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South India is rich in its culture. Amongst all the brilliant things that are a testament to this statement, the South Indian bridal jewellery is one. The world of South Indian bridal jewellery is full of intricately beautiful designs. Take the much loved Kasu Mala for example. It is so unique and so pretty. You must look into some Kasu Mala designs to inspire your jewellery picks for your big day. Let's go! 

The South Indian Kasu Mala Designs 

The Kasu Mala is essentially a necklace made of little coin like ornaments. Kasu means coins while Mala means a necklace. The Kasu Mala is also known as Kasu Haram or Kasulaperu in different parts of South India. It is an auspicious ornament worn by South Indian brides and is also worn on special events by women in general. The Kasu Mala is all abouut grandeur and grace which makes it the perfect bridal jewellery. Take a look at these splendid Kasu Mala designs for your inspiration!

Single Layered Kasu Mala

The single-layered Kasu Mala looks like a choker. It is perfect for brides who want a traditional bridal look without going overboard with the jewellery. Take a look at these single layered Kasu Mala designs for your minimal bridal look inspiration!

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Double Layered Kasu Mala

A double layered Kasu Mala combines a choker Kasu Mala with a longer Kasu Mala which usually sits on the chest. The double layered Kasu Mala is still comfortable on your neck but has its own opulent charm. Let these mesmerizing double layered Kasu Mala designs inspire your jewellery for your big day!

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Temple Jewellery Kasu Mala

Temple Jewellery Kasu Mala is one of the most brilliant and beautiful pieces of bridal jewellery that we have seen. This neck jewellery not only has the grandeur of Temple Jewellery but also has the elegance of Kasu Mala. We have handpicked some of the prettiest Temple Jewellery Kasu Mala designs for you!

Source Palak Rai

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Multiple Layered Kasu Mala

Multiple Layered Kasu Mala is breathtakingly beautiful. As the name suggests, it has several but equally fabulous Kasu Malas joined into one big necklace which makes it easy to wear. Go through these luxurious multiple layered Kasu Mala designs and save them for your big day!


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The Sublime Charm Of Kasu Mala: An Essential For South Indian Brides!

by Pratiksha Pandey

The Sublime Charm Of Kasu Mala: An Essential For South Indian Brides!