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Indian Christian Weddings are the perfect blend of western and regional cultures. They are known for their sobriety and elegance. From the ethereal floral wedding decor to scintillating bridal gowns and gorgeous bridesmaids dressed in coordinated outfits, Christian weddings are an absolute treat to the eye! 

We've seen many western Christian weddings on television and in movies (and real life!) and seen just how magical they are. The culture combined with love, family and friends makes a perfect setting for the union of two people. Similarly, Indian Christian weddings are as enchanting as any. So, if you're interested in Indian Christian weddings, then this one's just for you.

Scroll down and learn everything about Indian Christian weddings and the traditions that make these weddings a proper celebration!

All About Indian Christian Weddings

1. Matchmaking and Badalchan

In any arranged marriage, the first step is the matchmaking ritual. After the process of finding a suitable match is completed, a formal proposal is sent to the bride from the groom's side. In South Indian Christian weddings, this proposal is then sealed by a Badalchan ritual. Badalchan is a ritual where both families exchange betel leaves and betel nuts with each other. However, if you're looking at matrilineal societies of states like Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram, girls and boys usually pick their partners and it is the girl who proposes to the boy for marriage. 

2. Engagement

Engagement in a Christian wedding is an intimate event where the family gathers for celebrating the union of the bride and groom. At the engagement venue, the couple exchange rings. If they're Catholic Christians, the rings are blessed by the priest of their parish. The engagement ceremony is a great opportunity for the couple to get to know one another and find out how compatible they are with one another. Both families get to know each other better during the Engagement dinner. Furthermore, the groom gifts his fiancee with gifts that consist of clothes, perfumes and all her favourite things. 

3. Bridal Shower

Generally before the wedding, the bride's friends and family throw her a bridal shower. A bridal shower means 'showering the bride with gifts'. Sisters and girlfriends of the bride-to-be arrange a party for her which includes gifts, music, games, a tonne of food and a delicious cake! Sometimes, a bridal shower can be replaced by a Bachelorette party, which is a slightly wilder and more party-oriented version of the same. A fun custom that you will see at these bridal showers is that there is a hidden thimble inside the cake and whoever gets that is believed to be the one getting married next!

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4. Bachelor’s Party

While the bride and her bridesmaids celebrate the bridal shower, the groom and his groomsmen go for a fun bachelor's party. There are tons of options for the groomsmen to choose from when throwing a Bachelor's party for the groom. Sometimes it's an adventurous trip, other times it can be a night out at a club. The ultimate aim is to get the groom's mind off of the entire wedding shenanigans and get some time off to relax. Though Bachelor Parties were always a western tradition, their integration into Indian weddings has become super common. And what a fun one indeed! 

5. Mehndi

Yes, Mehndi at a Christian wedding sounds unusual. However, as cultures integrate and bleed into one another and inter-cultural weddings become more and more common, traditions trickle into one culture from another. Mehndi is no exception to that either, especially in the Northern parts of India. The bride and her side gather for an intimate function where mehndi designs are applied to her hands and feet. Music and merry-making follow. 

6. Roce Ceremony

The Roce ceremony, also known as Haldaat, is just like any haldi ceremony that takes place before the main wedding. In an Indian Christian wedding in Kerala or other regions of South India, a mix of oil turmeric and sandalwood paste is applied to the bride and groom in a way to bless them before the wedding. Similarly, in Goan or Konkan regions, instead of turmeric, a coconut paste is applied to the bride and groom. At the end of the Roce ceremony, the couple is given a holy bath. 

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7. The Bride's Entry

On the morning of the day when the wedding ceremony takes place, the groom's relatives visit the bride's home with the wedding dress, sweets, gifts, fruits etc. As per Catholic tradition, the bride's dress is first blessed by the priest. As the groom waits for the bride to arrive, everybody stands and the flower girls lead the way. This is followed by the bridesmaids and groomsmen entering. Finally, the bride is escorted into the church by her father and walks down the aisle towards the groom. If it's a Catholic wedding, the bride is welcomed by playing music or with an announcement. Whereas, at a Protestant Christian wedding, most wedding services are hymnal. Sometimes, the church priests or a choir sing, and even guests can join in. 

