (Alleppey) and anchor in the middle of nowhere, a private island. Nap on the cushions in the sunny afternoons and let the gentle waves rock you to sleep in your beloved’s arms each night. Scan the shore each morning for steaming appams and spicy Chettinad food in the afternoon. End the day with an array of cultural performances from Kathakali to Kalaripayyatu.


Only a couple of hours away from the tourist saturated Ooty, Kodaikanal is a sweet haven of charming colonial aesthetic, laburnum trees and quiet homeliness in the Nilgiris. Find a homestay or guesthouse tucked away in the cool heights of Kodaikanal and spend your days learning to make jam or exploring Tea Museums. Go out onto the lake or up to the waterfalls, or even to the Solar Observatory for some real excitement and exploration. You can stock up on homemade chocolates and a cheap sweater or just sit back, relax, and soak in the deliciously eucalyptus-scented air, and enjoy the company of your loved one.


So, what are your plans for Valentine's Weekend? Don't forget to check out our gift guide for this year's romantic day!

11 Local Romantic Getaways For Your Valentine's Weekend!

by Shivani Singh

11 Local Romantic Getaways For Your Valentine's Weekend!