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Sheeshpatti Designs Worn By Real Brides

Looks like brides have a new favourite piece of jewellery! Being your ultimate Shaadi BFF, it is our utmost duty to introduce you to everything that’s in vogue. So here we introduce you to a head jewel that is legit everywhere and has cast a spell on our fashionista brides. We are talking about sheeshpattis (or sispattis).

Sheeshpattis have become a raging choice among brides, so much so that they have even surpassed the fad of maang tikkas and matha pattis. It is not us, but our Instagram feeds suggest so. And no, we are not over-exaggerating! This traditional headgear has been in the bridal jewellery scene for long, but it is only now that brides are evidently obsessing over it and embracing the most stunning sheeshpatti designs. 

What Is Sheeshpatti aka Sispatti? How Is It Different From Maang Tikka and Matha Patti?

Sheeshpatti is a Hindi term which means a ‘headband’. Sheesh means head, and patti means a band. In terms of visual appearance, a sheeshpatti is like a concoction of a mathapatti and a maang tikka. A festoon graces the middle of the forehead (just like a maangtikka), and an ornate band covers the head like a hairband. Sheeshpatti bears a striking similarity with mathapattis. But there is a difference. While a mathapatti outlines the forehead, the sheeshpatti is laid on the head but further from the hairline. Even Deepika Padukone wore a sheeshpatti at her Anand Karaj Ceremony. Don’t believe us? Take a look: 

Here is the sheeshpatti design that Deepika wore at her wedding:

Actress Kajal Aggarwal also donned an exquisite sheeshpatti at her wedding. Hers came replete with kundan and multi-coloured stones, and also featured a chandbali-inspired design. 

Read on, as we take you through the latest sheeshpatti designs worn by real brides. You’ll love this traditional headgear as much as we do, we bet!

Popular Sheeshpatti Designs

1. A delicate kundan sheeshpatti with pearl details

2. A beauteous blend of chandbaali and floral design

3. Pearl-y band + borla festoon = Neo-traditional sheeshpatti

4. You can obviously add a pop of colour to your sheeshpatti! Here’s proof:

5. We’re in love with this multi-stringed sheeshpatti featuring a magnificent tikka with emerald droppings!

6. Just can’t stop gushing over this floral and chand inspired sheeshpatti!

7. A charming sispatti with a timeless traditional appeal!-

8. If the word ‘royal’ was a sheeshpatti, this is how it would look!

9. Looking for red sheeshpatti designs? We have you covered.

10. A Sheesh patti with an old-world charm! This one doesn’t feature a tikka, yet looks so gorgeous.

11. This bejewelled headband is a contemporary take on sheeshpattis, and we definitely approve!

12. An elaborate sispatti design with a dash of pearls, emeralds and kundans

13. Now this one is a unique sheeshpatti design!

14. A heavy sheeshpatti design for maximalist brides

15. An opulent sheesh patti bejewelled with polkis and emeralds

16. Traditional Rajasthani sheeshpatti with a dash of vogue

17. You can also opt for a colourful sheeshpatti design. 

18. Nothing beats the old-world charm! This gold sheeshpatti with a borla tikka has our heart.

19. The one with intricate yet elaborate work!

20. With hints of gold and pearls, this one is perfect to go with your heavy multi-hued lehenga

Final Words

From the traditional sheeshpattis to the ones with modish touch, we are in awe with the comeback of this ornate headgear. In case you are planning to opt for a sheeshpatti, make sure you set the dupatta behind it. Otherwise, your sheeshpatti will end up looking like a mere maangtikka.

We would love to know your thoughts on sheesh pattis. Tell us in the comments.


20+ Trending & Latest Sheeshpatti Designs Worn By Real Brides

by Medha Chawla

20+ Trending & Latest Sheeshpatti Designs Worn By Real Brides