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As a new bride, I can validate for one thing—courtship is one hell of dreamy, rosy and joyful experience way more than you can imagine, no matter how long or short your courtship period is. But wait for a second, it would be just a little intelligent to not take courtships as all dreamy and romantic. Once you get married to that person, you realise how important it was to have been a little conscious of what you talk about. 

To make sure you make only the best out of your courtship and your future decisions, here's a short guide on things to avoid when in your courtship period.  

1. Giving & taking personal space is crucial

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Courtship is the ideal time for you to make the bond extra special but think twice before your partner gets amazed because of your actions. You should surely draw a line and avoid being too knowy of their whereabouts. You both are each other’s muse but focussing on petty things can create resentment for things post-marriage. So, it's really important to observe and understand your would-be better half and then draw the lines.

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2. Leave future talks for future

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Planning a wedding is a hard nut to crack and plus thinking about a lot of future stuff with a half mind would surely juggle a lot of things up. So, here you get another red light before you race up your future wedding stuff. Also, it is suggested not to go intemperate with the discussions related to wedding flowers, honeymoon and kids. Just enjoy this rosy phase of knowing each other properly and go on with candle night dates, not kid dates.

3. Avoid blabbing out a bit too much 

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Talk less and observe more should be your motto in the courtship period. It’s said that for a relationship to work,  you should open up about the feelings when it’s right. Therefore, as a beginner, you need to take it slow and steady with the person you have just met. Let the things go in a flow. If you don't know your better half, you would never figure out which thing he will take in what sense. So, avoid blabbing out everything in one go.

4. Don't dig out their past deeds off the roots

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Past is past and present in which you are living. You are now their present and future too. Avoid talking about past relationships, you never know when it turns ugly. If you fiancee tells you about it you hit a jackpot but don't dig into it.

5. Patience is the key to a successful marriage, so don’t lose it

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Impatience often leads to nasty things. Avoid being impatient, things will eventually fall into place. Spend some quality time together and make room for mistakes, patience and new things.

6. Say no to SMSs

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Shun away from this non-verbal form of communication. Generally, SMS is the most improper form to express your real self. It's not that we don't value texting, but hour-long conversations on SMSs are a no-no. Try meeting your fiance twice or thrice a week, this will help more in building up a bond.

Any other points that we might have missed?

Important Things Couples' must be Aware of when in their Courtship Period

by Sanchita Sehgal

Important Things Couples' must be Aware of when in their Courtship Period