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Bridal fashion demands complete attention! After all, you need to look resplendent on your wedding day! Every detail from the colour to pattern must be carefully selected and matched. It is also an outlet for your creativity, to wear something unique and special that reflects your personality.

One such item from your wedding wardrobe is blouses! Blouses go with lehengas, pants, sarees, and basically, any combination works if you put your mind to it! And the creativity of the designers to create fascinating styles and patterns that leave us spellbound! Sleeveless, puff sleeves, net sleeve, off-shoulder, embroidery, sequin, tassles... there is no dearth of options to customize your blouse to your liking!

Many brides take the opportunity to choose a contrasting blouse, to give a surreal effect to their look. Whether you wear your blouse with saree, lehenga or mix it up with pants or dhotis - there are numerous inspirations out there for you to choose from! We have bookmarked some really interesting and intricate blouse designs that have left us gasping! The beauty is unparalleled and who knows, maybe something will inspire you. Let's take a look!

Trending Intricate Blouse Designs

1. Gold Dust

This gorgeous embellished blouse is simply marvellous. Intricate embroidery that complements the skirt and a net sleeve with tassles for a spunky vibe!

2. Heart on your Sleeve

A design that is truly unique! Heavy embroidery depicting the soon-to-be-wed couple on the bride's blouse sleeve with a tantalizing open back. In love with this design!

3. Sunlight Delight

Off-setting a yellow saree, this blouse offers a colourful contrast! The sleeves, neckline, and back are heavily embellished with rich gold embroidery and temple motifs.

4. Invisible Spirit

This gorgeous design is truly mesmerizing! A nude net sleeve makes the vine motif on it stand out and the almost bareback gives the blouse a truly remarkable look.

5. Daisy Flower

A gorgeous crop top style sleeveless blouse with beautiful embroidery and flower motifs to pair with a skirt!

6. All That Glitters

A gorgeous red off-shoulder blouse with delicate embellishments of glitter and a heavily embroidered neckline matched with a printed skirt. Give the outfit a charming look.

Source STUDIO 149

Source STUDIO 149

7. Dance is Joy

A delightful blouse back that features an intricate embroidered dance motif! For all the dance lovers out there, wear your love!

Source STUDIO 149

8. Purple Rain

A gorgeous deep purple full-sleeved blouse with open back and rich flower motifs embroidered to accentuate the bare space. Love this design!

Source STUDIO 149

9. Flora & Fauna

A tribute to Mother Nature, embroidered motifs of flowers and a stunning peacock on this blouse back. Certainly makes for a talking piece!

Source STUDIO 149

10. Krishna Cradle

A gorgeous blouse design featuring a motif of Lord Krishna with mother Yashoda. A sublime design.

11. Plum Love

Actress Kaavya Gowda recently got hitched and has given us major bridal blouse goals! This is a stunning rich plum colour with gold embroidery and temple motifs to complement her sari border as well her jewellery! Bookmarked!

12. Black Desire

Another stunning choice by Kaavya Gowda! A solid black blouse with rich and heavy gold embroidery to compliment her yellow saree. The effect is quite heady.

13. Pink Bloom

A simple yet sublime pink blouse with puffed shoulders and flower motifs embroidered on the sleeves and neckline.

Source STUDIO 149

14. Navy Desires

A navy blue printed blosue with delicate embellishments on the sleeves. The neckline features gota design, accentuating the shape.

Source STUDIO 149

Source STUDIO 149

15. Coral Flow

A gorgeous coral blouse with a patterned back. The front features heavy flower motif embroidery with gold thread. The back and sleeves have lighter and symmetrical lines for a sophisticated look.

Source STUDIO 149

Source STUDIO 149

16. Green Buds

A delightfully green printed blouse with flower patterns. The sleeves have a gota border that emphasize the beauty of the pattern.

17. Moss Fuzz

A pale green blouse with gold embellishments and flower motifs on the sleeves and neckline. A delightfully full design!

Source STUDIO 149

Source STUDIO 149

18. Wined to Perfection

A gorgeous wine coloured blouse heavily embroidered with flower motifs. Paired with a similarly designed veil and complete your gorgeous outfit!

Source Neel Chavan

Source Neel Chavan

19. Gold Dreams

A richly embroidered gold blouse with backless design. The sleeves and neckline feature gliterry embelishments for an ethereal look.

20. Lush Green

A vivid green blouse with a plain bodice. The sleeves and back feature-heavy glitter design for a lush feel.

Final Words

We have learned not to dismiss the blouse as just a part of an outfit because it can be its own identity in a myriad of creative ways. These blouse designs go beyond the ordinary and elevate your ensemble to an ethereal level! In love we are, what about you? 


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Top 20 Intricate Blouse Designs that left us Spellbound!

by Maggie S.

Top 20 Intricate Blouse Designs that left us Spellbound!