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Whether it's matching the bride and groom's horoscope before the wedding, or finalising the date of the wedding based on the right signs, everybody pays extreme attention to astrological signs. Our horoscope influences our lives a lot more than we give it credit for. In fact, just like each zodiac sign has a birthstone, there are certain colours that each has a deep connection with. 

Each zodiac sign has a lucky colour associated with itself, which represents their personalities and even improves them. Astrologers, for ages, have advised people to wear such colours on important occasions of their lives. 

So, we've compiled a list of all the auspicious colours associated with the twelve zodiac signs, just for you! After all, you need all the good vibes you can get on your wedding day.

Best Lehenga Colours Based On Your Zodiac Sign 

1. Aries: Red

Epic and legendary in its own way, red is the perfect colour for the enigmatic Arian bride. It brings out the excitement and assertion of a fire sign bride and enhances her passion. Red is a colour that is deeply associated with an Aries, for their ruling planet Mars, also known as the Red Planet. One of the reasons why red makes the perfect colour for their bridal lehenga is because red demands attention, and we all know that an Aries does not favour well to the idea of being ignored. Vivacious, sensual and vivid, red brings out the courage, grit and confidence in an Arian bride. And who doesn’t love being awed by the sheer confidence and presence of the spirit of such a bride?


2. Taurus: Green

There’s nothing better than a Taurus bride rocking a green lehenga. Just like the lush pastures the Bull resides in, green represents growth, and Taurus is a sign of absolute progress. This colour not only brings a Taurus bride closer to her element, the earth but also helps her start this new phase of her life with freshness and harmony of both body and mind. Keeping the abyss of self-doubt and despair at bay, it not only keeps a Taurian grounded and steady-minded but also helps them become more optimistic and positive towards the upcoming changes in her life. Whether in the form of jewellery or clothing, it is definitely a colour every Taurian bride should incorporate in her wedding. 

3. Gemini: Yellow

An inspiring and uplifting colour, yellow is a lucky colour for Gemini. With yellow around a Gemini, everything seems easier with increased clarity. Today, bridalwear designer have taken upon themselves to incorporate yellow in their designs more actively for the colour has a vivid warmth to itself that lights up anyone’s face. A colour that will make the Gemini bride glow, the golden hues of this colour helps them radiate splendidly, filling them with boundless energy. Furthermore, this colour takes away any stress and wariness from the days of the wedding preparation. With only pros to speak for itself, why wouldn’t any Gemini bride want this colour to be a part of their wedding? 

4. Cancer: Silver

Bright silvers bring out the challenge accepting nature of a Cancer. With all the new responsibilities heading her way after her marriage, the Cancer bride needs all the courage and unshakable spiritual power she can muster up. Moreover, the colour silver resembles purity and delivers an untouchable state of bliss. Calming to the eyes, silver incites interest and desire but also a sense of mystery. Since it is a colour associated with one’s inner image and self-confidence, a bride dressed in silver can point out her elegance and grace without speaking a word of it. 

Source Sutej Pannu

5. Leo: Gold

Have you ever seen a bride more extravagant than one dressed in gold? A shimmering gold lehenga will empower a Leo bride’s warm heart and strengthen her positive spirit. Gold has always been a symbol of power and prestige, adding a classy and regal touch to a Leo bride. It’s no wonder that the King or in this case, Queen of the Jungle- Leo- is stirred by this expressive shade. After all, gold is a colour that incites interest and desire which everyone wants it but only a few can really get it. A lehenga made out of a golden shade will help garner the attention a Leo bride wants and support her generous, warm and optimistic attitude towards life. 

6. Virgo: Ivory

An embellished ivory lehenga is the perfect colour for a Virgo bride, who is adaptable and resourceful by nature. A natural ivory shade helps keep a Virgo grounded and focused on continuous growth, with stability and support for oneself. Not just this, but choosing ivory as a bridal lehenga colour will help a Virgo bride radiate limitless energy and conquer any fears she may harbour in terms of this new chapter in her life. Ivory is a relaxing colour by nature and definitely stands out when worn by the bride. Refreshing, dazzling and awe-inspiring, an ivory coloured bridal lehenga is bound to leave many filled with awe. 

Source Jidhun Mg

7. Libra: Pink

Pinks come in endless shades and hues. And a Libra bride is capable of showing off every single one of those hues with extreme grace. Pinks help open up a Libra bride’s heart and soften her presence. Not just calming, they help create an extremely likeable presence of a Libra bride’s personality. No matter what shade of pink she wears, it will invoke her sweet and loving nature without a fault, making her the MVP of her wedding day. With pink as a part of her bridal lehenga, there isn’t a person that would want to take their eyes off of the kind and benevolent Libra bride. 

8. Scorpio: Purple

The colour purple is marked by flexibility, adaptability, intellectual curiosity and optimism, which are all great signs of a new bride. Scorpio brides are imaginative and expressive, and purple will act as the best colour to express their nature to the last detail. Scorpio brides who prefer purple are the types that constantly wish to develop themselves and expand their perspectives, which is another great trait in a person stepping into a new phase of their life. Furthermore, this confident colour helps in fighting inner tensions, fears and anxieties, thus calming any pre-wedding jitters. 

9. Sagittarius: Orange

Just the right mix of red and yellow, orange is a colour that is associated with comfort and soothing feelings. Any bride is bound to feel the pressure and anxiety of their wedding day. However, for a Sagittarius bride, orange is a colour that will trigger a sense of dynamism, stimulation and confidence to take on any challenge. Any hue of orange, be it pastel, peach or deep, will bring intense optimism during the wedding day. In fact, for a Sagittarius bride, who may go through emotional ups and downs, the colour orange will bring a sense of peace due to its association with extravagance, a well connected social life and joyful moments with friends and family. 

10. Capricorn: Brown

For the earthen Capricorn brides, stability and a strong emotional state are all the ideal personality traits. And the colour brown offers just that! A pragmatic and peaceful mindset that is focused on realism and a reliable attitude. In fact, such a strong yet neutral colour enhances a Capricorn bride’s solidity, reliability, and traditionalism. Whether it’s a muted brown or shades of bronze, having brown be a part of a Capricorn bride’s lehenga will help bring out her versatility, creating a sense of complete union, one steeped in traditional materialism. This colour speaks marital reliability and stability like none other.


Source Pinterest

11. Aquarius: Blue

For Aquarian brides, blue is a quintessential benefactor. It helps them through a mental metamorphosis that aids in transitioning into a more calm and relaxed mindset. Any shade of blue, be it turquoise, ultramarine or even pastel, helps the bride stay in a more vibrant and tempered state of mind. For them, this is one of the best colours to go for in order to have fun during their wedding festivities, as it puts them in a placid and tranquil state, improving their confidence and expression. Ultimately, if a shade of blue can put a smile on your face, then why not go for it?

Source Sutej Pannu

12. Pisces: Pastel Green

The opportunity to don a perfect pastel green is very difficult for a Pisces bride to pass over. It is a serene colour that brings out their understanding and nurturing nature and helps them connect with their subconscious desires. It instils a sense of power and strength to the bride, introducing hope for her future ahead and have the courage to take on any challenges. The colour of life, pastel green represents renewal and inspiration, encouraging a Pisces bride to embrace her vibrant lifeforce and add stars to her wedding in her own style!

Source Panashindia


Did you find the right colour for your Zodiac sign? Chime down in the comments!

Perfect Lehenga Colours Based On Your Zodiac Sign For This Wedding Season

by Shivani Singh

Perfect Lehenga Colours Based On Your Zodiac Sign For This Wedding Season