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We may be a few months away from the end of 2021, but the wedding season has just begun! 

Sure 2021 was a year full of many ups and downs. But it also was the year where the wedding industry picked itself back up and told the entire world that despite whatever hardships come our way, we'll adapt and look glorious while doing so. And speaking of glorious, one of the best ways that wedding vendors showcased their ability to adapt and evolve was the decor that ruled this year's functions. 

From new decor ideas like LED signs to old (but gold) ones like floral chandeliers, here are all the awesome wedding decor trends from 2021 that we loved!

Best Wedding Decor From 2021

1. LED Signs That Light Up An Event

There's been a surge in couples choosing to have pretty LED signs at their weddings, and we're not complaining! The trend has taken the internet by storm, and 2021 couples have seriously loved this one for sure. While signboards and chalkboard signs have become a common element to add to your decor, 2021 also saw the addition of LED signs, which seem perfect for a sangeet or evening engagement party!

2. Floral Chandeliers

Making a major comeback to wedding decor in 2021, floral chandeliers are all the rage these days. These exquisite additions to your wedding decor not only beautify your wedding venue but, also add a touch of subtle glam to the entire space with very little effort. Be it finely done elegant and rustic ones or giant chandeliers heavily done in florals and greens; every kind of floral chandelier has its own undeniable charm.

3. Minimal Mandap Decor

While everyone's a sucker for OTT mandap decor, 2021 was more about toning it down a notch. Thanks to intimate weddings ruling the season, we saw some really subtle yet gorgeous minimal mandap decor. And we're hoping the tradition carries on for a while!

4. Quirky COVID-19 Related Sign Boards

While the wedding industry revived itself in 2021, it didn't come without some challenges (like the second wave of the Pandemic). But our couples were smarter than ever before, ensuring to sanitise the venue and also putting up sanitisation stations while reminding their guests to wear their masks. And that brings us to these quirky covid related signboards, which are a super easy and responsible addition to any given occasion these days. 

Source Pinterest

5. Return of the Rustic Elements

Rustic and boho vibes were all over 2021 weddings. From pampas grass to macrame hangings, these elements were almost like a must-have at any given wedding. As time moves on, couples are opting for rather muted, boho tones of decor for their daytime functions, which really shows us how much the wedding decor scene has evolved from what it was just a few years ago.

Source Pinterest

6. Small Yet Grand Table Decor

Thanks to intimate weddings and limited guest lists, the requirement for seating arrangements may have decreased. But that doesn't mean that they have to look bland. From suspended floral decor to centrepieces that add a refreshing touch, smaller tables were drenched in some very noteworthy decor elements this year, which were worthy of being bookmarked.

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Planned by O2 Events, Delhi

7. Dreamy Elements To Light Up Your Wedding

Be it whimsical floral and foliage, fairy lights or glimmering tinsel, there were always miscellaneous elements we spotted at 2021 weddings that made us turn our heads. They may not fit into a certain criteria, but they sure did win our hearts!

Source Eventshoppe

Source Eventshoppe

8. Resplendent Arches

Though arches are nothing new in terms of wedding decor, their one element that may never go out of fashion. Whether they're draped in gorgeous drapes or covered in flowers, arches are an evergreen part of Indian and Western weddings. Moreover, they can be put up anywhere and everywhere around the venue to instantly amp up the look and feel of your wedding shenanigans. 

Source Eventshoppe

Planned by O2 Events, Delhi

Planned by O2 Events, Delhi

9. Refurbished Decor Elements

From reused cola bottles to repainted musical instruments, there are so many ways to reuse old things to create something new and off-beat for your wedding. During the pandemic, when planners and decorators were hit with a sudden block in terms of procuring or transporting different materials to their wedding destinations, they worked with new ideas and decided to play with refurbishing olds and antiques as wedding decor. Something surprising, sure, but not disappointing at all!

Planned by O2 Events, Delhi

Decor by Altair, Mumbai

10. Statement Making Genda Phool Decor

One of the best things about intimate weddings is the presence of genda phool decor. Once again, due to the hurdles brought by the pandemic, decorators turned to local sourcing of material, which also brought about a rise in the popularity of genda phool, a flower easily available everywhere and anywhere. Synonymous with weddings, marigolds truly create a wonderful look for any look without the addition of anything extra due to their vibrancy.


So, which wedding decor idea did you guys love in 2021? Head to our Facebook page and tell us!

Intimate Wedding Décor Ideas From 2021 That Were A Breath Of Fresh Air

by Shivani Singh

Intimate Wedding Décor Ideas From 2021 That Were A Breath Of Fresh Air