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The Mehndi ceremony is an extremely fun-filled gathering where the women of the house apply beautiful mehndi designs along with the bride-to-be. After all, what’s an Indian wedding, if not all about glamour and oomph! Endless celebrations take place where family and friends celebrate the union of two souls that will take place soon.

In fact, it's now not just about the bride - the groom gets to be in the frame too! Many couples are opting for a combined Mehndi ceremony, where the two apply mehndi designs on hands together, before getting into comparison contests. We are delighted to see them share these pretty pictures of mehndi designs for hands, on their newsfeeds and profiles!

Coming back to the henna designs themselves, making the right choice (and finding the right mehndi design artist) is more than half the job done. It's important to choose the right type to match the attire as well as your hand size. While there is always room for customisation (and making it as personal as possible), here are the more common mehndi patterns that one may go to for their D-day designs.

Pretty Jaal Mehndi Designs For Brides

A Unique Back Hand Henna Design

This unique henna design captures the essence of combining minimalism with OTT elements in perfect sync. We're special fans of the filled up stencil on the middle finger. 

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Keepin' It Minimal

If you're a fan of the plain old jaal mehndi design, then this one's for you. Keep it casual yet chic with this beautiful jaal mehndi design for a small function. 

When Chic Minimalism Is Your Only Motto

One of the greatest things about choosing a jaal mehndi design is that you can mix the design with other famous and gorgeous ideas like florals and birds. This one for those who prefer a few flowers and leaves in their designs. 

Elegant Jaal Designs That Everyone Will Love

Different, but in a good way, this jaal mehndi design with floral motifs is perfect for those who enjoy trying out new designs that exude acute finesse. 

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If Symmetry Is Your Game...

Then this is the mehndi design for you! Many times, brides prefer symmetrical patterns in their mehndi, like this particular tile-like formation that mixes leafy bels, jaali patterns, and flower motifs. 

Nobody Ever Said No To A Full Hand Of Henna

Our bridal birdies love a good hand full of mehndi. This design which incorporated jaali patterns all over is one of our favourites as it mixes other tiny elements to make it whole. 

Intricate Mehndi Patterns For Brides

Every bride loves a beautiful mehndi design for their wedding. But not everyone's a fan of full hands with no breathing space. Jaali mehndi designs give breathing space for the pattern and make it look smarter and more prominently pretty.

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Inspo For Feet Mehndi Is Always Necessary

This bold yet beautiful feet mehndi design is one for the win. Mix your jaali design with large floral motifs and trust us, you'll love the result. 

Finger Mehndi Designs To Love

Go for an unusual and contemporary mehndi design like this which is not a trail or all-about-paisleys! The fingers are gracefully adorned with flower motifs and dainty dots, whereas the key highlight of this design has repetitive swirls.

Source F N Henna

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When Intricacy Trumps Everything Else

This intricately designed jaal mehendi design is stunning, mixed with floral motifs and tiny mandalas has our hearts in a bind!

Source F N Henna

Floral Mandalas Paired With Jaals

Mehendi designs have evolved so much over the years. We, specifically love those designs that combine two elements that everyone loves- like this design with a large floral motif and evenly spaced out jaalis. 

One Up Your Design Game By Adding More!

Who doesn't love more? More jaals, more lotus motifs, more elephant motifs, more swirls. Bridal mehndi is always better when you have your hands to be completely covered in henna.

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Some Inspo For The Millenial Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids always like to keep it simple with their mehndi designs. And if this cute little one isn't simple yet pretty, then what is?

OTT Jaal Mehndi Designs for Brides in 2021

Adorable OTT mehendi designs are the go-to styles for brides in 2021. It's one of the freshest and marvellously stunning mehndi design trend that emerged a while back and we're lovin' it!

Hypnotic Jaal Mehendi To Love

Checkered patterns are the basics of henna art and are used in all mehendi designs. However, as per the latest trend, these checkered patterns have emerged to become the highlights of bridal mehendi.

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Add Some Love To It!

Want to make your mehndi design even more adorable? Add some hearts to your trendy jaal mehendi design and let it win hearts everywhere!


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Prettiest Jaal Mehndi Designs We Spotted on Instagram For To-Be-Brides!

by Shivani Singh

Prettiest Jaal Mehndi Designs We Spotted on Instagram For To-Be-Brides!