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We all have been planning our perfect wedding outfit since forever! After all, nothing can go wrong on the biggest day of our lives, right? Most brides, however, often miss paying attention to the little details, though these very little details are the ones that make huge differences in your bridal look. Your dupatta draping style is one such detail that can make or break your entire ensemble.

While there are multiple dupatta draping styles that we are going to have a look at today, you must choose the one that flatters your body the best, is comfortable and creates a balance in your outfit. The fabric and colour of your dupatta matter too.

So, let’s look at the best lehenga dupatta styles that we curated especially for you!

Latest Lehenga Dupatta Styles for The Bride On Her D-Day – Double Dupatta Draping Styles!

POV: You are 10; it’s a Sunday afternoon; you borrowed your mom’s dupatta to design a perfect ethnic outfit for yourself; you drape the dupatta around your neck and walk away like a queen walking on the ramp.

Tell us, we aren’t the only ones who did that! Well, we have been obsessing over this gorgeous piece of fabric since forever! If you happen to be with us on this one, this section is totally for you. For your wedding day, there is surely no harm in going OTT and draping two of those pretty dupattas over your classic bridal lehenga. We curated some amazing double dupatta draping styles for you check them out now!

She Opted for The Classic Way of Pinning One Dupatta Over Her Head; While The Other Lies Open On Her Shoulder and Arm!

Adding contrast to the outfit the bride decided to go for a lighter net dupatta on her head and the intricately embellished bandhani dupatta is draped across her body. We love how gorgeous yet effortless this style of wearing two dupattas with one lehenga look.

The Bride Chose the Best of Both Worlds by Opting for This Style of Draping Where One Dupatta Is Pleated and Pinned to The Shoulder Like a Saree; The Other Rests Over the Low Bun

One traditional bridal lehenga dupatta draping way is to wrap one in a saree style while leaving the other pinned over your bun. This easy-to-carry drape is ideal for long wedding ceremony hours.

We Are Crushing Over This Anita Dongre Lehenga with One Dupatta Over the Head and the Other One Wrapped Around Her Arms!

One dupatta is pinned over the head, leaving the rest to flow free, while the other is elegantly carried around the arms, giving us a modern bride vibe!

This One Screams #BridalFashionGoals with One Over the Head and the Other Pleated Over One Shoulder Hung at the Bottom

It complements your dress while allowing you to move freely and without being restricted in any manner. The colours of both dupattas are in contrast with the lehenga more sophisticated and striking.

We Love These Two Dupattas - One On Each Shoulder, In Two Contrasting Colours

This is an easy and chic alternative to drape your lehenga dupattas. It's simple and fuss-free, and it keeps your look light and breezy. This dupatta draping method is also appropriate for pre-wedding functions or ever for a bridesmaid.

Source ethnicplus

Another Enchanting Way to Drape Two Dupattas at Your Wedding Day is to Let One Flow Diagonally While the Other One is Pinned Over the Head!

These drapes are open saree style drapes with one dupatta pinned over the head for an elegant appeal.

This Classic Style Includes One Dupatta Resting Over the Head; Other One in Draped in A Deep-U in The Front

This Mughal Inspired style of draping is simple yet classy. This one works well when both the dupattas are in the same shade.

Source sunnydhiman

The Bride Looks Gorgeous and Stylish with One of her dupattas pleated with a waist belt while the other is pinned on her head

Belted lehengas, or dupattas tucked with a belt, are a huge trend right now! One dupatta is put over your head, while the other is put on one shoulder, tucked in at the waist with an adorable belt.

Source instagram

Trending Lehenga Dupatta Styles With Single Dupatta for Bride’s Pre/Post Wedding Ensemble or the Bridesmaids!

Let’s be honest double dupattas are gorgeous but so not the easiest things to carry! The long hours of your wedding ceremony under those piles of dupatta can be uncomfortable tiring & no one wants to look tired in their wedding photos, right? So, why not skip all this struggle and opt for a single and equally gorgeous dupatta, instead? Sounds good to us! Single Dupatta draping styles work both for your D-day and other wedding functions and, well, of course for you pretty bridesmaids!

Sabyasachi’s Special Way of Draping Dupatta a Classic One!

Out of the hundred other things Sabyasachi Mukherjee gave to the wedding fashion industry, this special way of draping dupatta is one of the most popular ones.

Dupatta Simple Taken Around the Neck Looks Super- Pretty

Ideal for a daytime function, this style of draping works best with light dupatta fabrics & not the heavily embellished ones! Pin your dupatta on one shoulder to move more freely.

The Stunning ‘Draped Like a Saree Pallu’ Lehenga Dupatta Style

An elegant saree-style bridal dupatta drape with a falling pallu looks fantastic. Go for a pleated pallu with a lot of pins to avoid anything clumsy!

Look Like a Princess in Gorgeous Cape-styled Dupatta Over Your Lehenga

Choose this in-style cape-like dupatta for a stylish look. Simply drape your dupatta around your shoulder to give the impression of a jacket!

Let Your Dupatta Flow Freely from Over Your Head for a Quintessential Bridal Look!

She levelled up her style by placing the dupatta on her head and bringing one side in front making her look regal.

Opt for a Traditional Look Like Hers by Pleating on One Shoulder & Pinning the Dupatta at the Back

The dupatta lands diagonally on your body giving you a super-graceful look on your big day.

Choose ‘Seedha Pallu’ As Your Lehenga Dupatta Style!

Especially popular in Gujarat, Rajasthan, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, this style of dupatta draping is a stunning one

Source Pinterest

Want a Double Dupatta Look But Comfort of a Single One? Take Cue From Anita Dongre!

The dupatta is smartly placed on the head and then draped around the bride in a deep-U shaped style. What a quirky idea!

Let Your Dupatta Flow Over One Arm & Shoulder!

An easy-breezy way to drape the dupatta that doesn't take a lot of effort. Simply pin it to your shoulder and forget about it.

Belted Lehenga Dupatta Style

A waist-cinched dupatta defines your curves and gives the ensemble a sophisticated look. You can either pleat the dupatta or leave it loose; either way, it will look so charming.

We Love How She Pinned One End of the Dupatta to Her Wrist While It Lays Over Her Head

Not only does it look super-pretty but also eliminates the need to accessorise the wrist where the dupatta is pinned. It's a win-win!

Side U-Shaped Lehenga Dupatta Style

Pin the end of your dupatta at your back, ring it across your body to pin it to the opposite shoulder to create a saree-like look to don this pretty style at the next wedding that you attend.

Source Pinterest

The OP Bridal Lehenga Dupatta Look

Stick your Dupatta over your bun and let it flow freely on both sides for this ultimate bridal look.

Source Pinterest

A Cowl Gather Almost Never Goes Wrong

Looking for a not-so-ott way of wearing your dupatta? Gather it into a cowl or leave it open for a more modern look.

Source Pinterest

Latest Lehenga Dupatta Style For You!

Pin your dupatta on your shoulder, bring it to your front diagonally to tuck it at the end of your other arm to create this magical look!

Final Words

There you go! These were the best lehenga dupatta styles that you can don at your or your BFF’s wedding. Did we miss any? Do let us know in the comment section of our Facebook page. And don’t forget to follow us for more fun blogs!


Hope you found the style you were looking for. Follow us on Instagram for instant updates and wedding fashion tips!

21+ Latest Lehenga Dupatta Style- Trendy And Stylish

by Apoorva Saxena

21+ Latest Lehenga Dupatta Style- Trendy And Stylish