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How would you imagine a typical traditional Haldi function?  The bride and groom sitting at two different locations surrounded by family and friends (because it usually happens separately). Right?

But would you think we're crazy if we recommended you a Holi themed Haldi?

What? A Holi themed Haldi. What is that?

Meet Shweta Acharya, founder and director of Baraati Inc, the coolest wedding planning company in town who decided to marry Alaap Dayal, her childhood sweetheart since 1999. Isn't that aww-dorable!?

Since Shweta is a wedding planner, she has seen over a thousand weddings in her life and knows how meaningful even a small wedding function like Haldi can be.  So when she was getting hitched - one thing was sure - to have a low key Haldi function but to make sure it's crazy and absolutely entertaining!

As a result, not only the bride and groom had a combined Haldi function on the outskirts of New Delhi, they also had friends and family joining in to create it into an incredibly vibrant and funky Holi-Haldi party! There were flower petals, colours, water balloons, colour bombs and lots more to get the party going. Brides, you have to take a note - This is a fantastic idea to break the ice between the families!

Oh, and not to miss - The "Bridesmaid Challenge" wherein the bride tribe dressed in yellow (it was the colour theme!) attacked the groomsmen dressed in green  (the theme for guy gang!) to keep up with the kurta tearing ritual. SO. MUCH. FUN.

For decor, there were bright wooden carts, colourful papier-mache birds, multi-coloured frames and a bar that was named "Fly Bar" with bird motifs to go with it.  We heard that there were vodka gol-gappas and liquor lollies! *Drooling*

There were even autos and rickshaws carrying "Memory Cones" which basically consisted Shweta and Alaap's childhood favourite candies and sweets - Fatafat, mango bite, kismi and sweet cigarettes.

So, if you're planning to have one such crazy function, we even have some tips from the couple:

- Make this the first event as in this wedding, it ensured to be a great ice-breaker and created a great vibe for the upcoming days

- Don't use an extravagant outfit. Keep it simple.

- Make sure herbal colours are used

- Finger food is essential at such events. Also, go for a self-service cocktail counters.

What's there to not love about this insane Haldi-Holi festivity?

JUST IN: The Couple Who Had An Insane Holi Party On Their Haldi!

by Sanchita Kalra

JUST IN: The Couple Who Had An Insane Holi Party On Their Haldi!