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We think that there is nothing cooler than a bride ditching the usual and opting for something out of the ordinary when it comes to her bridal look. Time and time again we have seen quintessential brides make our jaws drop but now the time has come to embrace new trends in the old traditions and that’s exactly what we are trying to do today. Introducing 7 jewellery brands from where you can purchase your seashell kaleeras dear to-be-brides. From high-end luxury brands to affordable and pocket-friendly ones, our list has it all. Oh! And before you scroll down, don't forget to check out the ultimate ways to include seashells in your bridal look!

So, what are you waiting for? Simply scroll below to find the brands which will help you get beautiful seashell kaleeras! ?

Best Jewellery Brands To Buy Bridal Seashell Kaleeras

1. Outhouse Jewellery 

A jewellery brand started by a sister duo, Outhouse Jewellery excels in high-end luxury pieces that are simply breathtaking. The brand’s core attributes are quality and luxury and that can be clearly seen in their jewellery collection. Outhouse first introduced seashell kaleeras when Kaabia Grewal, the founder of the brand tied the knot. She had a beach wedding so her seashell kaleeras fit absolutely perfectly with the theme. We also love how she had managed to include other elements such as pearls and birds in her kaleeras. These kaleeras are a good option if you’re a fan of all things delicate and beautiful! 

2. Krafterina by Dua Sisters

Another brand started by two sisters, Krafterina is known for its exquisite collection of floral jewellery and handmade gifts. While we are big fans of their floral kaleeras, recently this brand has come up with seashell kaleeras and those are simply beautiful. What’s different about their seashell kaleeras is the fact that they have mixed and matched floral with seashells which might seem odd but when you see the kaleeras, you’d be surprised to see how well both go together!

3. SaggiPhull Jewellery

A brand based out of California, SaggiPhull Jewellery is the ultimate brand for all Indian brides living around the California area, who are set to tie the knot outside the country. The best part? This brand has a plethora of kaleera options and one of the best ones happens to be the seashell kaleeras. These kaleeras are perfect for a beachside wedding or one with a beachy theme! 

4. Aradhana & Aparna 

Known for their astounding clothing line, Aradhana and Aparna have recently dipped their feet in the kaleera zone, and we are thrilled because they have some really exciting seashell kaleeras. The best part about their seashell kaleeras is that they haven’t let go of the traditional aspect of the kaleeras but in fact, have added the seashells to them.

5. The Hand Krities

The Hand Krities brand is your one-stop solution for all things unique and off-beat. This is a famous Instagram store and you can get hands-on seashell kaleeras, floral and seashell kaleeras as well as seashell accessories so you’ll be sorted for the entire jewellery for your mehendi or haldi function! 

6. Variety Store Manish

Just as the name suggests, Variety Store by Manish has tons of options for to-be-brides to choose from for their bridal jewellery. From stunning earrings to neckpieces, you’d manage to find everything at this lovely store. It’s a no brainer that this store’s hot favourite and most well-liked product happens to be the seashell kaleeras. One look at these kaleeras and you’re gonna fall in love with them. 

7. Vbhushan Adornments

A famous jewellery brand based out of Glasgow, UK, and Delhi, Vbhushan Adornments specialises in bespoke bridal jewellery. Ladies this store has everything right from statement maangtikkas to stupendous mathapattis. One of our most favourite pieces from their collection is no doubt the seashell kaleeras which work magically with pastel bridal outfits, day weddings, and our favourite beach weddings. Scroll below to find exquisite kaleera designs!


So which seashell kaleeras did you like for your wedding? Head to our Instagram page and share your opinions with us!

7 Jewellery Brands From Where You Can Buy Your Seashell Kaleeras!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

7 Jewellery Brands From Where You Can Buy Your Seashell Kaleeras!