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Dear brides-to-be, I come bearing gifts and it is none other than the most beautiful inspirations for your bridal lehenga. It can be exhausting to pick the outfit that you are gonna wear on your big day but you can avoid it by sticking to a colour and a vibe, instead.

So, today, WeddingBazaar present you with the trending jewel-toned bridal lehengas! They are deep, vibrant and just perfect for this winter wedding season! Let's dive straight into the sea of stunning lehengas that deserve a chef's kiss! 

Handpicked Jewel-Toned Lehengas For Brides

Ruby Red 

The colour red is synonymous with the bridal essence in India and rightly so. Red is the colour of love, passion and protection. You are certainly going to get that 'Dulhan Wali Feeling' adorning these sacred lehengas in rich shades of ruby red. 

Source Ali Xeeshan

Source Ali Xeeshan

Source Ali Xeeshan

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Emerald Green

The colour green is such a fresh treat to the eyes. It is the colour of balance, harmony and growth and it perfectly fits the meaning of a flourishing marriage. You will feel no less than true royalty in these classy emerald green lehengas

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Citrine Yellow 

Yellow is such a happy colour that it sparks joy inside you the moment you see it. It is the colour of positivity, wealth and intelligence. You will be glowing like the sun as soon as you get into your cheerful citrine yellow lehenga

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Sapphire Blue

Blue is such a calming colour. It is the colour of loyalty, good health and luck. There will be no end to your charm and beauty when you are wearing your gorgeous sapphire blue lehenga for your big day. 

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Amethyst Purple

Purple is such an interesting and inspiring colour. It is the colour of affection, elegance and luxury. You can't help but blush and glow wearing your pretty amethyst-purple bridal lehenga.  

Source Torani

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Handpicked Jewel-Toned Lehengas For The Royal Brides of India

by Pratiksha Pandey

Handpicked Jewel-Toned Lehengas For The Royal Brides of India