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As we approach the advent of 2022, it's time to revisit a few rising trends in Bridal Fashion, especially traditional outfits like lehengas. While most of the world is embracing minimalistic options in terms of attire, Indian brides are going full out and experimenting with their bridal looks. With less of a budget allotted towards guests and large venues, more is being given to the bride’s outfit. And brides are all about embracing offbeat choices and trends. From embellished, OTT ensembles to elegant pastel tones, the trends for bridal lehengas have so much to offer for 2022 brides. 

To get a grasp on what we can expect to see from our colourful brides this year scroll down and check out our dive into the rising trends in bridal lehengas for 2022!

Lehenga Trends For 2022 Brides

1. Anarkali Silhouette

While there are many new trends in bridal lehengas like asymmetrical hems or bodycon skirts, the one design that will never go out of fashion is the A-line lehenga or the 'Anarkali Silhouette'. Conventional and stunning, this is a style many millennial brides have embraced due to their unending charm. Plus, the feeling of twirling in this flared outfit is just ethereal!

2. Technicolour Lehengas

For all the 90s kids out there, technicolour is a name that is bound to invoke nostalgia. Not only is this retro trend close to our hearts but has also proven to look like a million bucks when embodied in bridal lehengas. Designer Amit Aggarwal particularly channels this pattern in his work and has been at the forefront of this trend. And we're sure brides in 2022 will continue to embrace these metallic technicolour silhouettes!

3. Dramatic Trails

A sweeping lehenga trail, no matter the length, can add a beautiful queen-like vibe to your wedding look. There are so many designers and couture brands nowadays that have begun adding these sweeping trails in their lehenga designs. And brides are all about them! We're anticipating a boom in this trend and hoping to see more dramatic lehenga trails in 2022.

4. White & Off-White Lehengas

When it comes to Indian weddings, we're used to bridal lehengas in colours like red, pink and orange the most. However, with times, traditions have evolved and so has the mindset of the people behind weddings. Thus, we're witnessing a surge in brides opting to dress in white lehengas for their weddings. Aesthetic and elegant, white bridal lehengas may be unconventional, but they sure do shine the most due to their whimsical elements

5. Printed Lehengas For Pre-Weddings

When it comes to choosing between style and comfort, brides have been opting for the latter, especially for their pre-wedding functions. Saving the big fairytale vibes for their wedding day, more and more brides are choosing printed lehengas for their pre-wedding functions like mehendi and haldi. And just because these lehengas are more relaxed doesn't mean that they're not stunning. If anything, printed lehengas tend to catch our eyes more for their off-beat colours and vibrant prints. Plus, they're the easiest to reuse late on. So, we're hoping to see more brides choose sustainable, printed lehengas for their pre-wedding functions in 2022. 

6. Vibrant & Unconventional Hues 

Bridal lehengas just keep surprising us again and again. Brides are either going for the traditional red lehengas or taking us by surprise with completely off-beat colours like yellow, orange or turquoise blue! There's just no in-between anymore. And artistic designers are doing everything they can to accommodate the new age bride with their gorgeous designs in unconventional colours. Honestly, if you're tired of neutrals, red or pastels, these unique colours are just for you!

Source Artfoto

7. Shimmer Stays Strong

Whether it's mirror work, sequins or metallic embroidery, shimmer in every form is going to be a popular choice amongst brides in 2022. And the best part about these lehengas is that you can get yourself a custom made outfit from almost every designer and couture brand. You deserve to shine on your big day and that's exactly why a shimmering lehenga should be your top choice!

Source Nick Moss

8. Heavy Can-Can For The Princess Look

Honestly, what's a bridal lehenga without a huge amount of fluff and flair? And that's all thanks to the can-can stuffed underneath the skirt's layers. This simple net adds the perfect amount of volume to your lehenga, giving you the perfect princess feel on your special day! This trend gives an exhilarating effect to your ensemble and goes best with flowy material like georgette, chiffon or crepe, allowing you to comfortably move about without the can-can causing restriction and letting you live in the moment gloriously!

Source Oragraphy

9. The 'Blurple' Obsession

2022 is the year of the Pantone Colour 'Very Peri' or as us mundane call it, 'Blurple'! For the first time in 22 years, Pantone has created a whole new shade altogether and named it the Pantone colour for 2022. And this cheerful colour is sure to make heads turn. Now although not the exact shade, but we've already seen actress Anushka Ranjan wow us with similar colour on her wedding day and we're waiting for more brides to embrace this gorgeous pastel shade in the coming year!

10. Pastels & Floral Embroideries

Pastel lehenga designs have been a raging trend for the past few years and we know for a fact that it is here to stay. And pastel lehengas with floral embroideries are downright stunning. While many brides in 2021 chose this combination, we're expecting many more to rock pastel lehengas with floral embroideries especially for their pre-wedding functions!

11. Maximalist Ensembles Reign Supreme

While minimalism is something that western brides love, Indian brides are more inclined towards maximalist ensembles that give them a regal vibe. With the pandemic, the guest list has shrunk and the decor and the theme of the weddings have humbled down as well, but the lehengas and the jewellery that accompanies them are all about showing off the maximalist style of Indian culture.

Source Plumtin

12. Gold Lehengas

Gold is going to work really well for 2022 brides because it's something that can carry you from your wedding to your afterparty. Rather than the dozen events that made up a wedding, couples have begun downsizing their celebrations to more meaningful, intimate ceremonies. And golden lehengas are a versatile attire that a bride can carry straight from their mandap to their reception without having to change their outfits.


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Lehenga Trends All 2022 Brides Should Know About!

by Shivani Singh

Lehenga Trends All 2022 Brides Should Know About!