8. The Wedding Mass

Generally, at Catholic weddings, the family's parish priest reads the testaments from the Bible and then gives a sermon describing the rituals and religious significance of marriage. Following that, either the guests of the church choir sing prayers of blessings to the couple. Whereas in a Protestant wedding, the marriage of the couple is officiated either by a bishop or a priest. The wedding guests are part of the service and they share hymns, and readings and respond to the couple's exchange of vows.

9. The Wedding Vows

In most traditional cases, the bride and groom recite their wedding vows which are written by the church's priest. However, under Protestant beliefs, the couple can write their vows. While holding each other's hands, the bride and groom recite their wedding vows. In modern times, couples write their vows, making the vow exchange an absolutely beautiful and touching moment for the couple as well as the guests witnessing the wedding. The wedding vows are a symbol of their promise to love, respect and take care of each other throughout their lives. 

10. The Declaration Of Consent

This is the moment the couple say 'I Do'. Upon exchanging the vows, the priests ask the bride and groom for their consent for their marriage. The couple then proceeds to say their 'I do' as a commitment to holy matrimony. This entire ceremony of an Indian Christian Wedding is witnessed by the wedding guests. 

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11. Solemnising The Wedding

Here's a part of the wedding where Indian Christians add their touch to the ceremony. Apart from the wedding rings that represent the couple's commitment, the groom also ties a Thali or Mangalsutra around the bride's neck. The mangalsutra is a simple ornament which holds a gold pendant in the middle. In Kerala Christian weddings, the groom also gifts the bride a Matrakodi or a wedding saree that she then wears over her head briefly. Following this, the couple seeks the blessings of their elders. 

12. Throwing The Bouquet

Here comes the fun part post the wedding ceremony. The unmarried women attending the wedding gather around the bride. The bride turns her back to them and then throws her bouquet towards the crowd. Whoever catches the bouquet is believed to be the next one to marry. 

13. The Reception

Unlike other Indian weddings, Indian Christian weddings have one grand celebration that follows the wedding ceremony. The couple makes their entry into the Reception venue as newlyweds as people cheer for them and throw flowers or confetti on them. During the reception, the couple engages in many fun games, and even bridesmaids are a part of them. For an Indian Christian wedding, having a good, spacious wedding venue is extremely important. Other things you will require to organise include decor of your liking, a wedding cake, good food and a lavish bar if you enjoy drinking (if not, go for a non-alcoholic bar). In Goan Christian weddings, regional and European cuisines are enjoyed. Whereas, in Meghalayan or Mizo Christian weddings, special delicacies like pork curries are relished. The reception also includes speeches by various family members and friends, a cake-cutting ceremony, drinking and lots of dancing.

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Outfits For An Indian Christian Wedding 

Outfits of an Indian Christian wedding are generally formal, with the groom in a tux or a formal suit and the bride in a white outfit. Here are some details that may give you insight. 

The Bride

A Christian bride has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to her wedding outfits. The top two choices include a saree and a wedding gown. In Kerala, brides opt for silk sarees in shades of white, but some also go for a white wedding gown. In Mizoram, some Christian brides choose to wear their beautiful traditional dress, Puanchei. Some even go for a Kanjeevaran silk saree with an embroidered blouse or even a stunning bridal lehenga! These outfits can be paired with stunning minimal makeup and amazing bridal hairstyles.

The Groom

An Indian Christian groom is usually seen wearing a black or white formal suit with a white shirt. It can also be a tuxedo. Generally, a boutonniere is attached to his jacket lapel to complete the outfit. 

Final Thoughts

No matter how big or small, Indian Christian weddings are ethereal. You have the beautiful white wedding decor that is laden with flowers, a dapper groom with his gorgeous bride and of course, a party that will leave you wanting for more. All in all, there's nothing that can beat the charm of this celebration and we're all for it!


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Indian Christian Weddings- Everything You Need To Know About This Magical Affair

by Shivani Singh

Indian Christian Weddings- Everything You Need To Know About This Magical Affair