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When love is your desire and art is your taste; nothing seems as exotic as creating beauty and memories with the place to remember for your big day. If you are one of them who believes that ‘size matters’ and wants to have a personal and intimate celebration, spending more time with your loved ones(chuckling...giggling..exchanging tissues) but with a feel of quirkiness as well!

With very few people in the scene, bride and groom can enjoy their personal interest more with an extra bite of cake with fam-bam. Good taste in architecture reflects rich culture and can make one feel back to Maharajas and era of an empress. To regain that regal culture once in your life, we’ve sorted out the best Indian Forts where you can experience like a real king and queen, with high-heels and London thumakda on mind…

#1 Neemrana Fort, Alwar

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The location is itself in the heart of  “golden triangle” form(consider this lucky sign). Being equidistant from Delhi, Agra and Jaipur solve the great purpose of connectivity.From hanging gardens, 2 pools, an ayurvedic spa, first ever zip-line and what not! they take special pride in their 14-tiered rich heritage. With 72 rooms and suites which can accommodate around 150-300 people at once. Guess what??? These all in very negotiable budget.

#2 Alila fort, Bishangarh

Source Alila

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Beauty is an understatement! The Fort is as majestic as a warrior. Rich in sustainability and extensive designs influenced by both British and Mughals. From magnificent Jharokha-style-windows, stone jaali work, old style doors, Thikri mirror work, carpets, block-printing etc. etc. all gives the essence of ‘home-away-from-home’. They can make you fall in love with their F&B menus. Knock up there door and never feel like coming back home

#3 Fort Rajwada, Jaisalmer

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Imagine yourself waking up in the lap of relaxation between the tranquillity of desert. History has its own depth and ample of knowledge which embarks the eccentricity of place and even better if ‘Heart of Thar’ is your choice. Fort Rajwada gives the experience of Rajputana royalty with a touch of pool-side barbeque, jaw drooling local shahi kebabs with rooftop sunset bar. Carrying forward the hospitality of Jaisalmer with 90 rooms, 4 mini suites and 5 suites, experience all this when you’re focused on the experience and not the budget!(coz wedding happens for once)

#4 Amber Fort, Jaipur

Source Amer Fort

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Compilation of thousands of mirror tiles, coloured glasses, white marble pavilion structure is being categorized into different mandirs namely Jas Mandir also known as the hall of private audience and Jai Mandir. With a beautiful scenic view of the lake, it provides an abstract feel of ‘love is in the air’. Providing lucrative packages for wedding planning from minimum 50 to maximum till the number goes.

#5 Tijara fort, Alwar

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Spreading across 8 acres the fort has been divided into Palace wings; with 21 rooms and suites. The architectural styles are being inspired by Yin-Yang energies like Rani-Mahal for royal ladies and Mardana portion for Maharajas shows how much they focus on a reunion of two souls. Highly rich with national and international cuisines, the property still needs to cope up with no-bar facilities.

#6 Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan

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Escape into nature with a touch of royalty; Kumbhalgarh fort focuses on Mewari hospitality. Captivating styled interiors, matching up to the regal looks of the bride will compliment the wedding with 101 paces. 16 Royal Rooms with 4 Heritage Suites makes the stay very pleasant.

#7 Fort Grand, Hyderabad

Source Fort Grand

When we talk about the ‘most beautiful’, Fort Grand comes to the mind. Set in a picturesque landscape, near to the city but far from the usual city rush. The fort serves as a grand luxury destination for a wedding to happen on a massive scale as they have a capacity of accommodating 10,000 people at once.

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Indian Forts to consider while you Plan your Big Fat Royal Wedding

by Shivani Malhotra

Indian Forts to consider while you Plan your Big Fat Royal Wedding